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  • Shrewd Invoicing Tips Every Smart Business Needs to Know About

    10/06/2021 Duración: 19min

    If your business invoices aren’t being paid fast enough you might benefit from today’s invoicing tips so that you can improve your cash flow and get money rolling in sooner rather than later. And you’re in luck, today’s guest, Mary Schaeffer, puts the “payable” into accounts payable and her practical invoicing tips will have you running to see if you’re invoices reflect best practices.  What You’ll Discover About Invoicing Tips :* How understanding the invoice process provides insights for invoicing tips [03:11] * Invoicing tips to avoid payment delays [05:16] * Why invoicing tips apply equally to paper and electronic invoices [08:27] * Invoicing tips regarding invoice automation solutions [11:25] * Invoicing tips best practices [15:42] * And MUCH more.  ♥ Share this episode with someone you think will benefit from it. ♥ ♥ Leave a review at ( )♥ Guest: Mary SchaefferMary Schaeffer is the f

  • How to Reduce Pressure Cooker Stress in Your Business

    03/06/2021 Duración: 29min

    Pressure Cooker StressIf you’re experiencing pressure cooker stress you’re not alone. No matter what size business you work in, the to do lists, the emails, the meetings, and the demands on your time feel non-stop. But the good news is that my next guest, Aimee Bernstein, is here to show you how you can achieve more and stress less. What You’ll Discover About Pressure Cooker Stress :* The difference between pressure and stress [02:19] * How to transform pressure into performance [04:54] * How to manage the release valve of pressure cooker stress [07:16] * How managing pressure can improve resilience [08:50] * The stigma associated with admitting to pressure cooker stress [10:21] * Creating a safe space to talk about pressure cooker stress [14:39] * Mind-body exercises that train you body against pressure cooker stress [16:49] * And MUCH more.  ♥ Share this episode with someone you think will benefit from it. ♥ ♥ Leave a review at

  • How to Successfully Drive the Strategy Execution Process

    27/05/2021 Duración: 30min

    Strategy Execution ProcessA business strategy execution process looks easy on paper, but when you start to follow your plan and put it all into action, stuff happens, hiccups happen, and you don’t always get the results you’d like to get. Today’s guest, Sean Ryan, can help us zero in on how to smooth those speed bumps. He’s an expert in helping organizations get to where they want to go. And he’ll explain how you can drive strategy to get results without taking unnecessary detours. What You’ll Discover About the Strategy Execution Process:* 7 areas that impact that the strategy execution process [02:31] * Where the strategy execution process often goes wrong [04:55] * The problem with activity-based versus results-oriented goals [07:13] * The critical importance of follow-up and follow-through to the strategy execution process [11:44] * How the “Marshmallow Layer” can derail the strategy execution process [19:35] * Tips for better communication [22:25] * And MUCH more. ♥ Share this episode with some

  • How Improvisation Skills Can Make You a Better Leader

    20/05/2021 Duración: 31min

    Improvisation SkillsImprovisation skills in business sound counterintuitive. Afterall, there are strategic plans, goals, policies, procedures and other very carefully thought out activities. There doesn’t feel like much room for winging it. Yet today’s guest, Milo Shapiro, says using improvisation skills can actually make you a better business leader. What You’ll Discover About Improvisation Skills :* Why improvisation skills can make you a better leader [01:53] * How improvisation skill improve decision making [04:34] * Why sharp listening skills are essential improvisational skills [05:26] * How good improvisational skills can constructively advance business conversations [10:50] * How improvisation skills create more awareness of team dynamics [13:08] * And MUCH more. ♥ Share this episode with someone you think will benefit from it. ♥ ♥ Leave a review at ( )♥ Guest: Milo Shapirohttp://www.mi

  • Soft Skill Secrets That Are Essential to Workplace Trust

    13/05/2021 Duración: 24min

    Workplace TrustWorkplace trust can ebb and flow like an ocean tide depending on what we say and how we say it. Little things can mean a lot, especially when it comes from someone in a position of authority. Getting it right means sharpening your soft skills and today’s guest, Anne Baum is going to share some soft skill secrets to help you build workplace trust more consistently. What You’ll Discover About Workplace Trust :* How small mistakes impact workplace trust * How managing perceptions well improves workplace trust * The self-imposed leadership barriers to building more workplace trust * Essential Soft Skills for Improving Workplace Trust * How The Transmitter and Overconfident Overachiever Detract From Workplace Trust * How to Improve the Soft Skills Necessary to Build More Workplace Trust * And MUCH more. ♥ Share this episode with someone you think will benefit from it. ♥ ♥ Leave a review at (

  • How to Improve Your Project Management Skills

    06/05/2021 Duración: 26min

    Project management skills are essential to getting things done in your organization; but all too often thing end up taking three time longer and cost twice as much as you thought. Today’s guest, Andrea Uvanni, has delivered multi-million-dollar projects on time and on budget with a never-ending focus on quality assurance and she’s here with some tips on how we can improve our project management skills. ♥ Leave a review at ( )♥ What You’ll Discover About Project Management Skills :* What are project management skills? [2:48] * The project management skills people are missing most often [5:27] * Project management challenges of working remotely [8:20] * Tips for improving remote project management [10:20] * When do you need to hire someone with professional project management skills? [12:17] * How project management skills create accountability [14:20] * What to look for when hiring a project ma

  • How to Promote Genuine Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

    29/04/2021 Duración: 25min

    Genuine diversity in the workplace is something that eludes many employers regardless of their size. After all, what good is diversity if it’s token, if it’s window dressing and there’s no genuine inclusion? Bridging the gap between diversity and inclusion is where the rubber meets the road. Today’s guest, Michelle Silverthorn, is a recognized organizational diversity expert with some tips on how to get more traction. ♥ Leave a review at ( )♥ What You’ll Discover About Genuine Diversity :* Why organizations keep failing to achieve genuine diversity [1:47] * Authenticity as the key to genuine diversity [5:15] * How authenticity fuels employee engagement [7:20] * Balancing tradeoffs to maintain authenticity [9:18] * Why diversity training programs fail to achieve genuine authenticity [13:22] * How meaningful goals and transparency foster genuine diversity [15:19] * How to establish meaningful diversity go

  • How to Use Peak Performance Psychology for More Competitive Edge

    22/04/2021 Duración: 27min

    Peak Performance PsychologyApplying peak performance psychology in a business setting can feel like a flavor of the month platitude at best and like pushing a mule up-hill at worst. Yet today’s guest, a peak performance coach who has worked with elite athletes says your mindset and mental training is what separates the truly exceptional from the also-rans and he’s here to tell you how to use it for more competitive edge. ♥ Share this episode with someone you think will benefit from it. ♥ ♥ Leave a review at ( ♥ What You’ll Discover About Peak Performance Psychology:* Peak performance as an unstoppable mindset [2:13] * The essence of peak performance psychology [5:37] * How mental health training aids peak performance [ 7:44] * Mental health training for non-athletes [9:44] * Why peak performance requires slowing down [12:35] * How the art of letting go is critical for peak performance [15:24] * 2 Things to k

  • Why Pinterest is the Perfect Tool to Boost Your Brand

    15/04/2021 Duración: 23min

    Boost Your BrandWhen you’re looking to boost your brand using social media, Pinterest is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. Yet today’s guest is an online marketer who says it’s the perfect tool for creating more brand awareness and driving more organic, not paid, traffic to your website. ♥ Share this episode with someone you think will benefit from it. ♥ What You’ll Discover About How to Boost Your Brand :* How Pinterest actually works [2:12] * How the search engine component of Pinterest helps boost your brand [3:45] * Boost your brand through Pinterest’s search engine optimization [6:27] * Why you boost your brand faster with Pinterest key words than on other social media [8:12] * How to successfully set up your Pinterest profile properly [10:50] * Pinterest content strategies to boost your brand [13:41] * Biggest mistakes people make with using Pinterest [15:22] * And MUCH more.   Guest: Stefan Ciancio Stefan Ciancio, a hugely successful Pinterest marketing coach and

  • How to Drop Kick Sales Rejection and Close More Deals

    08/04/2021 Duración: 26min

    SALES REJECTIONIf sales rejection makes you uncomfortable, you’re not alone. It’s a big club. But today, my next guest, David Rose is going to show us how we can drop kick sales rejection and close more deals by revealing the most common forms of sales rejection and how to overcome them. ♥ Share this episode with someone you think will benefit from it. ♥ What You’ll Discover About Sales Rejection :* The biggest category of sales rejection [2:09] * The role of mind blocks as a form of sales rejection [5:04] * Overcoming fear of the sales process [5:28] * The buyer’s biggest reason for sales rejection [7:49] * The easiest way for a seller to conquer mind blocks [9:02] * How to turn pushiness into persistence [11:41] * International cultural factors that contribute to sales rejection [14:44] * And MUCH more.  ♥ Share this episode with someone you think will benefit from it. ♥ Guest: David Rose David Rose, an accomplished CEO, serial entrepreneur, business speaker, university advise

  • How to Use Hypnotic Communication for More Ethical Influence

    01/04/2021 Duración: 26min

    ETHICAL INFLUENCEEthical influence in business negotiations at first blush sounds like an excuse to pull a fast one. But let’s not forget, we’re talking about ethical influence. It’s a fancy phrase for persuasion. Today’s guest is a hypnotic influence expert who helps entrepreneurs and business owners to close more premium sales by teaching them how to use the right words in the right way. ♥ Share this episode with someone you think will benefit from it. ♥ What You’ll Discover About Ethical Influence (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * Why ethical influence is not trickery or manipulation [2:22] * The role of calibration in building rapport [4:32] * How to use ethical influence to problem solve for customers [6:26] * How to align influence triggers to achieve ethical influence [8:01] * The ethical influence formula for under promising and over delivering [9:17] * How ethical busine

  • How the American Dream Came True for this Entrepreneur

    25/03/2021 Duración: 24min

    AMERICAN DREAMThe American Dream, the set of ideals that includes upward mobility and the opportunity for prosperity and success can sometimes feel out of reach if you’re a struggling entrepreneur or small business. That’s why on occasion this podcast likes to feature success stories to inspire us. Today’s guest, Adi Redzic, will share some tips on how to stay on track and achieve our OWN American Dream. What You’ll Discover About the American Dream (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * The decision to find something better [1:49] * The journey to finding the American Dream [3:00] * The personal habits that contribute to success [6:37] * The essence of the entrepreneurial spirit [10:38] * Lessons learned on the road to the American Dream [12:41] * Whether the American Dream is still achievable today [16:51] * And MUCH more. Guest: Adi RedzicAdi Redzic is an award-winning life and executive coach, leader

  • How to Optimize Workspace Organization and Gain Productivity

    18/03/2021 Duración: 27min

    WORKSPACE ORGANIZATIONWorkspace organization can be a real challenge, especially if you’re in startup mode or a solopreneur. With a gazillion things going on at the same time it’s sometimes hard to find your desk and it all adds to the feeling of overwhelm. Today’s guest, Kathi Burns, is a board-certified professional organizer with a few tips on how to organize our workspace AND gain productivity in the process. What You’ll Discover About Workspace Organization (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * The best place to begin workspace organization [2:55] * 2 Ways to tame your email inbox for more workspace organization [4:48] * How to file emails for more workspace organization [7:55] * Easy ways to conquer paper for better workspace organization [11:58] * The ideal workspace design to optimize workspace organization [15:24 * And MUCH MORE. Guest: Kathi BurnsKathi Burns a Board Certified Professional Organizer, Image Cons

  • The Truth About How to Choose the Ideal Business Accountant

    11/03/2021 Duración: 32min

    IDEAL BUSINESS ACCOUNTANTFinding the ideal business accountant can feel like a daunting process, and it’s often been turned into a punch line, like the joke about when you interview an accountant and you ask how much is two plus two? And they say how much you want it to be, that’s who you should hire. Well, today’s guest, retired CPA Maxine Stern says not so fast. As a certified public accountant Maxine has seen a lot and done a lot. She’ll give us the truth about how to choose the ideal business accountant for your business. What You’ll Discover About the Ideal Business Accountant (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * What is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) [2:02] * 5 Ways the ideal business accountant can help your startup business [4:59] * 7 Ways the ideal business accountant can help an ongoing business [9:41] * The best way to utilize your accountant’s expertise [17:55] * What to consider when

  • How to Reliably Improve Workplace Trust and Collaboration

    04/03/2021 Duración: 30min

    TRUST AND COLLABORATIONTrust and collaboration are essential business leadership skills. You crave the brain storming energy and productivity it creates; but, at the same time trying to wrap your arms around it feels like catching a wave – the tighter you try to hold on, the more you find yourself holding gritty sand and sticky seaweed. Today’s guest, Jill Ratliff, is an executive coach who will share how we can reliably improve workplace trust and collaboration. What You’ll Discover About Trust and Collaboration (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * What good leaders do in stressful moments to promote trust and collaboration [1:31] * How trust and collaboration starts with positive energy [3:40] * Why problems aren’t the problem when it comes to trust and collaboration [5:21] * The leadership story of NFL running back Dorsey Levens * The importance of “know where you hold and where you fold” [11:16] *

  • What You Need to Know About Sales Funnels for Digital Marketing

    25/02/2021 Duración: 23min

    SALES FUNNELSSales funnels may sound like a confusing term if you’re not familiar with them, but when it comes to making money while you sleep, they’re incredibly valuable. My next guest is a digital marketing architect who will tell us what you need to know to crush it with sales funnels. What You’ll Discover About Sales Funnels (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT)  * What sales funnels are [1:20] * Dos and don’ts when creating sales funnels [4:48] * The key components of successful sales funnels [6:45]  * The critical role of list building in digital marketing [7:58] * How often to email your list [10:04] * What to look for when hiring someone to create sales funnels [14:28] * The mindset necessary to succeed with sales funnels [20:02] * And MUCH more. Guest: Jason WrightJason Wright says he can simplify your sales funnel while skyrocketing your results with marketing automation. Jason i

  • How to Make Managing a Remote Workforce Easier on Yourself

    18/02/2021 Duración: 26min

    MANAGING A REMOTE WORKFORCEManaging a remote workforce is the new normal and the new management and leadership challenge. In the near term and also the long term. Today’s guest, Tom Libelt, has been living the remote life since before it became a thing. He lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand and has some valuable tips on best practices on managing a remote workforce. What You’ll Discover About Managing a Remote Workforce (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * The pros and cons of working alone, with a partner, or with employees [4:24] * How better hiring practices are key to managing a remote workforce [7:29] * The critical importance of team building when managing a remote workforce [10:56] * How managing a remote workforce is easier when employees write their own culture [11:55] * How cultural diversity impacts managing a remote workforce [16:04] * How micromanaging backfires when managing a remote workforce

  • How to Crush It with Online Reviews

    11/02/2021 Duración: 25min

    Online ReviewsPositive online reviews and testimonials can help grow your business. But making the ask can feel salesy and pushy. Today’s guest, Alan Katz, is known in his industry as the King of Reviews and he has a system to help you crush it with online reviews. What You’ll Discover About Online Reviews (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * Why you need online reviews for your business [2:11] * Knowing when to ask for online reviews [3:46] * How to properly ask for online reviews [5:26] * Why short URLs increase the likelihood of online reviews [9:47] * The most important phrase to use when asking for online reviews [11:05] * How best to deal with bad online reviews [12:45] * AND much more. Guest: Alan KatzAlan Katz may not be a household name to you – but in the wedding industry he’s known as the “King of Reviews. He has over 2000 online reviews and testimonials and dominates the market in his field

  • What You Need to Know About Balanced Leadership

    04/02/2021 Duración: 24min

    Balanced LeadershipBalanced leadership may sound wonky, but it’s necessary if you want both stability and growth in your organization. That’s why I’m excited about today’s guest, Rocco Romanella, who is going to explain what it is, why you need it, and how to make balanced leaders really work for you. What You’ll Discover About Balanced Leadership (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * The three elements of balanced leadership [2:08] * Why thinking like an owner is the cap stone of balanced leadership [3:55] * How thinking like an owner impact decision making [5:46] * The biggest balanced leadership challenge for small business [6:47] * The balanced leadership “aha moment” [8:36] * The Holy Grail of knowing who your customer is [12:14] * Where businesses often fail in achieving balanced leadership [14:34] * And MUCH more. Guest: Rocco RomanellaRocco Romanella, describes himself as a witty, Blue-Collar Gu

  • Quick and Easy Stress Relief for Hard-Driving Leaders

    28/01/2021 Duración: 25min

    Hard-Driving LeadersHard-driving leaders experience tremendous levels of stress that can often lead to serious health problems, such as heart attacks. Sure, you’d like to get some relief. Nobody really wants hypertension and cardiovascular disease. But who has time to figure it all out? Well, my next guest, Prof. Peter Alexander did. He’s a recovering hard-driving leader himself who has some quick and easy stress relief tips for you. What You’ll Discover About Stress Relief for Hard-Driving Leaders (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * How Prof. Pete decided to leave a successful career due to stress [2:16] * The 7-step Lighten Model for stress relief [6:00] * The Hawaiian stress technique to use when going into difficult situations [10:33] * How entrepreneurs can reduce stress to achieve their business dreams [14:17] * The all purpose stress reliever for hard-driving leaders [18:38] * The key

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