Wishin' I Was Fishin' - Grace Umc



Why did Jesus tell the disciples they would be fishing for people? Fishing requires skill, tools and patience. As followers of Jesus, we are called to make disciples. That means, we fish as well. But, for many Christians and churches, fishing is not a passion. The waters have dried up long ago and many have no idea where or how to fish. Join us as we rediscover what it means to fish for Jesus.


  • Fishing Trips With Jesus


    To fish with Jesus means we have a heart for the least, the last and the lost. We care about those in need. We share the faith in genuine and honest ways. Be a Christian who serves, shares and loves. Only then can we truly meet Jesus daily.

  • Big Fish Stories (Jonah)


    Have you heard a big fish story that was a little hard to believe? The Bible tells a couple of big fish stories. One such story is how God uses Jonah and a big fish to teach us about evangelism, compassion, and expecting big results. This is a big fish story you will want to believe and tell others!

  • Best Fishing Ever


    Fishing is not easy. It takes patience, endurance and a desire to catch fish that don't always want to be caught. Jesus calls us to fish for people. Are we good at it? Have we ever "fished for people"? The early church understood fishing quite well. Let us fish for people every day that we walk this earth.

  • Invite Everyone


    Who do we invite to celebrate life achievements with us? Friends and family come to mind, but what about those who never get the invite. Jesus clearly told the disciples to go make disciples of all nations. The Bible also says that "everyone" who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. We are called to invite EVERYONE. Not just our friends and family, but invite everyone to follow Jesus.

  • 7 Conversations


    On average, it takes seven spiritual conversations for someone to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. It takes much more time and work to actually follow Jesus daily. We never know if we are the first, middle or final conversation with others. Be open to the leading of the spirit and be available to share the faith.