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How to Become a Successful Sound Health Practitioner ~ Part 3



With over two decades of research and teaching experience, Sound Health BioAcoustic Instructor & Practitioner, Roberta Cuffin uses her unique skills to instruct Sharry Edwards' students, in BioAcoustic protocols at Sound Health. Roberta's ability to make the complex simple, and her genuine passion for guiding people to heal, find and fulfill their purpose, attracts high caliber clients and students from around the world. Roberta, also a Teacher of Juday-ism from a Christian Perspective and Podcast Host. Her Saturday show takes listeners and viewers on a journey of self-discovery to explore the intersection between Christianity and Juday-ism to find the truth hidden within. Roberta considers herself the "Shock Jock of Christianity" and her classes are refreshingly not, what you'd expect! Roberta Cuffin