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Do THIS Every Time You Get Paid (Paycheck Routine)



Are you ready to take control of your financial future and maximize your paycheck with smart money management?In this episode, I delve into the critical steps you need to take when you receive your paycheck. I guide you through creating a cash resource plan, understanding your needs, wants, and deletes, and share strategies to manage your money effectively.From setting up a comfort fund to automating your investment contributions, I'll equip you with the tools to make the most of every dollar you earn.If you're ready to accelerate your path to financial freedom and build your money machine, don't miss this episode!IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS:- Creating a cash resource plan to allocate every dollar a job description- Understanding your needs, wants, and deletes to manage your financial flow effectively- The wealth priority ladder and how to automate your investment contributionsRECOMMENDED EPISODES FOR YOU If you liked this episode, you'll love these ones:My Greatest Money Lesson Came fro