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Nutritional Energetics with Cathy Hohmeyer



Cathy Hohmeyer grew up in the "Healing Woods" not far from where she and her family  operate a restaurant and small resort now.  After college, she started off as an Occupational Therapist in Washington DC - getting a rounded look at ttherapy in nursing homes, hospitals,developmental centers and schools. After a few years she had the chance to start her own company with other therapists "at home" and did just that. A few years later - the then current owners of Lake Clear Lodge needed a manager/leasee and Cathy headed the call - not fully realizing that she was continuing the mission of the original builders of the Lodge - her Great Aunt. She ended up marrying the son of the current owner and jokes that they all "came with the place". For the last 35 years , she has been the Executive Chef, and homeschool mom as she has had The Lodge as her "learning lab" for developing her program Nutritional Energetics - combining energetics, food and rejuvenation in a "vacation for others" spot. Her programs can be seen o