Our Century



An audio-cast that talks about the world through the eyes of todays high school students. We are the ones who are next in line, soon it will be our time, soon it will be our century


  • Episode 3: Television and the Internet


    Welcome to the second episode of Our Century. Today you can join us once again as we first discuss mainstream television and cable giants against quasi independent streaming services. Before eventually declining into talk on what YouTube’s place is in all of this and how it effects people making content. If you want to follow up with any of us y’all can stalk us on the twitter-verse at @BenSchroderI @sebsword331 or watch the video version on CBass’s youtube channel youtube.com/sebsword331Thanks for the listen or if not for at least reading this far and see you guys next time.

  • Episode 2: Hipster-ism and Fake Nostalgia


    Welcome to the second episode of Our Century. Today we’ll be covering and going on rants from why people think “retro” is cool? How mainstream is mainstream until it’s not? and a whole list of other things in between!For all of you wishing to stalk the hosts you can do so on twitter @sebsword331 and @BenSchröderI or to see the video version head on over to youtube.com/sebsword331Thank you so much for listening and if you’re feelin’ like a cool person leave a review or comment it would mean a lot to us.

  • Episode 1: This is not a Test(Take Two)


    Welcome to the first official episode of the Our Century podcast. Our first topic is Standardized Testing. This includes how effective it is, how it will evolve over time and does it really what. I (Benjamin) would like to apologize for the rough audio quality and also for the slight digression towards the education system in general. Finally thank you for listening and if you like please leave a review or subscribe to the video version via Sebastian’s ChannelAnd last but not least to download Episode One click here.