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Flint River Primitive Baptist Church, near Huntsville Alabama.


  • Cain and Abel

    Cain and Abel


    The account of Cain slaying Abel is one of the most famous and tragic events in the Old Testament. Yet, it provides us a great opportunity to interpret real life through a theological lens and glean practical insight into daily living. Click here to download  

  • Pursuing Greater Sancrification

    Pursuing Greater Sancrification


    The word sanctification can mean "set aside for holy use," but can also have reference to inner transformation. Join us in this message to learn how both concepts overlap. Click here to download  

  • The Poor have the Gospel (The Miracle of Preaching)

    The Poor have the Gospel (The Miracle of Preaching)


    In the final miracle listed in Jesus' many miraculous acts recorded in Matthew 11, was that the poor had the gospel preached to them. Find out how this is a miracle in today's message. Click here to download  

  • The Dead Are Raised | Matthew 11

    The Dead Are Raised | Matthew 11


    While all of Jesus' miracles openly displayed His power over creation, it was special indeed when He raised the dead. Our hope is in the resurrection, and Jesus' victorious power over death itself gives us much comfort. Click here to download  

  • The Deaf Hear | Matthew 11

    The Deaf Hear | Matthew 11


    One of the miracles The Lord Jesus performed in His ministry was restoring the hearing of the deaf. While this demonstrated both Jesus' divine power and His great compassion, there is also a spiritual lesson to be gleaned about our own ability to hear the gospel! Click here to download  

  • The Lepers Cleansed | Matthew 11

    The Lepers Cleansed | Matthew 11


    Continuing our study on the miracles of Christ, we consider the ancient Biblical plague of leprosy and Jesus' compassion towards those who were lepers. Click here to download  

  • The Lame Walk | Matthew 11

    The Lame Walk | Matthew 11


    Continuing our series on the miracles of Christ, we come to Jesus' healing of those who suffered from various afflictions which incapacitated them, such as withered limbs, amputations, and even paralysis. Click here to download

  • Sight To The Blind | Matthew 11

    Sight To The Blind | Matthew 11


    One of the miracles Jesus performed in His early ministry was giving sight to the blind. In this sermon, we consider three specific cases when Jesus healed blind people and spiritual lessons we can learn from each. Click here to download  

  • Go Tell John Again | Matthew 11

    Go Tell John Again | Matthew 11


    A most interesting interaction occurred between Jesus and the disciples of John the Baptist in Matthew chapter 11. Imprisoned for condemning kind Herod's sin, John sent disciples to Jesus with the question, "art thou He or do we look for another?" Message 1 in our series, "Go Tell John Again." Click here to download

  • Ordered and Sure

    Ordered and Sure


    In John 6, Jesus promised that "all the Father" has given to Him "shall come to Him" and never be cast out. This begs the question: Why? Join us for this message, in which we discuss the everlasting covenant between God the Father, Son, and Spirit before the world began, to save God's people from their sins. Click here to download

  • Godliness with Contentment

    Godliness with Contentment


    If you asked the average American, believer or nonbeliever, what their goals in life were, ranking high on the list would undoubtedly be the accumulation of wealth. And yet, that's exactly one of the lusts Paul warned against in 1 Timothy chapter 6. Join us for this exposition of the love of money being the root of all evil. Message 23 in our series through 1 Timothy Click here to download

  • The Lords Suffering Servant

    The Lord's Suffering Servant


    Isaiah 53 is one of the most vivid prophecies in the Bible of Christ's redemptive work. Described as God's Suffering Servant, this Man of Sorrows would bear the iniquity of the Lord's sheep. Click here to download

  • Christian Servants

    Christian Servants


    Continuing our series through 1 Timothy, we come to the concept of servitude and Paul's admonitions to servants. While we're far separated from that institution in our time, studying it helps us understand how scripture affords guidance to honor God in the broken systems of men, and gives us a glimpse into our severed slavery to sin and our relationship with Christ through redemption. Message 22 in our series through 1 Timothy Click here to download  

  • The Prodigal Son

    The Prodigal Son


    There is joy in Heaven over a sinner that repents! Sometimes we question what must be the divine perspective of repentance. Does God receive us? Can such a sinner as I even follow God? Learn more about God's grace in this message on the Prodigal Son. Click here to download  

  • Gospel Rest

    Gospel Rest


    When someone to whom Christ has been revealed comes to Him, they find rest in the deepest level of their souls. The writer of Hebrews equates this to the the entering of Canaan's land and the Saturday Sabbath of the Old Testament. As it is written, there remaineth a rest for the people of God. Click here to download

  • Reputation



    Every single one of us is known for something. That is to say, we all have a reputation. While we don't want to be menpleasers, it should be our goal to be known for Christ, to His honor and glory. Message 21 in our series through 1 Timothy Click here to download

  • Handling Accusations

    Handling Accusations


    Sometimes, an elder is accused of misbehavior. What should our response be? Much like in our legal system, according to Paul in 1 Timothy 5, accusations without witnesses (proof) are to be dismissed. Yet if accusations are legitimate, the guilty is to face public repercussions. Finally, all this is to be done without partiality. Message 20 in our series through 1 Timothy Click here to download

  • Double Honour

    Double Honour


    Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine. - 1 Timothy 5:17 Message 19 in our series through 1 Timothy Click here to download  

  • Psalm 30 | Hugh Sanders

    Psalm 30 | Hugh Sanders


    At a special, Monday night worship service, Elder Hugh Sanders gives an encouraging exposition through Psalm 30. Preached November 25, 2019 Click here to download  

  • Respectful Dealings

    Respectful Dealings


    Sometimes, it's needful for the ministry to correct those in the congregation. True as that may be, because of the binding love between disciples, even rebukes are to be respectful and courteous. Join us for this exhortation from 1 Timothy chapter 5. Click here to download  

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