How'd That Happen? Podcast



We take a look at the great stories of those around us. People are doing cool stuff - playing in bands, running ultra-marathons, winning national championships in wrestling.....the list goes on and on. We ask the simple question - How'd That Happen?


  • 03 - Scott Storey


    In episode 3 we interview Scott Storey, a young, professional, suburban resident of Grand Rapids, MI who also happens to be a calf-roping, bull-rodeo cowboy.  Scott tells us how that happened and also enlightens us as to how exactly they get those bulls to kick like they do.In our "Your New Favorite Band" segment, we introduce a band called Big Air and play their song, Barking Dog, at the end of the podcast.

  • 02 - Travis Ault


    In Episode 2, we interview veteran marathoner and ultra-marathoner Travis Ault.  Travis discusses his experience training, running and recovering from the North Country Run (a 50 mile, off-road ultra-marathon) in Wellson, MI in 2013.Also, in our segment called Your New Favorite Band, we introduce listeners to Swiss rock band Disco Doom.  Disco Doom graciously allowed us to share their song, Rice and Bones, at the end of the podcast.

  • 01 - Jeff Howard


    At 53 years old Jeff Howard is the drummer for one of the busiest bands in the Grand Rapids area, Three’s a Crowd. How’d that happen? There a lot of twists and turns, as you would expect. Jeff takes us through his story of getting into drums (step 1 involves pencils and magazines at age 12), playing in bands in college, getting out of music, and then back into it with Three’s a Crowd. Included at the end of the podcast is a track from Jeff’s college band, The Pinheads, called Politics that was recorded in 1982.