The Ledbury Lamplighters Inspector Ravenscroft Detective Mysteries Book 3

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Inspector Ravenscroft and Constable Tom Crabb return for their most dangerous adventure yet. Perfect for fans of M.R.C. Kasasian, E.S. Thomson, Oscar De Muriel and Karen Charlton.

A mysterious stranger arrives in the small Herefordshire market town of Ledbury. He offers a solicitor, Anthony Midwinter, a generous sum to look after a package for him until spring, no questions asked. The stranger warns that it must remain sealed or else the very stability of England will come under threat. The Ledbury Lamplighters see out the year with a public ceremony extinguishing the town's lamps, a local tradition. A prominent local businessman is brutally murdered in full view of the revellers. Detective Inspector Samuel Ravenscroft is reunited with his old friend and colleague, Constable Tom Crabb. They unravel a sequence of events that threatens the very political and social stability of the country.