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1632 - "King for a Day"



No Agenda Episode 1632 - "King for a Day" "King for a Day" Executive Producers: Anna Muirhead Herbivore cliff riemersma I. P. Anonymously Zaryn Dentzel Associate Executive Producers: Sir Powers of Two" protecting Davie, FL Ethan Maas Zadoc Brown III Gigawatt Coffee Roasters LLC Sir Boober Benjamin Naidus Sir Cristobal Linda Lupatkin Become a member of the 1633 Club, support the show here Boost us with with Podcasting 2.0 Certified apps: Podverse - Podfriend - Breez - Sphinx - Podstation - Curiocaster - Fountain Title Changes Baroness Love and Light > Viscountess Love and Light, protectorate of Moreton Bay, Queensland Knights & Dames Matt Smith > Sir Smithlar of Constable Country Rich WB4EHG > Sir Powers of Two, protecting Davie, FL. Art By: Comic Strip Blogger - End of Show Mixes: Stefan - Steve Atwell - Jesse Coy Nelson Engineering, Stream Management & Wizardry Mark van Dijk - Systems Master Ryan Bemrose