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Are you done being afraid to jump into the life that is waiting for you? Are you ready for a real shift? Tune-in every Tuesday to the show and Tracy L will teach you how to TRANSFORM your life so you can learn to live your extraordinary life! Tracy will provide the tools and steps needed to help you transcend perceived limitations and move forward with an extraordinary life by connecting to the God Consciousness.Tracy will help you to see the steps needed to transcend perceived limitations. Do you start playing limiting self-talk over and over in your brain? Do you find that fear holds you back more than the desire to move forward? A remarkable leader and pioneer in the field of body regeneration Tracy L Clark provides insight energetically and the tools required to move forward!


  • The Power of C60 With Ken Swartz


    In a world full of toxins, sickness and fear the power of C60 could be one of the ingrediants to help you naviagate better health. Join me for this amazing hour with Ken Swartz to learn more about C60 and how it can help you transform your life!

  • Update To The Energy World Dec. 2022 Answering Your Questions


    It is the greatest time of year! Embrace this show with our fav. crystal lady Shivani Sharma! The crystal energy is coming to life like never before! If you are having a lot of trouble shifting now is the time to embrace the crystal energies!!!

  • Living Your Authentic Live With Pamela Savino


    In this world of major transformation there is nothing more important than working on yourself! 2022 is all about humilty, trust and honesty. Not only with yourself but with those around you! Dig super super deep and it is time to embrace your authentic self at all costs! Enjoy this episode with my amazing guest Pamela Savino!

  • How To Align For Year End Plus Answering Viewers Questions Live On air


    When prepping for the year end it is important to look at what you desire to release out of your life take actionable steps and adjust your energy field. Lets adjust how to do this so you can prepare for a strong 2022 and embrace the new earth in your way!!! Plus answering Viewers Questions! Make sure you submit early !!!

  • Channelled Message From Spirit And Answering Your Quesions!


    Spirit always has lots to say. Join me in this hour so we can embrace th emessage of the day and shift the energy holding you back in life! Also, submit your quesions and allow Tracy to open up the realms of possibilities for you!

  • Transforming Your Health! With The Power Of C60 Guest Ken Swartz


    There is nothing better than embracing your health! Join me in this powerful hour with scientist Ken Swartz who will walk you through why C60 Why this brand and what to watch for! Clearly over the last few years many felt the power to override your health. However, I can tell you it was only after taking my health into my own hands that I developed a complete recovery many experts could not offer! This is one powerful hour backed by science!

  • Creating A Kinder Planet With Guest Kelly Childs


    I invite you into this hour of inspiration and expansion. It is with each of us coming together to create more kindness in the world that life changes! Kelly started her journey making food that all could enjoy but her real business is all about information, educating and creating a space where all are welcome! Kelly is a dynamic soul who has touched the lives of many through good food but most of all GREAT food for the soul!!! Make sure to tune in!

  • Blood Money With Chris Reidel


    Blood Money With Chris Reidel, A fraud fighter and one who would set the record straight! A leader in a world of corruption and unlock the truth as we say it will always set you free~~~ Join me in this episode to learn about his book and undertaking to reveal what many of us have known and suspected fpr years! I never imagined I would become a fraud fighter. My closest friends, also successful businessmen, despised anyone who sued corporations particularly whistleblowers. This held throughout corporate America. Was I about to become something they despised? After much research and reflection, it appeared to me that the only way to save taxpayers from being ripped off and, in the case of Hunter, to save the business itself was to stop the Blood Brothers frauds. The only way to potentially do that was through a whistleblower, or Qui-tam, lawsuit. But did I really want to file suit against several of the biggest laboratory companies engaging in these practices? The bigger question: Did I want to see ta

  • World Event Update And Energy Shifts! Plus Answering Your Questions


    I have said for a very long time we need to get through Sept. and Oct. Well the time is here and we are seeing tons of issues unfold around the world!! Buckle up in this hour we will answer your questaions and prepare for your being to be unleashed from the powers to be!!! Are you ready to become who you were meant to be here on earth!!! Let's go

  • Understanding How Intelligent Your Body Is


    Your body is brilliant and does listen to everything going on ~ Do you know every thought and feeling and word your body takes in and responds to?? Today we will dive deeper into your body how it signals to you and how you can start to create a stronger healthier you!!! Join me also to submit your questions and so we can shift and work through these incredible times together!

  • Finding Joy During Challenging Times


    During times of great challenges it is important to understand how joy can be found and why it is the key to being able to stay strong and move forward in life! Plus submit your questions!

  • World Energy Update And Answering Your Questions


    As we enter into the fall the energy is hirer than ever before. The tension is rising and many are feeling uncertain. We will do a deep dive into this topic answer your questions and unlock the fears! Time to make your way into the new earth and unlock more of your inner potential!

  • Step Into The New Earth! Plus Your Questions!


    Are you really ready to step into the new earth or are you holding onto the old one? Lets dive into wha that really means so you can start to prepare now and step into something that serves you while you let go of the old! Plus answering your questions!!!

  • Immerse Into A New Way OF Healing With Quantum Sound Therapy And My Guest Helena Reilly


    Are you ready to embrace a new level of healing into your body, your soul and your spirit! Join me Sept. 7th with my amazing guest Helena Reilly. Renowned Quantum-Scalar-Sound Therapist, Helena is the co-founder of She is a pioneer in the use of sound frequencies and immersive quantum scalar energy vortex technology to effect lasting transformation and decrease the impact of stress and burnout. Her mission is to harmonize humanity. The Voice Code Software that she developed with her partner Robert Lloy automatically depicts the nuances of the subconscious and delivers a harmonizing soundtrack that releases the hidden stress that sabotages well-being and human potential.

  • Power To Heal Yourself. Energy Work Is The future To Healing YOUand Answering Your Questions


    As you look around at the mess in the world it is all about taking away your power and freedom. For years people have blindly given away their power around their health! Look now how many are doing that all under the name of fear. I did this for the first 32 years of my life and then was told I was not going to live but survive who knew for how long. When I took back my power everything changed. This is the biggest fear of this elite group YOU will wake up learn, study and take back your health!!! Well join me on a journey as we deep dive into why ENERGY Work is the new way of the future!!! Give away your power or reclaim it!! As always we will gage the energy of the time and have an update. Then I want to answer your questions and help support you as we head into the fall! Make sure you email them into the show and lets get you aligned for the what is to come!

  • Breaking Down Barriers With Julia Sen~


    In this hour we will be indulging our amazing guest Julia with questions on how to prepare through the challenges we are about to face yet again! How she helps her clients to rerframe their lives to live a life that is meaningful and enlightened! We will see where spirit takes us and how she can help you find your inner guidance in a new way!

  • Questions? Let Tracy L Help To Guide You


    My goal is to empower you to live according to your souls desire. Submit a question and let me shift and answer it for you so you can start to navigate YOUR life and drop the fear and live according to your rules!!

  • 31 Days of Prayer with Special Guest Rev Tracy L Clark


    This guide is set up for you to choose a pray for each day of the month. This guide is set up for you to choose a pray for each day of the month. Based on blessings previously shared with her community, Tracy offers specific prayers for certain situations. There are 10 categories, including prayers to align your health with its optimal potential as well as prayers to restore and renew your spirit, to clear karmic timelines and living spaces, and prayers to help you live in courage, forgiveness, self-love and acceptance. Additionally, there are prayers to petition for help, to praise God, to strengthen your faith or to help you reflect on your relationship with the Divine. This is an excellent resource for you and one to be gifted to friends and family who want to walk more closely with God. Watch live on Facebook.

  • They Made Me Do IT!


    Join me for an energy shift on karma, they made me do it and why you complied!! Time to shift deeper into your knowing and activate your inner power. If you are doing things you know are against your truth you will reap the karma of that energy. Remove the energy and let's get back on track now!!! Plus a call in show!!

  • Watch Your WORDS! It Is A Call In Show


    A energy update for around the world and call in and speak to Tracy L to have your energy shifted!!! Let's come together and keep expanding into a world of possibilities. Your words are more important than ever before it is time to pay attention!!!!!

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