Keys Of The Kingdom

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"Keys of the Kingdom" is a 1 hour (now 2 hour) radio program produced by Brother Gregory of His Holy Church. This program is devoted to talking about the Kingdom of God - what it is, where it is, and how to get there. Christ said that the Kingdom of God is at hand. Which means you can reach out and touch it. He told the Pharisees he would take the Kingdom from them and give it to a nation who would bring forth the fruits thereof. He appointed unto his "little flock" (apostles) a Kingdom. He told us to seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. This means now, not waiting until after we die. Does this sound good to you? Then listen further... "Keys of the Kingdom" is broadcast weekly (Saturday mornings - 10AM Central Time) on First Amendment Radio. First Amendment Radio retains exclusive rights to the program for 9 days from airing, then we can make it available to you.


  • 4/18/20: A Word From Our Local Republic Representative

    4/18/20: A Word From Our Local Republic Representative

    18/04/2020 Duración: 01h00s

    Guest: Oregon Lake County Commissioner James Williams - Early (re)public schools; James: COVID-19 statistics; Adverse effects of economic shutdown; Increased child abuse and domestic violence; Fiddling with the numbers; Re-opening plans; No State citizens - only residents; Political games; "Give me liberty or let me die"; Financial incentive for government to keep economy closed; County vs State; Personal responsibility; Media malpractice; A suggested path to follow; Already-broken businesses; Generational debt; Working together as a community; Changing with new information; Asking tough questions; What James does; PCR Test realities; Resistance to further testing; Vaccine salvation?; Hippocratic Oath; Dis-ease; Pharmacy within you; Vaccine waiver letter; Spirit of force; website; Fear -> Depression; Letting your light/love out; State citizenship; Entangling yourself via covetous practices; 4th branch of government; Christ's answers; Dietary oils; The vaccine you need; Religious convictions;

  • 4/18/20: Bad News about the Good News

    4/18/20: Bad News about the Good News

    18/04/2020 Duración: 02h55min

    Body of Christ - in, but no of the "world"; BC Roman army all volunteer; Most centurions never drew sword in battle; Temple of Janus - project investments; Roman republic looked like Israel; Of, for, by the people; Decline 150BC; "We The People"; Corporations and golems; Federal vs State and County; Militia by statute: well-organized; Surveying in early America; Constitutions don't grant rights to people; But you may waive them; ex: prisoner; No right to take life from others; Have you done that?; Parking-lot church example; Covenants, Contracts and Constitutions; States foreign to each other; "United States" separate; Louisiana Purchase; High percentage of Indians died from European diseases; Diseases are part of life cycle; Disease = identity issue; Your body's militia; Mercenary doctors; Militias in the kingdom (body of Christ); Loving your neighbor; Schools without tuition; Waiving liberty for benefits; Covetous practices/wages of unrighteousness; Social Security; Federal bankruptcy; Our path toward destr

  • 4/11/20: The Great Threat

    4/11/20: The Great Threat

    11/04/2020 Duración: 01h00s

    Why economic shutdown?; Viruses and exosomes; Pharmaceutical industry within your body; Vaccination studies; Coronavirus severity; Accuracy in testing; China recovered without vaccination; Alleviating symptoms only; Natural immunity; Antibiotics; Sharing success information; Acts 15:20; Eating meat with blood in it metaphor; Freewill vs force; Pollution of idols; 2 Peter 2:20; Where we're at now; Vaccine side-effects; Causation?; Identity dysphoria; Boosting immune system; Seeking your solutions; Vaccine benefits unproven; Truth avoidance; Misplaced faith; Vaccine exemption letters; Incomplete statistics; Who survives?; Adapting to mistreatment; Religious arguments; Constructing an effective letter; Countering rampant apathy; Knowing your audience; The Church's role; Coming together in one accord; Herding cats?; Drunk on benefits?; Quick history on Social Security; Holy-spirit driven kingdom; The real miracle of loaves and fishes; Overcoming strong delusion; Suicide increase; God is your comforter; You choose

  • 4/11/20: The Road Back From Fear

    4/11/20: The Road Back From Fear

    11/04/2020 Duración: 02h55min

    No more concerning than common cold; Virus process complexity; It's the economy stupid; Conspiracy; Loyalty to truth; Jesus the Christ - the only leader not overcome by power; Followers of "The Way"; God's plan; Worst contagion = fear; T-cells; Exosomes; Vaccine process; Correlation vs causation; Isolation lengthens pandemic; Kingdom of God is an ingenious system; Righteousness begets safety; Knowing them by their works; Selfishness disease - antithesis of Christ; Who's your savior?; Vaccine salvation; MOST are already immune; Incentives for coronavirus diagnosis; Death by ventilator; Cellular communication; God's plan = you well NOW; Exosomes and viruses; Antibodies; Protein keys; Christ's problem-solving network; Keeping communication open; Who cares for YOU?; Zinc; Hydroxychloroquine; Getting zinc into cells; Avoiding enzyme inhibitors; Dying from symptoms; The solution; Prayer - requires action; Kingdom of God is a government; Caring for neighbor; If you had a network; Suicide increase due to fear/anxiety

  • 4/4/20: Righteousness on Gods Terms

    4/4/20: Righteousness on God's Terms

    04/04/2020 Duración: 01h00s

    The government God instituted for mankind; Of, for and by the people; Appointed to men; Examples of man's government; Tyrants seizing power; Stay-at-home orders; Better coronavirus testing; More than half have already had it; Falsifying death records; Shutdown is killing people; "If we save one life..." nonsense; Understand how societies work; Where are your rights now?; Government assuming control; Coming together; Medical transparency; New habit - care for neighbor; Why want government to do your job?; Free, voluntary society; Failing businesses; Selfishness creating shortages; HHC Audios and Videos explaining kingdom; Why hate?; A body in one accord; Clearing misinformation; Federal Reserve shift; Apathetic people shirking responsibility; Bible instructions regarding choosing a ruler; Practicing real righteousness; Local mill story; Bottom-up organizations; Love God and neighbor; Simple principles; Who are the wicked?; Fake churches; HHC detractors; Tens - as Christ commanded; Meat cartels?; Community Supp

  • 4/4/20: Pandemic of Selfishness

    4/4/20: Pandemic of Selfishness

    04/04/2020 Duración: 02h55min

    Coronavirus lockdown; Pandemic of fear; Historical viruses; Pied piper; Today's problem; Most have already had coronavirus; Today's test is not virus specific; Voluntary network to find the whole truth; Caring for others has atrophied; 300k will die from obesity this year; Personal sacrifice to improve society; Christians who are not Christians; Computer modelling; Right to pursuit of happiness; Diamond Princess realities; Diabetes complications; Get over the fear! Political agendas; Trump hate; $2T aid?; Troop gatherings and the virus; Regulating hospital bed count; What about Christ's way?; Medical transparency; Character and morality; Un-Christian hoarders; New banking and court rules; True cost of your $1000 aid; Virus spreading capability; Your body's pharmaceutical ability; No stopping the spread; Article to dispel the panic; Pandemic of selfishness; Immunity: the silent cure; Sweden's method; Oxford study; Arresting fat people?; Economic fallout; Why are food plants shutting down?; FAR cheaper to isola

  • 3/28/20: Untwisting Information

    3/28/20: Untwisting Information

    28/03/2020 Duración: 01h00s

    Wuhan Institute - virus research; Seeking real evidence; Song of Moses and of the Lamb; Get ye from me...; Become wise and awake; Finding real experts; Fear not!; Repeating Israel's bondage; Christ's religion vs public religion; Most have already had Coronavirus; Carbs!; Networking information and support; Congregational dream teams; Early Church organization; New (novel) viruses every year; Complications/overreactions to viruses; Lies like viruses; Don't panic!; Italy's flu deaths in previous years; Why Florida?; Carefully exploring statistics; Letting God write on your heart and mind; Seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness; Ibuprofen warning; Sugar warning; Entangling yourselves; Changing bank regulations; Credit unions; Polio reference; Vaccine damage; Antigen tests; Gather in reason; Church government - key to liberty; Constitutional contract clause; No more speedy trial; Executive orders; What next? Learn to create a free society.

  • 3/28/20: Spiritual Evidence

    3/28/20: Spiritual Evidence

    28/03/2020 Duración: 02h55min

    Seeking righteousness; Gathering in groups of ten; Trading liberty for benefits; Deciding good and evil; Washington state casualty facts; "Common sense"; Fear-driven shortages; Where is your faith?; Spirits; Health: Do what Christ commanded; Belief is not thinking a thought; Satan's other way; Knowing your guides; Sacrifice brings you closer to God; Works are evidence of Christ in you; Everyone helping everyone; Diamond Princess cruise ship analysis; Existence of viruses; Tracking viruses; Ignored experts; Swine flu comparison; Complications/symptoms kill; "novel" = "new"; Immune suppressors; SARS - respiratory; Attracting other maladies - cascade; ARDS; Ventilator statistics; Mistaken experts; God-given immune systems; Danger is to immuno-compromised people; Obesity deaths 300K; Support groups - of ten; Polio statistics; Herd immunity; Working toward natural immunity; Relating kingdom to current events; No famine but hoarders - disregard for neighbors; Protecting the vulnerable; "god sense"; Non-biblical con

  • 3/21/20: Remedies and Solutions

    3/21/20: Remedies and Solutions

    21/03/2020 Duración: 01h00s

    Remedies and Solutions; Things you haven't heard; Overcoming the world; Reasons for persecution; Coronavirus realities; Medical marshal law; Flawed testing; Gasoline surplus; Who's religious?; The will of the people; Corrupt government officers; People's lack of knowledge; Liberty vs license; What should the peoples' government be doing?; Beware the media hype; Denmark's method; Killing viruses?; What works?; Reacting to virus; Body awareness; Natural godly talents; Stress and diet; Sweating it out; Laying on hands; Vaccine methodology; Mother's milk; Spreading immunity; Thwarting herd immunity; Economic repurcussions; Sunshine and fresh air; Additional remedies; Good news; Seek righteousness.

  • 3/21/20: Danger in Solutions

    3/21/20: Danger in Solutions

    21/03/2020 Duración: 02h55min

    Kingdom of God = Salvation of the people; Psychology of repentance = quest for hope, thinking a different way; Life continues due to reproduction - giving life to others; Or predators - take life from others; Slicing meat thinner; Not OK to keep sinning; Beware the image of Christ given to you by ear-ticklers; Glad tiding may upset "many"; Facts matter; You need the whole Christ; Are you giving life?; New "earth" in the bible; Changing minds is hard - remain humble to improvement; Coronavirus - what is the danger?; How valid are the predictions?; Climate change?; Consider the facts; Slowing, not stopping the virus; Ways to transmit the virus; Living things reproduce viruses - like lies; Virus doesn't cause damage, but your reaction to it; Example: Bubonic plague; Average age of dying from coronavirus is 82; Who is really at risk?; Protect them!; Transmitting immunity; Disease die-offs; Does coronavirus death rate warrant economic collapse?; Virus interference - Flu vax increases vulnerability to other respira

  • 3/14/20: The Lemming Effect

    3/14/20: The Lemming Effect

    14/03/2020 Duración: 02h55min

    Coronavirus - Most important? What about Seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness; "Wuhan" virus racist?; Flu virus - new strain; "Coronavirus" around since 1960s; "SARS" is one; Viruses use living beings to reproduce; Local case of coronavirus; Many have already had it; News media wrong conclusions; Incorrectly assembling facts - same with the bible; Which "Jesus" exists in your mind?; Politicizing coronavirus; More than half without symptoms; Skewed statistics; Pandemic vs Panic; Persecutions and inquisitions via misinterpretation of bible; Lies and deception also reproduce in others; Can immunity be passed like viruses?; Bodily reactions; Plumbers have done more vs diseases than doctors; Biblical pigs and parasites; "COVID-19" name? "SARS-COV-2"? Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, COVID-style spreading; The Lemming Effect; Why buy toilet paper?; Slowing the spread?; Outliving doctors; Vaccine temporary immunity vs lifetime; Spanish flu research; Swine flu scare; Polio from vaccine - continues today; D

  • 3/7/20: Social Justice

    3/7/20: Social Justice

    07/03/2020 Duración: 01h00s

    Fair and just relations between individual and society; Christ has stuck to His story; Politics of the kingdom; Exercising authority not allowed; Is your church doing what Christ said?; King warnings; US Constitution falls short of "biblical"; How to know who Christ is; Kingdom of God is not a member of the UN; Kingdom redistribution of wealth; Synagogues and deacons; Living Christ's "way"; vs Modern Churches; Morphing definitions of "Social Justice"; Religious orders; Liturgy illustrated; Blind man's story; False Jews; Surviving the decline and fall of the Roman Empire; The reach of the Christian network; Vesuvius; Social Security; Social Contracts; Public Religion; vs Christian Religion; Reinventing history; Bondage of Egypt; How you consent; Making the word of God of none effect; One-room schoolhouses; What made America great?; Strenghtening communities; Biblical government; Sabbath and sureties; Don't forsake the gathering.

  • 3/7/20: Critical Theory vs Critical Thinking

    3/7/20: Critical Theory vs Critical Thinking

    07/03/2020 Duración: 02h55min

    Who's making the history books?; Graduation without understanding; Social Justice critical theory; vs Critical thinking; Pure Religion needs to be understand; Are you easily deceivable?; Are you humble enough to accept challenge?; Critical Theory defined; Liberating human beings from the circumstances that enslave them; Pied piper; Qualifying for Christian persecution; Taking the next step; Critical Thinking defined; Facts (Inconvenient truths) being omitted; Jesus forbade socialism; Government of, for and by the people; Loving thy neighbor; Philosophical approach to culture; Examine ALL the facts for righteousness; Being a minister for Christ; Corban/Qorban/Korban; Not to be that way with you; Egocentrism; Sociocentrism; Church = Kingdom = one form of government operating by faith, hope and charity; Modern Church's anti-Christ practices; Social Justice via a moral path; Socialism available to you right now!; No tyranny in capitalism; Vengeance is the Lord's, not ours; Seek righteousness; Theory of Oppressed/

  • 2/29/20: Good Information

    2/29/20: Good Information

    29/02/2020 Duración: 01h00s

    Manipulating your actions by historical ommissions; Learning "good" cultural norms; Pharisitical interpretation of the Old Testament; JFK vs modern democrats; Acceptable values promoting free, healthy society; Sexual revolution; Dooming society; What can YOU do?; Communion explained; via Church; Your real priests; How to help the poor; "Church" legally defined; Roman Imperial Cult; This system continues today; Self-destructive spririts; Old Testament proper interpretation; Strengthening society Christ's way; YOU have to do it - bottom-up; One form of government; Church "rituals"; No ear-tickling; Are you DOing what Christ said?; Virtuous characteristics; Repentance = thinking like Christ; Christ's kingship; Scholarly articles; Free government; Thanksgiving of Christ; Next steps; Local networking; Christ's one command to men; Illustrating the incorrect way; Changing Religion; Christ the denominator.

  • 2/29/20: Misinformation

    2/29/20: Misinformation

    29/02/2020 Duración: 02h55min

    Reframing American history; 1908 philanthropic plan; Reece commission; Un-American activities? Revising History books; Well-placed minor changes = less than the truth = lie; Telling BIG lies; 1619 Project; Living History; Bible - same problem; Old Testament distorted view; Testament witnesses of a loving God; Churches and Temples and buildings; Ekklesia; Is your church doing what Christ commanded?; What are you missing?; Early American diseases; Coronavirii; Coronavirii and natural immunity; Vaccine shortcuts; Local bone marrow malady; Immunity without vaccine; Death rate of current coronavirus; False information as powerful as true; Your salvation; Kingdom non-inheritors; Evidence of loving Christ; Paying for salvation?; Christ's kingdom is charity; Moses too; Portion of your labor belongs to government; Socialist programs; First slaves in the colonies; Blacks and Indians held slaves; Not a racial issue; Black community today's problems; YOU are the social security for the debt; Taxation without consent; Imp

  • 2/8/20: Why Government?

    2/8/20: Why Government?

    08/02/2020 Duración: 01h00s

    Guest: James Williams; To meddle? Or not to meddle?; Lack of accountability; Reasonability; Just say "no"; Democracy illustrated; Offices of power; Conservative/Liberal clarified; Government by contract; Democracy by debt; Rocking the boat; Throwing out the idiots; Understanding your vote; Campaign money - where does it go?; Twisted legislation; Primary law of the land; Retaining rights; What would Christians do?; Allowing tyranny; Financial transparency; Who reads constitutions?; Why The Church is concerned; Vaccine Injury Court; Where's your line to cross?; Restricting government using Deut 17; Iniquity by sloth; Dealing with unrighteous mammon; The other side of Oregon; It's all about the votes; Your due diligence; Becoming God's people; Personal responsibility; The meatgrinder; We *are* the problem; Dwight D Eisenhower's Social Security Number; Children: the future; Christ's cure; Why government?

  • 2/8/20: Christ: More Than a Wafer

    2/8/20: Christ: More Than a Wafer

    08/02/2020 Duración: 02h55min

    What's in your heart?; Permanent sterilization of 500,000 girls in Kenya; Coronavirus; Immunity without symptoms; Willingness to inject toxins into your body/thinking; Salvation is not collective; Foundation of Christ's Church; "Holy Spirit" explained; Vaccination mechanism; Patterns of The Way; "Forgive them not?"; Impeaching Jesus Christ; Christ's pattern for His kingdom; Sharing the gospel of the kingdom; How to know you're following the Holy Spirit; What are doctrines of Jesus?; Mimicking the Early Church; Becoming doers; vs Modern Church doctrines; Saved by Grace - no formula; Networking synagogues; Explaining "Corban"; Vessel-moving; U.S. State of the Union address; Poisoning liberty; The Way to return to liberty; Imagining Holy Spirit; Multitude of counsellors; Ukraine investigation; Fourth branch of government; Christ is more than a wafer; Forgiveness illustrated; Left/Right concept; Seeking righteousness; Joining the network; Losing liberty; Tending to Christ's "Weightier Matters"; Why socialism is

  • 2/1/20: Nuances of the Kingdom

    2/1/20: Nuances of the Kingdom

    01/02/2020 Duración: 01h00s

    Matt 16 and the keys; Israel = where God prevails; Who are Israel?; Christ was king!; Government without force; Revelation - the rock upon which His Church is built; Playing god; Who decides good/evil?; Kingdom = something we can find; Are apostles gods?; What's your worst lie?; Peter's denial; Gates of hell; Peter and the keys; Discerning need; Which wheel needs the grease?; What's the bible about?; Kingdom legislation; Moses' statutes; Adjudicating disputes in the kingdom; Christ hailed as king in Jerusalem; Pilate's ruiling; James as head of Church; Origins of "Pope"; How to know who is a minister; Understanding the Early Church; Eucharist; Health improvements from gratitude; God's quid pro quo; Bloodflow through the body of Christ; Empowering people; Abraham's army; Create the alternative.

  • 2/1/20: Which Whole Truth Do You Want?

    2/1/20: Which "Whole Truth" Do You Want?

    01/02/2020 Duración: 02h55min

    What are the keys?; Bible = worldly book read by flesh and blood; Wanting to know the whole truth; Humility important to kingdom-seeking; Binding and loosening; Forgiving trauma; Societal standards of morality; Pertussis and vaccines; Polio and vaccines; Gauging immunity; Strengthening your immune system; Strengthening society; Corporation takeovers?; Why can't people see reason?; Why stop taking oaths; Chemotherapy statistics; Survival of the fittest?; Stuck mindsets; Which "whole truth" do you want?; Kingdom of God is an actual government; Repentance = change of thinking - to what?; "Holy" defined; Doctrine of Christ; Your love for God; Gaining immunity to evil; Cause/effect reality; Cursing your children with debt; Church is one form of government - Christ's; Denying Christ's authority; Feeding the 5000; Who is the "Church"?; Bible in depth; 1 Sam 8 government; How to get God to hear you; Dooming yourself; God's not mean; Preaching pure religion; How Christ loved us; Ephesians 5 revisited; Walking around t

  • 1/25/20: Sweden

    1/25/20: Sweden

    25/01/2020 Duración: 01h00s

    Parent's prior rights; Disadvantages of taking benefits; Exercising responsibility; Reading fine print; Corporations; Church authority; Saving your children from bondage; Societal savages; Swedish freedom; Freedom of information; Freedom of labor; The rise of kings; Destroyers of liberty; Millionaires; Lady Godiva's philanthropy; Making Sweden great again; 100+% taxation?; Public vs private vs home schooling; Your right to choose; Information leads to choices; Climate challenges; Parents' school participation; Strengthening society; Gaddafi's Litle Green Book; Jefferson: every county a republic; Choice to sacrifice; Freewill offerings; Electing criminals?; Fearing Christians?; You can change your society now!

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