Mayo Clinic Guide to Arthritis Managing Joint Pain for an Active Life

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The Mayo Clinic Guide to Arthritis will provide you with high-quality, reliable and up-to-date information regarding different types of arthritis, medications used for treatment, surgical options and ways to manage your symptoms to help you lead a more active life. Over the last several decades, significant advances have occurred in the understanding and treatment of arthritis. Doctors now have a host of effective medications, physical therapies, new support systems and more psychological help for people struggling with joint pain. People diagnosed with arthritis today have hope—and a great likelihood—that their disease can be treated and put into remission. This book is divided into three sections: Part 1 reviews the different types of arthritis and explores the difference between inflammatory and non-inflammatory arthritis. Chapters in Part 1 also discuss common musculoskeletal and spine disorders, childhood arthritis, and pain conditions. In addition, Chapter 9 describes various tests and medical specialists that may be part of the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis. Part 2 reviews different treatment options. In recent years, many new medications and other treatments have become available for patients with arthritis. Chapters discuss these medications in simple terminology, as well as surgical options, joint injections, pain management and complementary therapies. Finally, Part 3 provides guidance to help people with arthritis live as normally and comfortably as possible through self-care. Chapters in this section focus on being active, eating healthfully, reducing stress, protecting the joints, boosting the immune system and managing the disease in daily life. Whether arthritis affects you, your family or someone else in your life, this book will leave you with a better understanding of the condition, symptoms and ways to manage life with arthritis. Most importantly, this book aims to provide you and your family with hope.


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