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Dr. Christy Sutton on her latest book 'The Iron Curse and getting to root causes



Dr. Christy Sutton is interested in asking why health problems occur, what the root causes are,and what are the safest and most effective solutions to health problems are the foundation of her writing, teaching, and clinical practice. Her latest book “The Iron Curse”; is inspired by diagnosing her husband and many patients with hereditary hemochromatosis and iron-related health problems, takes a deep dive into hemochromatosis and other iron-related disorders. Her husband’s hemochromatosis led to liver problems and likely led to the development of apituitary tumor that caused Cushing’s disease. From her experience as a clinician, she has discovered that there is a silent epidemic of undiagnosed and untreated hemochromatosis, and this epidemic is being driven by myths, misperceptions, and a failure on the part of the medical community that should be diagnosing people with hemochromatosis: a disease that is easy to screen for, prevent, diagnose, and treat. “The Iron Curse”; course and upcoming book are powerf