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  • How to Use More Strategic Alignment to Reliably Grow Your Business

    14/10/2021 Duración: 23min

    More Strategic AlignmentThe need for more strategic alignment is probably the answer if you’re experiencing hit or miss business growth. Today’s guest, Art Johnson, author of The Art of Alignment: A Data-Driven Approach to Lead Aligned Organizations, has the helpful tips you need to achieve the reliable growth and prosperity you deserve. What You’ll Discover About More Strategic Alignment (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * How business cultures get out of alignment [01:32] * How to hire the right employees for more strategic alignment [03:17] * How employee-buy-in and commitment produces more strategic alignment [06:38] * The leadership traits needed to achieve more strategic alignment [10:06] * The role of employee empowerment in achieving more strategic alignment [13:20] * The 9 pillars of alignment from “The Art of Alignment” [15:44] * And much MORE. ♥ Share this episode with someone you t

  • How to Really Improve Data-Backed Decisions in Your Business

    07/10/2021 Duración: 21min

    Data-Backed DecisionsData-backed decisions have an air of authority and legitimacy about them that shooting from the hip definitely does not. But today’s guest, Ruben Ugarte, author of Data Mirage, says too many companies fail to use their data properly. Is this happening in your organization? What You’ll Discover About Data-Backed Decisions (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * How to be more strategic in collecting data for data-backed decisions [01:31] * Best way to think about data to improve data-backed decisions – a framework [02:37] * How KPIs can be misleading [04:30] * 3 Common problems that thwart data-backed decisions [05:56] * What small business owners need to consider to improve data-backed decisions [08:35] * What The Data Mirage teaches about data-backed decision making [11:31] * How small business owners can get more disciplined and focused in their data-backed decisions [13:13] * How to trust your d

  • Reliable Ways to Beat the Odds and Successfully Scale Your Business

    30/09/2021 Duración: 19min

    Successfully Scale Your BusinessHow do you successfully scale your business once your business has a market for its goods or services and your focus shifts to growth? Today’s special guest, Jan Cavelle, has built a multi-million turnover business and has some time-tested tips so you too can successfully scale your business. What You’ll Discover About How to Successfully Scale Your Business (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * Jan Cavelle’s personal success story of how to successfully scale your business [01:20] * Drifting vs. planning when attempting to successfully scale your business [02:53] * How instead of successfully scaling your business you could be ruining it [07:43] * Highlights from Scale for Success book [10:37] * How necessity became the mother of invention [15:42] * The most valuable tip for how to successfully scale your business [16:47] * And much MORE. ♥ Share this episode with

  • How to Avoid Missed Sales Opportunities by Zeroing in on Changes in Buyer Behavior

    23/09/2021 Duración: 22min

    Missed Sales OpportunitiesCould you be ignoring changes in buyer behavior and accidently creating missed sales opportunities? What if you could capture those missed sales opportunities that are hiding in plain view? Today’s special guest, Liz Harr, co-author of Inside the Buyer’s Brain offers some tips on how to do exactly that. What You’ll Discover About Missed Sales Opportunities (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * Why identifying missed sales opportunities requires getting inside the buyer’s brain [01:12] * Common missed sales opportunities signals [03:10] * The top overlooked buyer criteria that results in missed sales opportunities [05:40] * How understanding the stages of the buyer’s journey helps avoid missed sales opportunities [07:30] * Two important research finds on how buyer behavior has changed [11:01] * How to prove your expertise and side-step missed sales opportunities [14:53] * And m

  • How Stress and System Overload Actually Impacts Problem Solving

    16/09/2021 Duración: 19min

    Stress and System OverloadAre you experiencing stress and a system overload? If you are, you’re not alone. It’s a big club and getting bigger every day as the business world keeps getting more complicated and taxes our ability to do more with less and less. Today’s special guest, Steven Howard, says we’re often unaware of how stress and multitasking triggers poor thinking, poor decisions and poor outcomes. In our conversation he shares his research and offers tips on how we can flip that script. What You’ll Discover About Stress and System Overload (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * How stress and system overload hijacks decision-making [01:33] * The difference reacting vs. responding makes in decision-making [02:05] * Why stress and system overload contribute to drama in the workplace [03:11] * How to stop the emotional hijacking of the decision-making process [04:37]  * What to do when your

  • How to Get More Employee Buy-in and Commitment For What Management Wants to Do

    09/09/2021 Duración: 20min

    Employee Buy-in and CommitmentGetting employee buy-in and commitment can be a HUGE challenge when it involves making changes in the workplace. How do you get you people on board to make it work? That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about with Sean Fields, a licensed professional engineer who has seen first hand what happens to management change initiatives when management fails to get sufficient employee buy-in and commitment. What You’ll Discover About Employee Buy-in and Commitment (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * 2 Reasons why employee buy-in and commitment can’t be assumed [01:13] * Importance of anticipating the human cost of change management in getting employee buy-in and commitment [03:13] * The critical need for having a product-centric perspective [07:30] * Impact of non-product centric perspectives on employee buy-in and commitment [09:10] * When to bring employees into the ch

  • Why Improving Franchise Growth is the Easiest Way to Unlock More Wealth

    02/09/2021 Duración: 19min

    Improving Franchise GrowthIf you want to know how to become a thriving franchise superstar by improving franchise growth you’re in the right place because my next guest, Scott Greenberg, literally wrote the book on the subject. Scott is the author of (The Wealthy Franchisee) and he’s here to share some ways for improving franchise growth to help you unlock more wealth and financial security for you, your family and your employees. What You’ll Discover About Improving Franchise Growth (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * The mindset needed to improve franchise growth [01:19] * Why more respect for hourly workers is necessary for improving franchise growth [03:52] * How to help employees grow vs. merely directing their work [06:59] * Improving franchise growth and the irony of customer service [08:38] * Mind traps that keep you from improving franchise gr

  • Improve Your Communications With These Powerful Media Interview Tips

    26/08/2021 Duración: 22min

    Media Interview TipsYou need some powerful media interview tips if you want to put your best foot forward and communicate with influence and authority. Lucky for you today’s guest, Mr Ed Barks, is a high-powered Washington DC communications strategist who will give us an inside look into this rarified world and the media interview tips you need to be successful. What You’ll Discover About Media Interview Tips (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * 3 Essential media interview tips for beginners [01:55] * Why you need soundbites [03:52] * Rules of the Road for dealing with reporters [04:47] * Media interview tips for Main Street CEOs [05:33] * Media interview tips for answering awkward  questions [07:30] * Common newbie mistakes when dealing with the media [08:48] * How Zoom has changed the media interview game [10:52] * Media interview tips for Zoom [12:48] * And much MORE ♥ Share this episode

  • A Smart Way to Reconsider the Value of Your Office Workplace Post-Covid

    19/08/2021 Duración: 28min

    OFFICE WORKPLACE POST-COVIDHow do you re-evaluate the value of your office workplace post-covid when the world for office workers has changed dramatically and working remotely has become common place? Today’s guest, real estate expert Chris Kane, has some powerful ideas about how to reimagine the workplace for the future . . . oh wait . . . the future is NOW. What You’ll Discover About the Office Workplac Post-Covid (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * The utility of the office workplace post-Covid [01:12] * How technology changed the office workplace [04:50] * The key question to ask about the role of a physical office workplace post-Covid [06:69] * Factors to consider in evaluating the office workplace post-Covid [08:00] * How the office workplace post-Covid impacts the War for Talent [11:10] * How to make workplaces more fit for 21st century workers [16:04] * The commercial real estate’s dirty secre

  • Smart Ways to Promote Your Business Expertise for Better Results

    12/08/2021 Duración: 21min

    How do your promote your business expertise without going over the top or underselling yourself? Whether you’re an employee taking your career to the next level or an entrepreneur looking to stand out from the crowd, today’s guest is a business connection specialist who will answer those questions and more . . . she even has (free) gift for our listeners that she’ll tell us about at the end of the program . . . stay tuned. What You’ll Discover About How to Promote Your Business Expertise (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * How to get started getting free publicity to promote your business expertise [02:48] * Promote your business expertise to advance your career [05:00] * How to use a Power Bio to promote your business expertise [06:59] * How a Power Bio differs from a LinkedIn bio [08:30] * Mistakes to avoid when trying to promote your business expertise [11:11] * How to redirect a question you don’t want to answer

  • What Serial Entrepreneurs can Teach Us About Successful Business Ideas

    05/08/2021 Duración: 27min

    Serial entrepreneurs are exceptionally gifted in bringing new business ideas to the market. Today’s special guest, is a member of the serial entrepreneurs club, and he has built a continuous string of success that we’re going learn about to see how you too can develop business ideas into a successful venture. What You’ll Discover About Serial Entrepreneurs (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * The key to serial entrepreneurs success [02:21] * The nature of serial entrepreneurs [3:26] * How this serial entrepreneur picks the winners from the losers [05:20] * The biggest business challenge facing serial entrepreneurs [08:17] * Where business culture is most vulnerable to sabotage [10:32] * How to be ruthless in maintaining your business culture [12:14] * The two things that drive serial entrepreneurs [15:09] * Sources of business guidance for serial entrepreneurs [18:30] * And MUCH more. Guest: Norman Cro

  • What Every Responsible Leader Needs to Know About Pink-Collar Crime

    24/06/2021 Duración: 21min

    Pink-Collar CrimeCould pink-collar crime be happening in the shadows of your business? Today’s guest, Pink-Collar crime expert Kelly Paxton, says embezzlement and fraud happen everywhere there’s trust. She explain how it happens and goes unnoticed and what you need to do to keep your business safe from pink-collar crime. What You’ll Discover About Pink-Collar Crime:* What pink-collar crime is [01:25] * How common pink-collar crime is in small and midsize businesses [03:06] * The average size of pink-collar crime in small and midsize businesses [03:57] * Pink-collar crime warning signs to be aware of [09:09] * Simple steps businesses can take to prevent pink-collar crime [13:04] * Kelly’s favorite pink-collar crime case [17:36] * And much more. ♥ Share this episode with someone you think will benefit from it. ♥ ♥ Leave a review at ( )♥ Guest: Kelly PaxtonKelly is a (

  • Could Hiring Autonomous Workers be Smart for Your Business?

    17/06/2021 Duración: 21min

    Autonomous WorkersAutonomous workers. Are they the key to your business success in a post-Covid world? Are they different from remote workers? Do they help or hurt your bottom line? Explore these important questions and concept of autonomous workers from a leadership perspective with special guest, Hannah Genton, co-founder of (CGL LLP). What You’ll Discover About Autonomous Workers:* The difference between autonomous workers and remote workers [01:44] * How autonomous workers stay focused on results [03:19] * Thoughts on recruiting autonomous workers [04:26] * How autonomous workers still collaborate with colleagues [05:45] * How to establish accountability for autonomous workers [07:02] * Why autonomous workers experience more employee engagement [09:40] * Tips for embracing a business culture that includes autonomous workers [11:52] * How autonomous workers reflect diverse demographics and psychographics [15:53] * And MUCH more. ♥ Share this episode with someone you think wil

  • Shrewd Invoicing Tips Every Smart Business Needs to Know About

    10/06/2021 Duración: 19min

    If your business invoices aren’t being paid fast enough you might benefit from today’s invoicing tips so that you can improve your cash flow and get money rolling in sooner rather than later. And you’re in luck, today’s guest, Mary Schaeffer, puts the “payable” into accounts payable and her practical invoicing tips will have you running to see if you’re invoices reflect best practices.  What You’ll Discover About Invoicing Tips :* How understanding the invoice process provides insights for invoicing tips [03:11] * Invoicing tips to avoid payment delays [05:16] * Why invoicing tips apply equally to paper and electronic invoices [08:27] * Invoicing tips regarding invoice automation solutions [11:25] * Invoicing tips best practices [15:42] * And MUCH more.  ♥ Share this episode with someone you think will benefit from it. ♥ ♥ Leave a review at ( )♥ Guest: Mary SchaefferMary Schaeffer is the f

  • How to Reduce Pressure Cooker Stress in Your Business

    03/06/2021 Duración: 29min

    Pressure Cooker StressIf you’re experiencing pressure cooker stress you’re not alone. No matter what size business you work in, the to do lists, the emails, the meetings, and the demands on your time feel non-stop. But the good news is that my next guest, Aimee Bernstein, is here to show you how you can achieve more and stress less. What You’ll Discover About Pressure Cooker Stress :* The difference between pressure and stress [02:19] * How to transform pressure into performance [04:54] * How to manage the release valve of pressure cooker stress [07:16] * How managing pressure can improve resilience [08:50] * The stigma associated with admitting to pressure cooker stress [10:21] * Creating a safe space to talk about pressure cooker stress [14:39] * Mind-body exercises that train you body against pressure cooker stress [16:49] * And MUCH more.  ♥ Share this episode with someone you think will benefit from it. ♥ ♥ Leave a review at

  • How to Successfully Drive the Strategy Execution Process

    27/05/2021 Duración: 30min

    Strategy Execution ProcessA business strategy execution process looks easy on paper, but when you start to follow your plan and put it all into action, stuff happens, hiccups happen, and you don’t always get the results you’d like to get. Today’s guest, Sean Ryan, can help us zero in on how to smooth those speed bumps. He’s an expert in helping organizations get to where they want to go. And he’ll explain how you can drive strategy to get results without taking unnecessary detours. What You’ll Discover About the Strategy Execution Process:* 7 areas that impact that the strategy execution process [02:31] * Where the strategy execution process often goes wrong [04:55] * The problem with activity-based versus results-oriented goals [07:13] * The critical importance of follow-up and follow-through to the strategy execution process [11:44] * How the “Marshmallow Layer” can derail the strategy execution process [19:35] * Tips for better communication [22:25] * And MUCH more. ♥ Share this episode with some

  • How Improvisation Skills Can Make You a Better Leader

    20/05/2021 Duración: 31min

    Improvisation SkillsImprovisation skills in business sound counterintuitive. Afterall, there are strategic plans, goals, policies, procedures and other very carefully thought out activities. There doesn’t feel like much room for winging it. Yet today’s guest, Milo Shapiro, says using improvisation skills can actually make you a better business leader. What You’ll Discover About Improvisation Skills :* Why improvisation skills can make you a better leader [01:53] * How improvisation skill improve decision making [04:34] * Why sharp listening skills are essential improvisational skills [05:26] * How good improvisational skills can constructively advance business conversations [10:50] * How improvisation skills create more awareness of team dynamics [13:08] * And MUCH more. ♥ Share this episode with someone you think will benefit from it. ♥ ♥ Leave a review at ( )♥ Guest: Milo Shapirohttp://www.mi

  • Soft Skill Secrets That Are Essential to Workplace Trust

    13/05/2021 Duración: 24min

    Workplace TrustWorkplace trust can ebb and flow like an ocean tide depending on what we say and how we say it. Little things can mean a lot, especially when it comes from someone in a position of authority. Getting it right means sharpening your soft skills and today’s guest, Anne Baum is going to share some soft skill secrets to help you build workplace trust more consistently. What You’ll Discover About Workplace Trust :* How small mistakes impact workplace trust * How managing perceptions well improves workplace trust * The self-imposed leadership barriers to building more workplace trust * Essential Soft Skills for Improving Workplace Trust * How The Transmitter and Overconfident Overachiever Detract From Workplace Trust * How to Improve the Soft Skills Necessary to Build More Workplace Trust * And MUCH more. ♥ Share this episode with someone you think will benefit from it. ♥ ♥ Leave a review at (

  • How to Improve Your Project Management Skills

    06/05/2021 Duración: 26min

    Project management skills are essential to getting things done in your organization; but all too often thing end up taking three time longer and cost twice as much as you thought. Today’s guest, Andrea Uvanni, has delivered multi-million-dollar projects on time and on budget with a never-ending focus on quality assurance and she’s here with some tips on how we can improve our project management skills. ♥ Leave a review at ( )♥ What You’ll Discover About Project Management Skills :* What are project management skills? [2:48] * The project management skills people are missing most often [5:27] * Project management challenges of working remotely [8:20] * Tips for improving remote project management [10:20] * When do you need to hire someone with professional project management skills? [12:17] * How project management skills create accountability [14:20] * What to look for when hiring a project ma

  • How to Promote Genuine Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

    29/04/2021 Duración: 25min

    Genuine diversity in the workplace is something that eludes many employers regardless of their size. After all, what good is diversity if it’s token, if it’s window dressing and there’s no genuine inclusion? Bridging the gap between diversity and inclusion is where the rubber meets the road. Today’s guest, Michelle Silverthorn, is a recognized organizational diversity expert with some tips on how to get more traction. ♥ Leave a review at ( )♥ What You’ll Discover About Genuine Diversity :* Why organizations keep failing to achieve genuine diversity [1:47] * Authenticity as the key to genuine diversity [5:15] * How authenticity fuels employee engagement [7:20] * Balancing tradeoffs to maintain authenticity [9:18] * Why diversity training programs fail to achieve genuine authenticity [13:22] * How meaningful goals and transparency foster genuine diversity [15:19] * How to establish meaningful diversity go

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