DevTalk: podcast programistyczny Macieja Aniserowicza.

Skd Historisches Gruenes Gewoelbe Im Residenzschloss - Polish

The Green Vault at the Dresden Royal Palace, founded by August the Stong, is the first royal treasure chamber in Europe and was first open to visitors between 1723 and 1729. Eight...


Jedyny Bezimienny Podcast w Polsce. Rozmawiamy gownie o grach na wszystkie platformy oraz o technologii.

Skd Neues Gruenes Gewoelbe Im Residenzschloss - Polish

Whilst the exhibits in the treasure chamber of August the Strong merge with its own architecture into a breathtakingly integreated work of art, in the New Green Vault (located...

Free Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Free Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Trainingprovided by Master Black Belt Igor gowski in polish language.

Fantasmagieria - Podcast O Grach Wideo.

Podcast o grach komputerowych, konsolowych, popkulturze, ale i nie tylko.

Polska Biblia (udramatyzowana) Nowe Przymierze Translation - Polish Bible (dramatized)

The Polish Audio Drama New Testament (NCV) is a unique presentation of the Audio Bible with approximately 180 different characters and a digitally recorded sound track with full... - podcast o tematyce fitness.

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