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Follow Stamie and Tracy as they navigate their lives after appearing on Showtime’s The Real L Word Season 1 with their careers, 3 kids, Tracy being an insta-mom, dating with kids, Stamie’s stand up dream, dealing with your ex, dealing with your family, discussing relationships and bringing on guests that will definitely inspire you. I think that covers it all.


  • #20 Andy Murphy Returns: Tuning your brain for success, Mindset by Design Podcast, Performance Expert

    05/05/2022 Duración: 01h07min

    Our guest today on The Stamie and Tracy Show is Andy Murphy, he will give you an immediate boost on mindset just by listening to this episode. He is also the host of "Mindset by Design" and a performance coach who specializes in helping people achieve their goals. He is also an expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and sales.  Andy has a passion for helping others reach their potential and has helped thousands of people improve their lives. He is a dynamic speaker and has been featured on many radio shows and podcasts. In addition to his work as a performance coach, Andy is also an accomplished sales trainer. He has been helping people improve their sales skills for over 20 years. Andy is a highly sought-after speaker and trainer, and he has helped many people achieve success in their careers. The affects dopamine has on your life, especially mine (Stamie). His theory on our personalities and if we are a hunter or a farmer are life changing. See yourself in a whole new perspective on your behavior. Loo

  • #19 Yelena York: LA Based Award Winning Visual Artist- Her lifestyle by design!

    06/04/2022 Duración: 01h17min

    Yelena York makes her debut on The Stamie and Tracy Show this week. Stamie and Yelena hit it off immediately while attending their first charity event for Knock Out Abuse West. With Yelena's Armenian background and Stamie's Greek background, they are kindred spirits for sure.  Her art has gained her awards all over the world including the award for Best Artist at the Oxford International Art Fair in 2015, Dubai Best Artist Award 2018, and MUSA International Venezia Art Biennale Award 2019, UNESCO Woman’s Essence Show 2020 in Rome.  On this episode we discuss so much, including Yelena's origin story, NFT's, pointillism, her new show "I Am" and what is behind her living her dream as a successful visual artist. Their conversation travels to her growing up in LA, traveling and her experience trying Ayahuasca and getting closure with losing her beloved grandmother. Thank you for listening, you inspire us to keep going. Oh, reviews help us grow and get the word out. :) To follow: @YelenaYork @StamieLA  

  • #18 Lacey Stone & Jess Lizama: Celebrity trainers, Fitness, love, making it & their big move to Wisconsin.

    18/03/2022 Duración: 01h15min

    Our guests this week on The Stamie and (sometimes)Tracy Show are celebrity trainer Lacey Stone and her partner Jessica Lazzama. Two inspiring women making the world a better place. #GayforLacey If you're into fitness, there's a good chance you know who Lacey Stone is. If you don't, you should definitely check her out! She's an amazing fitness guru, celebrity trainer and all-around badass. Recently, she was on our podcast with her partner in crime Jess Lzama, trainer, reality show star,  social media mogul and oh so much more- to talk about everything from body image, how to stay motivated, working on a reality show with a Kardashian and the importance of self-confidence. Needless to say, it was an enlightening conversation. If you're looking for some inspiration, this episode with Lacey and Jess will definitely get you motivated. Oh, and her celebrity story included Jack Nicholson.  Thank you for listening and for rating us on Itunes. Rating us will help us continue to grow and keep this show moving forward. 

  • #17 Mary Lynn Rajskub- Comic, Actress and Author of "Fame-ish" & dream girl!!

    28/02/2022 Duración: 01h07min

    I mean, who doesn't know our guest Mary Lynn Rajskub (Rice-Cub)??? She is a woman of many talents and a face we have seen in almost every show ever made!!! Not only is she a successful actress and comic, but she's also an author and her new book "Famish" is out. In "Fame-ish" she discussed her moments in Hollywood and how she even made out with Tom Cruise! Her dry wit and sharp sense of humor have won her legions of fans, and she's always worth watching when she takes the stage. Who can forget her character "Chloe" in emmy winning performance on "24" with her unique expressions on her face while saving the world with Kiefer Sutherland, to all the work she's done across the acting world including "Little Miss Sunshine", "The Tomorrow War", Whether you're a fan of hers or not, you have to admit that she's one interesting person. Take a listen and get ready to laugh, discuss her tik tok fame and see an inside look at her friendship with Stamie. To order her book "Fame-ish" and all things Mary Lynn visit her webs

  • #16 Nikki and Jill- Real L Word, Marriage, motherhood, LGBTQ & Being Successful women.

    04/02/2022 Duración: 01h21min

    This week on The Stamie and Tracy show are Nikki Weiss Goldstein and her wife Jill Goldstein, you know them from Showtimes "The Real L Word" Season 1.  We reminisce about life on a reality show, why Nikki unfollowed me on Facebook, what it's like being married and having two beautiful boys of their own and how life has changed during Covid. We discuss losing a parent, working hard in hollywood, overcoming breast cancer, raising boys and oh so much more!!! Nikki runs her own successful company, Nikki Weiss & Co. representing the most talented tv, film and commercial directors and bringing them to the advertising world. Jill is a write who also owns her own company We Are Pitch, Co-Founder and Treatment writer. Thank you for listening and please let us know on Apple Podcasts how you are enjoying the show. To Follow: Nikki & Jill on Instagram Stamie on Instagram

  • #15 Chelsea Peitz - Social Media Coach,Content tips & tricks for entrepreneurs/realtors.

    18/01/2022 Duración: 01h11min

    Our latest guest on The Stamie and Tracy Show is Chelsea Peitz. Social media wizard that Stamie discovered on Instagram and has been following for years. Chelsea  is a social media coach who has worked with some of the biggest names in real estate, business or normal folks who want to make their Instagram pop. Her colorful background has made her a natural in the social media. She tells us inside secrets to Instagram and how to master this constantly changing landscape. She knows how to help entrepreneurs and businesses tap into the power of social media to reach new audiences and grow their brand. In this blog post, we'll take a look at Chelsea's story and find out what makes her such an expert in social media marketing. Plus, we'll learn about her top tips for creating successful social media campaigns. So, if you're ready to learn from the best, get ready to listen to some great information. Enjoy and Thank you for listening... Stamie Click If you would like to follow Chelsea on Instagram you will definite

  • #14 Jennifer Esposito - Actress, Director, Bad Ass, Beauty, Kissing a Girl with Co-host Christine Crokos

    04/01/2022 Duración: 54min

    Jennifer Esposito is our guest this week!!! With the lovely Christine Crokos (Director of the feature film "Pimp") and the Producer of Jen's new movie!!!  Jen is a special lady and I have been a fan of hers for decades and still miss her on Blue Bloods! Jen has done it all and keeps pushing the limits with her next endeavor Directing a feature film she wrote and will act in, called "Fresh Kills" . Shes on the cutting edge of how films will be financed in the future, including offering "stocks" where fans can really own a piece of the project and also including the extra benefits of owning NFTs "Non-Fungeable Tokens" for Fresh Kills. One of the first projects to think outside of the box and jump in head first of what the future has to offer with block chain technology. Her film "Fresh Kills" is influenced by her upbringing in NYC, growing up around the mafia and the role the women played in that world. Her upbringing has made her a fighter and you need to be a fighter to make it in Hollywood. She's an America

  • #13 Kelly Rutherford- Gossip Girl, Perspective, Love of Coffee, How to focus on happy.

    06/12/2021 Duración: 50min

    Kelly Rutherford is an actress and all things creative who is remembered fondly for her roles in Melrose Place, Gossip Girl, and most recently, Dynasty and Pretty Little Liars.  I recently met Kelly while introducing her at a Knock Out Abuse West Lived and Learned Salon, not only was I a long time fan before I met her, but even a bigger fan once I heard her speak. She comes from a place of love which helps in how she shifted her mindset towards joy and happiness even in her most difficult times. We cover so much, including why she doesn’t make coffee at home!  We touch upon Gossip Girl and what her role as the matriarch Lily Van Der Woodsen showed to women and why that character was the first of it’s kind. What her ultimate acting role would be? What she loves about traveling to Europe?  Her current passion project of bringing designers from all over the world exposure via Sovereign Collective. A travel shopping experience to support global entrepreneurs. (Links below) Kelly is a loving and involved mother of

  • #12 Christine Crokos- Greek legend, Hollywood director & What it takes to make it all happen for you!

    16/11/2021 Duración: 57min

    This week is a special one for me. My Old roomie-Christine Crokos, Greek sister from another mister is making her podcast debut on the Stamie and Tracy show. Christine Crokos is a Hollywood director, writer and all around person who inspires. Her latest film "Pimp" starring Kiki Palmer was a big hit. This feature film got her into the game of "female director to keep your eye on."  She is part of producing the first NFT film project by Jennifer Esposito!! How exciting is that??? We discuss NFTs and how they are changing the landscape for filmmaking fundraising. They share stories from their West Hollywood days as roomies. How the ladies love her and how she got the nickname "the converter" We cover so much including the profound loss of losing your mother, how it affects your views on life and their current passion of cryptocurrency. Crypto Crokos has been born. Thank your for listening! Extra thank you to Mike our sound producer and our sponsor As always, if you enjoy our show, please take

  • #11 Jasmin Khadia- Lead Vocalist, Circle the Earth

    30/10/2021 Duración: 46min

    This weeks show is Co-Hosted by my fellow Greek Sophie Nicolaou and Stamie. Sophie Is a master of so much and is a crazy soccer lover who has turned her passion into a very successful soccer podcast and youtube channel. She is the host and producer of Highbury Squad Podcast and you can follow her youtube channel: Highbury squad A fellow lover of ladies and a wise one to know, I asked her to join me in exploring the world of this talented human Jasmin Khadia. From back up singer to Prince, Kanye West, Jones Monet and many more to lead singer of multi cultural banned called Circle the Earth is currently touring all over Los Angeles. Come along for the ride and enjoy!!! We mentioned our old website Our Fifteen Minutes which has a lot of letters, etc from our days on The Real L Word.  Click here to visit our site. Click below to follow on Instagram: Jasmin Khadia Circle the Earth Sophie Nicolaou Stamie Follow Stamie and Tracy on Facebook

  • #10 Tracy Ryerson- 2021

    12/10/2021 Duración: 31min

    Tracy is back where she belongs. They have a very relaxed conversation covering many topics, one being their 12 year anniversary...We discuss her career as Senior VP at Wayferer Studios, producing a movie called The Senior and is there really a life/work balance? Especially, when you are working from home. Why she wants Stamie to go to Costco so badly and how her favorite celebrity moment was with Angelina Jolie and Mohammed Ali. So much covered in this special episode with Tracy. Take a listen and hope you enjoy!! Thanks again for your support...   Stamie and Tracy show!!!        

  • #9 Cynthia Levin-The funny in life & 27 summers

    06/08/2021 Duración: 01h04min

    Stamie Karakasidis: #9 - Cynthia Levin - The Funny in Life and 27 Summers This week the very funny actress and comedian Cynthia Levin joins Stamie to talk about how Stamie's challenges with camping, the Olympics, Stamie's softball experience in LA, midnight snacks with a lover in the UK and much more. There is enough ball busting and laughs to fill a concert after Covid. Take a listen! Thank you for listening. Would love to hear your thoughts on our facebook page or message Stamie on Instagram.  Follow Cynthia on: Instagram: @cynthialevin7

  • #8 Alla Korot: Actress, Dancer, Entrepreneur, Soap Opera Star & Stamie's first love.

    21/07/2021 Duración: 58min

    This week Alla Korot from Another World and All MY Children visits The Stamie and Tracy show. Stamie and Alla discuss it all!! From her 30 year acting career, to what keeps us going during hard times, and how she came to create her organic skin cream line called L'uvalla. They cover loss and Stamie's loss of her Mother this year. Major heartfelt conversation and tears were dropped.  Not only is Alla the best, she's also Stamie's first love and they briefly touch on that. Would love to hear your thoughts and comments. So follow and message us on our Facebook page below. Facebook  You can follow Alla Korot Instagram: @Luvalla Stamie  Instagram: @stamiela @mewdvitamins 

  • #7 Andy Murphy - Now What? Rewiring your brain.

    09/05/2020 Duración: 53min

    This week I brought on an extra special treat. Mental performance expert, Andy Murphy.  He uses his experience working with VIP clients such as Saudi Arabian Royalty, TV producers & world-champions to give you a competitive edge in your business and life. His podcast Mindset by Design helped me navigate through a few mental hurdles in 2019 and then ultimately lead me to work one on one with Andy. Changed my life. It's all about mindset and how to train your brain to focus on what matters, especially in these crazy times dealing with the lockdown and the corona virus. Hope you enjoy it!!! Please let us know what you think. Video available on YOUTUBE Listen to Mindset by Design Podcast Mindset by design website Follow Andy Murphy on Instagram Follow Mindset by design incubator group on facebook. Follow Stamie on Instagram Follow The Stamie and Tracy show on Facebook  

  • #6 Romi: More Corona, Romance under lockdown & making a buck!

    23/04/2020 Duración: 43min

    Grab a cup a coffee and enjoy a conversation with friends. Romi is back! Chilling in Austin with her beloved daughter and her girlfriend under lockdown. She reminds Stamie about The Real L Word seasons and they go on and on about so much including porn, which seems to be a subject on peoples minds lately. Stay safe and thanks for listening. Follow Romi on Instagram Follow Stamie on Instagram Follow Stamie and Tracy Show on Facebook

  • #5 Good Kisses, VIda, baths, Mindset, Soccer & meeting Kobe Bryant w/ Sophie Nicolaou

    13/04/2020 Duración: 01h07min

    So much covered in this episode with Sophie Nicolaou. Sophie was the reason we originally created our podcast. She comes back and we discuss some of our Greek ways, her soccer podcast, kissing, mindset, If you shower after a bath? Her Interviewing some of the great female soccer players, Kobe Bryant and David Beckham and her love for all soccer. Hope you enjoy! Follow Sophie Nicolaou on Instagram Follow Stamie on Instagram

  • #4 Living our LA life: Cause & Effect..and The Corona Virus

    17/03/2020 Duración: 37min

    This week on episode 4 Stamie discusses with co-host for the week Sharon Houston how their lives are being affected and what they are up to. Do you live your life by cause or effect? Where do you fall on the cause and effect scale? Hoping you are all staying safe and enjoying your down time with your family. Some fun news is that Stamie would love to read your comments from iTunes reviews and start drawing names to win some singed celeb photos from the L word UK convention and a few others. Please follow us on Facebook and as always would love to hear your thoughts. Follow The Stamie and Tracy Show in Facebook Follow Stamie on Instagram Follow Sharon Houston on Instagram  

  • #3 Nicol Paone discusses her directorial debut "Friendsgiving" the movie.

    03/03/2020 Duración: 56min

    Nicol Paone a long time friend of Stamie and Tracy's is back. Nicol is a very talented writer, director, comic and improv pro. We start off by discussing Nicol's eyebrows, or the time she had them removed by a make up artist on a shoot who happened to be on meth!! How she got her movie "Friendsgiving" off the ground with the help of Ben Stiller’s company and how she got 8 bad ass lezbos to be in her movie! Did I mention Malin Akerman and Kat Dennings also star along side some kick ass dudes including my fave Dean Cole from "Blackish". Stamie starts the interview solo until a comment about having children triggers our Sharon Houston to pick up the mic. Tracy joins and we discuss their hometown of New Jersey and why Philly is better (Obviously, Stamie wrote this who is from Philly) We laugh a lot, make note of the airplanes flying above, complain about LA and losing one of our famous car wash. Oh yeah, we discuss Nicol's fluid ways and how often she likes to clean her palette.   As always, thank you for listeni

  • #2- Tracy Ryerson; New baby Mama,new job & Real L Word Alum

    17/02/2020 Duración: 56min

    This week Tracy Ryerson visits our kitchen table as we catch up on what she has been up to. How baby Milo has changed her world and how the kids all get along. How related are those 4 children??? We discuss our relationship, communication and when she will be part of her show! Co-hosted this week by our talented friend Sharon Houston.  As always, we look forward to your comments. Feel free to reach out to us. Instagram: @Stamiela @trye @sharonhouston Like us on Facebook: The Stamie and Tracy Show   Listen, subscribe and a quick review would be much appreciated.  

  • Episode 1 of 2020- Back at it & coming in hot with Romi!

    03/02/2020 Duración: 01h04min

    So excited to be back!  It's been a long time but we have not forgotten you!!! Our first guest is Romi from the Real L Word! So much has changed in her world and she happily shares what she has learned by living in Austin and having a little girl in her life. In this very first episode, Stamie is solo but with her co-host Sharon Houston aka Fruit Fly. They go over life, the good the bad and celebrity stories from the gym and also from Stamie's years at The Palm Restaurant in West Hollywood.  Our goal is to create a community and would love to hear your thoughts. Don't forget to review, subscribe or message us!   Stamie's Instagram: Sharon Houston: Romi: Facebook:    

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