Penny Podcasts



Syson Gallery present a programme of talks and downloadable podcasts investigating the provision of free access to education, debate and exchange for artists and the general public. Inspired by 18th Century coffee houses often referred to as Penny Universities these spaces were considered critical forums for all members of society to exchange ideas, outside of the elite structures of university. In this spirit, Syson Gallery hosts a series of live talks from artists and educators, recorded as The Penny Podcasts, available to download from the gallery website alongside booking for live events. As part of The Grand Tour journey, at live podcast recordings, Syson Gallery will create a coffee house in partnership with artisan chocolatiers, Ottar, serving premium coffee, small bites and high quality chocolate tastings. Artists from the Grand Tour programme will be featured alongside musicians, artisans and other coffee house frequenters. The podcast soundtrack will be produced by experimental /easy electronica band, The Soundcarriers.