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How to calm your mind before a medical procedure



#668: This week on the Anxiety podcast we’re discussing how to lower your anxiety and look after yourself before and during medical procedures thanks to a request from one of our listeners.   "I would love an episode that focuses on calming prior to a procedure, big or small. Something as simple as getting a vaccination or blood draw to knee surgery or open heart surgery. Fear, uncertainty, anticipation, and vulnerability triggers anxiety for me every time. I am helping my daughters navigate this and would love tips to keep me grounded no matter what is happening or coming so I can help them stay in the present as well. Thanks you for all that you do. Keep slaying!"   This month we are celebrating our 14 year anniversary with a big sale where you can save 50% on our most popular anxiety relief courses in the Anxiety Slayer Academy through November 12th! Simply use the coupon code: anniversary when you check out at     This show is sponsored by BetterHelp   This time of year can be