Black Tartarus And Elysian Fields

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Hercules was the most famous ancient Greek hero. Zeus was his father. There were twelve labors of Hercules in total.

“Black Tartarus and Elysian Fields” describes two places: Black Tartarus is an analog of Hell. Into Tartarus we're thrown, never to come out again, the shades or manes of traitors, ingrates, perjurers, unnatural children, murderers and hypocrites who had during their lives pretended to be upright and honorable in order to deceive the just. Also, there were to be seen great scoundrels who had startled the world with their frightful crimes. For these Pluto had invented special tortures.

But Elysian Fields – the analog of Heaven. It is a beautiful permanent spring garden where souls feel joy and rest after death. After his 11th labor Hercules and Theseus were stuck in Black Tartarus and were looking the way out. How did their adventure end?

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