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Zinecore Radio aims to spotlight zine artists, DIY culture, underground film, and all forms of undefinable works of creative self-expression. Our show features live readings, guest interviews, music, spoken word, discussions, and anything else that fits and comes our way.


  • Ax Wound Radio: Maude Michaud is a Cinephile

    27/08/2011 Duración: 01h07min

    Writer & Director Maude Michaud talks with Hannah Neurotica about directing her first real sex scene in  RED, the ever present theme of Cinephilia in her work and the story behind Bloody Breasts: A web series about women in the horror industry. Not to mention details about her panel at The Fantasia Film Festival! Music by Kitty In A Casket TOPICS: RED (the experience of directing a sex scene, themes of cinephilia in Maude's films, old video stores, etc) Hollywood Skin (body image, self-esteem and making extreme cinema) Bloody Breasts (the story behind the web serial documentary and it's future) Women & Horror Flilm Panel presented by Maude Michaud at The Fantasia Film Festival (did you miss it? Hear the details!)ALERT:There is apparently a sound problem with this interview which is incredibly sad considering how important Maude's stories are! I am so sorry for the recording troubles. I ask you- pretty please try and ignore the background noise and listen anyway. It's is so worth it!

  • Ax Wound Radio: Nos' Radio Birthday Party Bash!

    09/07/2011 Duración: 31min

    Today the universe brought us Jessie Seitz. Jessie (also known as gothic/alt model Nos) has been working with Wicked Pixel Cinema since 2005: An actress, producer, production designer, writer, performance artist, and a business woman. You may have seen her in the pages of Bizzare Magazine, Superbitch, Lollipop, Meat Socket, Ultra Violet, and Gothic Beauty (she is a writer for GB as well). Film credits (in which she plays multiple roles as actress and behind the scenes) include: Ratline, I Spit on Your Corpse, I Piss on Your Grave, Deadwood Park (which is streaming on Netflix) , and her upcoming directoral debut "FIVE." In Ax Wound: Gender & The Horror Genre #3 Jessie wrote a piece about her transformation into "Nos" and the empowerment that comes from doing things her own way in the genre. Tonight it's an honor to hear her talk about this off the page. Feel free to call into the live show and wish Jessie a happy birthday and/or ask her a question =) Keep up with her on Facebook! Music:Bonsai Kitten - "Kil

  • ZINECORE RADIO #21: Get Fit for The Pit!

    24/06/2011 Duración: 49min

    Hannah Neurotica and Sage Adderley will be hosting a new episode of ZINECORE Radio with special guest Nicole Miesnik Harris! Nicole is a fiction and non-fiction writer, long time zine artist, and owner/operator of Click Clack Distro. With roots in DIY punk culture, Nicole has been writing about the intersection of having a healthy lifestyle while also being a part of the punk culture. Tune into ZINECORE Radio to hear her live reading, hear her discuss zines, punk, health, and of course take your phone calls!

  • ZINECORE RADIO #20: Planned Parenthood SPEAK OUT & Open Mic

    11/03/2011 Duración: 01h20min

    Come on the show and talk about the the vote to defund Planned Parenthood- tell us about why PP is important to you, your family, your friends, your community. You can come on and vent, share a story, and or read from a zine about sexuality and sexual health. To sign up for a slot email: zinecoreradio@gmail.com

  • Ax Wound: Finale

    01/03/2011 Duración: 02h00s