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  • “Going Si-ral” w/ Uncle Si


    Recorded earlier - 11/21/16 In this episode of The Willie Robertson Podcast, Willie and Johnny D are joined by Willie's crazy Uncle Si. Nearly one month into his journey, Johnny D updates us on his struggles going gluten-free, the guys discuss the Amish culture, and Si talks about his band "Uncle Si and the Si-Cotics". Plus, Willie finally reveals that Si has gotten a spin-off show called "Going Si-ral", where he learns all things internet with his co-host... Willie!

  • “Good Willie Hunting” Part 2


    Recorded earlier - 11/14/16 In this episode of The Willie Robertson Podcast, Willie and Johnny D bring you part 2 from the Busbice's Deer Camp in Olla, Louisiana. Joined by Bill and Matt Busbice of A&E's television show Country Bucks and some other individuals in the outdoor business, Willie leads an impromptu bible study. The guys discuss how hosting church from any location can be organic and real, and that going to a building for one hour a week doesn't necessarily make you Christian, but how you live your life outside of that building does. Listen to the inspiring episode below.

  • “Good Willie Hunting” with Bill & Matt Busbice


    Recorded earlier - 11/7/16 In this episode of The Willie Robertson Podcast, Willie and Johnny D spring from the home studio to bring you the show from Deer Camp in Olla, Louisiana. Willie and Johnny D are joined by Bill and Matt Busbice of A&E's television show Country Bucks during the opening weekend of deer season, and who could possibly provide a better podcast straight from Deer Camp during deer season than the Buck Commander and two Country Bucks? The guys swap stories about running successful businesses in the outdoor industry while simultaneously making a television show. Also, Bill shares how he decided to have Willie baptize him after undergoing life-altering brain surgery.

  • Willie Robertson’s Debate Recap w/ Reed Dickens


    Recorded earlier - 10/31/16 In this episode of The Willie Robertson Podcast, Willie and Johnny D are joined by their "political friend" Reed Dickens. After Johnny D shares his excruciating experience with recently going gluten-free, the guys talk about the last Presidential Debate and Willie tells us how he had to bum money for gas from a stranger in order to get home to watch it. Willie also addresses Donald Trump's controversial comments which surfaced last week and how he hopes to be able to sit down with him and talk about the gospel. As former Assistant White House Press Secretary and someone who ran a crisis management firm, Reed also confronts Trump's comments and how having daughters affects the way he digests this information. And why does Reed compare Trump's performance in the first 10 minutes of the debate to a baby seal clubbing...?

  • “Torchbearer” w/ Al & Phil Robertson


    Recorded earlier - 10/24/16 In this episode of The Willie Robertson Podcast, Willie and Johnny D are joined by Willie's brother Al and dad Phil. Al and Phil join the podcast to talk about their new movie Torchbearer (made with cousin Zach Dasher), in which "Phil Robertson makes a compelling argument on the absurdity of life without God." While Phil always said he would be in a movie, his sons thought it would've been more of a "Clint Eastwood, Western kind of setting," not exactly a documentary examining what happens when civilized societies remove God from public life...

  • “Histoplasmosis” w/ Former New England Patriot Matt Light


    Recorded earlier - 10/17/16 In this episode of The Willie Robertson Podcast, Willie and Johnny D are joined by former NFL offensive tackle Matt Light. After botching the original interview appointment (time zones are real), Johnny D redeemed himself and was able to reschedule with the former New England Patriot. Light, who is recovering from Histoplasmosis (infection by a fungus found in the droppings of birds and bats in humid areas...) after tearing down an old barn, talks about how he's getting back to life as usual after a serious health scare. The guys also remember some of their favorite hunting moments including when Light shot a big buck deer while decked out in a full Santa suit, and why they think Sasquatch could be real. Plus, Light shares his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick.

  • “No Cable. No Phone. No Internet.” w/ Benny


    Recorded earlier - 10/10/16 In this episode of The Willie Robertson Podcast, Willie and Johnny D are joined by Buck Commander cameraman Benny. Benny shares how after joining the Buck Commander team in 2011 he wound up living in a trailer outside the Buck Commander warehouse, in turn making him the unofficial "welcome wagon" to employees and customers alike. Also, Willie shares some of the weird dreams he's had lately, including berating a store clerk over a pair of shorts and finding hippie-burglars in his kitchen making a sandwich. And what do the guys think about the current state of the election, Hillary Clinton's health, and what to expect at the debates?

  • Mountain Man Returns


    Recorded earlier - 10/3/16 In this episode of The Willie Robertson Podcast, Willie and Johnny D are joined by the one and only Mountain Man. Mountain Man, whose voice is unmistakable, explains how he went from fixing air conditioners at Popeyes to having his own radio show, book, Christmas CD and even a line of knives. Willie also shares some Mountain Man stories from over the years, including how they met because of a squirrel, why Mountain Man showed up during Duck Dynasty taping for the free lunch, and why Mountain Man was "liver punched". And who is Mountain Man voting for in November? The answer might surprise you...

  • “Marriage” Korie Guest Hosts w/ Al and Lisa Robertson


    Recorded earlier - 9/26/16 In this episode of The Willie Robertson Podcast, Willie's wife Korie fills in as a special guest host! Korie and Johnny D are joined by Willie's brother Alan (the "beardless bro") and his wife Lisa. Alan and Lisa, who have been married for 32 years, share their experience of almost getting a divorce 15 years into their marriage. The couple also talks about what it was that saved their relationship and how they put some of their experiences and best advice into their books The Duck Commander Devotional For Couples and A New Season: A Robertson Family Love Story of Brokenness and Redemption.  Plus, Korie tells the story of how her parents reacted when a 19-year-old Willie asked to marry their 17-year-old daughter (hint: they didn't take it too well). 

  • “The Last Punisher” w/ Kevin Lacz


    Recorded earlier - 9/19/16 In this episode of The Willie Robertson Podcast, Willie and Johnny D are joined by former SEAL Team THREE sniper, breacher and combat medic Kevin Lacz to talk about his new book The Last Punisher. The book explores Lacz's deployment with SEAL Team THREE and his experiences during the Iraq War with the legendary unit known as "The Punishers," including Chris Kyle (American Sniper), Mike Monsoor, Ryan Job, and Marc Lee. These brave men were instrumental in securing the key locations in the pivotal 2006 Battle of Ramadi, the events of which are portrayed in the Oscar-nominated film American Sniper, in which Lacz played himself. Listen to the podcast to hear what led Kevin to join the military, what advice Bradley Cooper gave him while working on American Sniper, and how experiencing failure helps make you successful.

  • “Buck Commander” w/ Adam, Grant & Jordan


    Recorded earlier - 9/12/16 In this episode of The Willie Robertson Podcast, Willie is joined by three members of the Buck Commander team: Grant Taylor, Jordan Summitt and former professional baseball player Adam LaRoche (who is also a co-owner of Buck Commander). Willie and the guys reminisce about the last 10 years of working together and how Buck Commander went from being a company that made hunting DVDs to being a full-fledged television show on the Outdoor Channel, now in its seventh season. The "Buckmen" share stories of their times together, including the first time Willie met Adam after taking a $380 taxi ride to his country club for a round of golf, why Jordan was fired twice, and how co-owners Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean (along with Willie, Adam, Ryan Langerhans & Tombo Martin) entertain everyone by singing their songs before they're even on the radio. And can they recount the exact number of cars they've destroyed together, or is the number too high?  

  • “Johnny D Takes the Gold For Best Prank Ever” w/ Kyle and Shelby


    Recorded earlier - 9/5/16 In this episode of The Willie Robertson Podcast, Willie and Johnny D are joined by two members of the Duck Commander family who work behind the scenes, General Manager Kyle Tengwall and Event Coordinator Shelby Babcock. The group reminisces about the summer camps they went to as kids and how they differ from the types of summer camps offered today. Willie (whose kids have attended camps ranging from Lego to Horsemanship) even shares that his mother Miss Kay used to offer to work in the kitchen at Christian church camp in order for her sons to attend for free. And as the summer 2016 Olympics are heating up, everyone shares which events they've enjoyed watching the most so far-- soccer, swimming, trampoline...? Willie, who is currently "leaking red, white and blue", also shares a story that might award Johnny D with the gold for best prank ever.

  • “Going for the Gold” and Listener Mailbag


    Recorded earlier - 8/29/16 Willie is an all around natural athlete. Badminton and bowling are his specialties and he has countless "black birdie" trophies to show for it. The boys riff on the Olympic games and much more! Also, in this episode we dig deep into the mailbag and listen to questions sent to #askbosshog on twitter. There are some good ones and some, well, you'll have to hear for yourself! Did you make the mailbag? @williebosshog What was it like speaking to the American people at the Republican National Convention back in July? #askbosshog — Lexi Rockwell (@Lexi_smith28) August 4, 2016 @williebosshog Whos your favorite Country Artist since the #CMAfest are today? #Askbosshog — Merican Soldier (@a_soldier88) August 4, 2016 #askbosshog @williebosshog Is there anything in your life that you regret doing or regret having? — Kylie (@kivy0317) August 4, 2016 Do you or any member of your family who is qualified to do so, baptize a child upon request? What about if out of state? #askbossh

  • Willie’s RNC Recap. Korie’s Trip to Uganda.


    Recorded earlier - 8/22/16 It's been a busy few weeks for Willie and Korie. While Willie was working on his appearance at the RNC two weeks ago, Korie and family went on a awesome trip to Uganda. We hear all the details three trips. Oh, and something about one omelet left on a plane ride with the brothers. Who get's the omelet?! Boys will be boys. It's a story-filled podcast of the Robertson family adventures.  

  • “Adoption and Foster Care” Guest Host Korie Robertson, Will Robertson, and Special Guest Kristopher Wannquist


    Recorded earlier - 8/15/16 The Robertson's strongly believe in adoption, and finding homes for children. Willie and Korie host their adopted son Will Robertson today. Will tells us what it's like to be a part of the Robertson family. Then, Korie takes over as guest host of the show talks to Kristopher Wannquist. Kris is now Foster Youth Intern at the  Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. Kris shares his story of a really tough childhood with his biological parents, and his experiences as child in the foster care system.  

  • “Willie Robertson Set To Speak At RNC” w/ Zach Dasher


    Recorded earlier - 8/8/16 In this episode of The Willie Robertson Podcast, Willie and Johnny D are joined by Willie's "half-Robertson" cousin, Zach Dasher, who ran for Louisiana's 5th Congressional District in 2014. His new film Torchbearer (set to debut at the Republican National Convention this week) examines what happens when civilized societies remove God from public life, and his uncle Phil Robertson serves as the film's narrator and tour guide. Willie and Zach debate about a Donald Trump presidency, and Willie reveals that after a week of thinking it over, he will speak on Trump's behalf at the RNC. Also, Willie reminisces about the first time he attended (snuck into) the RNC in 2008, before the Duck Dynasty fame, and how he ended up on Fox News behind Megyn Kelly on the convention floor. Watch the video evidence below and be sure to listen to the full story on the podcast.  

  • “How It All Started” w/ Chris Richardson and Marc Pierce


    Recorded earlier - 8/1/16 People often want to know how the Duck Dynasty all started. Was the family already embedded with Hollywood, or did it just happen "au' naturel"? How did this show come to be, and what came to be of the guys who helped start it all? They're on to big things with a lot of different shows including Legends and Lies.      

  • “Philanthropy” w/ Samuel Bistrian


    Recorded earlier - 7/25/16 In this episode of The Willie Robertson Podcast, Willie and Johnny D are joined by Roma Boots founder and CEO Samuel Bistrian. Bistrian tells his story of coming to the U.S. as a refugee with his family after escaping communism in Benesti, Romania. One of twelve children, his family actually made up 10% of the population of their small village! Adapting to life in the states was quite an adjustment for Bistrian, but his proved to be quite the rags-to-riches story, and he has made it his mission to pay it forward: Roma Boots merges fashion with philanthropy to give poverty the boot. Our mission is to bring impoverished children throughout the world hope, love, and lasting change through aid and education. For every pair of boots sold, a new pair is donated to a child in need. Additionally, ten percent of all proceeds funds educational initiatives around the world. Listen to the inspiring interview below:

  • “Unique Upbringings” w/ Hank Fortener


    Recorded earlier - 7/18/16 In this episode of The Willie Robertson Podcast, Willie and Johnny D are joined by Hank Fortener, pastor of Mosaic Church in Los Angeles. Hank shares the story of his unique upbringing growing up in a family that adopted and fostered over 40 children, the reason why his dinner table "looks like a gathering at the United Nations". This inspires Willie to share some stories about his less than hygienic upbringing, including how his entire family used to share bathwater and how a cockroach once got stuck in his ear. Yes, those are true stories. The guys also talk spirituality, Donald Trump, and the dramatic events surrounding the search for John Luke Robertson's missing dog, Pippa.

  • “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell on Operation Red Wings, Family, and Faith


    Recorded earlier - 7/11/16 In this episode of The Willie Robertson Podcast, Willie and Johnny D are joined by Willie's good friend Marcus Luttrell, a former United States Navy SEAL who received the Navy Cross and Purple Heart for his actions in Afghanistan during Operation Red Wings. You might recognize his name from the movie Lone Survivor, a film based on the operation and his experiences with SEAL Team 10. In the podcast Marcus tells us about his strange eating habits, why his faith is important to him, and how he was a "late bloomer". Marcus also gives his thoughts on gun control following the recent mass shooting in Orlando.

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