The Admirer's Secret

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How much do you trust the people you love?

A top 100 best-selling psychological thriller!

A man in love. A woman in danger of loving him back. An unforgettable twist.

From USA Today best-selling author of Pretty Ugly Lies and Little Deadly Secrets comes a gripping romantic thriller perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell, Tarryn Fisher, and The Silent Patient.

No one knows pain better than Haley Montgomery, a woman haunted by death. Years ago, a tragedy swept over her idyllic town after the shocking death of her childhood friend. Years later, Haley still carries the guilt, because only Haley knows what really happened that fatal day.

Until now.

Someone else knows, and they're holding the secret over her. But it's become more than just a game when a woman’s body is found buried in the yard of the man Haley loves. Whoever is behind the threats clearly wants Haley's attention ... and will do anything to get it.

A gripping psychological thriller about the demons we hide and the demons we hide from.


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