Authentic Living

Encore: Sin: The Mistaken Belief



A large part of the world has lived for centuries into a concept of sin that has us sinning from the moment of our birth and being unable to stop sinning until we die. This belief has people disavowing, dismissing their personal light, their personal power and their personal divine nature. So much of religion in the Western world is based entirely on this concept of sin. Even the very idea of salvation is based entirely on the sinful nature of humanity. But what if it isn't true? What if the concepts, as we have built them, are based in a duality trance state that has us believing we are separate from God when it is clear, even from the Christian Bible that there is no such separation? What if we really are the gods Jesus said we were? What if we really are a little lower than God as the Psalmist said we were? What if sin is simply unconsciousness? Be here for this important conversation.