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Scratchy vanity 45s, pilfered field recordings, muddy off-the-radio sounds, homemade congregational tapes and vintage commercial gospel throw-downs; a little preachin', a little salvation, a little audio tomfoolery.


  • Episode from Jun 25, 2020

    Episode from Jun 25, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Stars of Hope - "The Lord Will Be There" Southern Jubilees - "He Watches Me" Mt. Olive Baptist Church - "One More Time" Ramah Baptist Church, Letohatchee, Alabama - "What A Time" Ramah Baptist Church, Letohatchee, Alabama - "A Charge To Keep I Have" Perry Tillis and the Congregation of the Savior Lord Jesus Holiness Pentecostal Church - "Preaching excerpt" Rock West Baptist Church, Goshen, Alabama - "So Glad I Got Good Religion" Hubbard Heavyweight Gospel Singers - "Lord, My Friends Are Just a Few" Stars Lights of Oklahoma City, OK. - "My Heart Is Fixed" Traveling Kinsgmen Quartet - "Lead Me With The Righteous" Emanuel Jubilee - "Why Did He Die?" - He's Back In My Life Joyful Gospel Singers - "Everyday Will Be Like Sunday" Inspirational Florida Gospel Singers - "Jesus I Love You" Doves of Harmony - "Ride This Train"

  • Episode from Jun 18, 2020

    Episode from Jun 18, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Booker Singers - "Come In This House" Shelby County Big 4 - "Ain't That Good News" Spiritualaires of Columbia, SC - "Can't Hide Center" Alpha Omega Singers - "I'm Happy" Sterling Jubilee Singers - "Waiting for My Child to Come Home" Golden Crown Quartet - "Lift Jesus Up" Music behind DJ: Jackson Harmoneers - "One of These days" Holy Gospel Singers - "Move Up" Silvertone Gospel Singers - "My God Called Me This Morning" Heavenly Four of Alabama - "One Day With Jesus" White Rose Quartet - "Cool Down Yonder" Soul Stirrers - "Be With Me Jesus" Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, Mosses, Alabama - "Right On Time" Mason Brothers - "Talk To The Man Upstairs" Mighty Mighty Travelers - "Give Thanks" Southeast Alabama 7-Shape Congregation - "Give Me Just A Little More Time"

  • Episode from Jun 11, 2020

    Episode from Jun 11, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Dream" Dixie Nightingales - "I Don't Know" Spiritual Angels - "Too Close To Heaven" Marion Gaines Singers - "Are You Ready?" - This Too Is Gospel Pigrim Harmonizers - "Over The Hill" Southern Clouds - "Sing To The Power of The Lord" Sister Rosetta Tharp - "Go and Get The Water" - The Gospel Truth Sister Rosetta Tharp - "Let Us Take A Trip" Norfolk Singers - "He's A God" Jackson Southernaires - "Too Late" - Too Late Perry Tillis and the Congregation of the Savior Lord Jesus Holiness Pentecostal Church - "Untitled" [Recorded by Steve Grauberger in 1995 in Samson, Alabama] Rev Samuel Patterson - "Judgement Day" Vera Hill - "Jesus, Just Jesus" Gloryaires - "Search Me Lord" Sons of the Soul Revivers - "Family Prayer" [Video of session here:] Imperial Gospel Singers - "Keep On The Firing Line"

  • Episode from Jun 4, 2020

    Episode from Jun 4, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crosroads" Watts Community Choir - "He Ain't Heavy" Pilgrim Travelers - "Jesus I'm Thankful" Indiana Wonders - "Too Close to Heaven" Christian All-Stars - "How I Got Over" Five Echoes of Harmony - "Fix It Jesus" Angels of Joy - "I'm So Glad" Deacon Willie Benton and the Fabulous Gospel Revivals - "I'll Be Alright" Josh Hawkins and the Golden Chain Jubilee Singers - "I've Been Redeemed" Mighty Stars of Harmony - "Gospel Ship" Humming Bees - "This May Be The Last Time" Mighty Golden Wonders - "It's A Lonesome Job" Canton Spirituals - "When The World's On Fire" Elton Anderson - "Tell Jesus" Oakland All-Stars - "Always On Time"

  • Episode from May 28, 2020

    Episode from May 28, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" New Scott Olly - "I've Got Jesus On My Side" [KAYT Monroe, Louisiana gospel program.] Friendly Seven - "Stay On This Road" [Thanks to Brother Eli R.] Soul Saviors of Washington, D.C. - "I'm Holding On" [Thanks to Brother Cies.] Commandent Singers - "When The Gates Swing Open / Steal Away to Jesus" James Crawley - "Oh Lord I Have Done (What the Lord Told Me To Do)" [Brother Eli R.] Johnita & Joyce Collins - "People are Fighting" Supreme Wonders - "When I Rose This Morning" Spiritualites - "Jonah" - Wax Wonders Vol. 21 [] Gospel Harmonizers of Chester, N.C. - "You Better Mind" [Song title dedicated to JakeGould] Cincinnatti Goldenaires - "One More Mountain To Climb" J.J. Farley and the Original Soul Stirrers - "Call On The Lord" - Time Has Made A Change Greenvillettes - "I'm In Your Care" Music behind DJ: [Thanks as always to the Mighty Gospel Friends.] Dynamic Gaylarks - "Child Do Love Jesus

  • Episode from May 21, 2020

    Episode from May 21, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" - NO LP Five Blind Boys of Mississippi - "Old Ship of Zion" - NO LP North Philadelphia Jrs. - "Lord Come By Home" Betty Golden and the Roses of Garden - "Talk On Talkers" Pilgrim Jubilee Singers - "John Behold Thy Mother" - NO LP National Clouds of Joy - "Jesus Makes Me Feel Alright" - NO LP Mother Vera Hill - "Facebook Home Service , excerpt" - NO LP [] Charles White - "Didn't it Rain" - The Jaxyson Records Story 1948-1948 Clara Ward - "In The Morning" - NO LP Jubilee Hummingbirds - "Will the Lord Be With Me" - NO LP Sunrising-Four - "At The Gate" - NO LP Elite Jewels - "Standing On The Rock" - NO LP Mighty Gospel Crowns - "All Of Those Years" - NO LP Golden Travelers - "Too Close" - NO LP

  • Episode from May 14, 2020

    Episode from May 14, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" - NO LP Amazing Golden Sons - "Crucifixion" - NO LP Soul Revivers - "Old Time Revival" - NO LP Alabama Humbletones - "Sweep Around Your Own Back Door" - NO LP Peerless Gospel Singers - "God's Truth Is Marching On" - Long Live John Brown! Alfred Godel and the Sensational Harmonizers - "Hand In Hand" - NO LP Gospel Travelers - "Jesus Is Coming Back" - NO LP Bishop R.L. Williams and the Ephesus Gospel Chorus - "God Is Gracious, Pts 1 and 2." - NO LP Ernest Frazier and his Sons of David - "You Oughta Been There" - NO LP Frances Jackson and Rev. Charlie Jackson - "Way Over Yonder" - NO LP Voices of Light - "The Time Is Now" - NO LP Sensational Goldenaires of Fort Walton Beach, FL - "Jesus Is Alright" - NO LP Johnny Euell - "This Old World" - NO LP Rev. H. L. Parker - "I Didn't Have No Doubt" - NO LP

  • Episode from May 7, 2020

    Episode from May 7, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" - NO LP Newcomb Singers - "There Will Be Peace" - NO LP Southern Tones of Raymond, Miss. - "Somebody's Gone" - NO LP Original Christian Harmonizers - "Have You Any River" - NO LP Sensational Battle Airs - "Heaven Is In My View" - NO LP Sensational Spiritualaires of Atlanta, GA. - "Deep River" - NO LP Savior Gospel Singers of Lapine, AL - "Look At The People" - NO LP Tottress Brothers - "Look Down The Line and I Wonder" - NO LP Sons of Jordan - "I Don't Know Why" - NO LP Raymond Raspberry Singers - "We Are Crossing Over" - NO LP [By request from Listener (and former WFMU DJ) "I Need A 76's Score" MR. C.] Sons of Calvary - "I've Been Born Again" - Spreading The Word Robert Brown and the Sons of the South - "Nobody Knows" - No LP Golden Stars Quintet - "One Day We Will Be Free" - NO LP Rev. Leroy Nobles and the Singing Sons of NY - "Be Ready" - NO LP Golden Eagles of Alabama - "Let God Abide" - NO LP Spiritual Propheteers - "Troubles In My Way" - NO LP Carolina Gospel Sin

  • Episode from Apr 30, 2020

    Episode from Apr 30, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" - NO LP Angels of Harmony - "Tip Down" - NO LP New Harmony Four - "I Heard A Strange Voice" - NO LP Dora L. Busby Trio - "God's Train" - No LP Flying Clouds of Brundidge, AL. - "No Harm Calling On Jesus" - NO LP Jean Reed and the Original Specials - "Ask It In The Name Of Jesus" - NO LP Mighty Wonders - "Walk Around Heaven Around" - NO LP Miller Singers - "Think Of His Goodness To You" - NO LP Rev. C.J. Johnson - "You Better Run To The City Of Refuge" - The Old Time Song Service [By request from Listener Burt Bloom.] Great Mt. Sinai COGIC District Service - "Bump/Praise Break/Shout" - NO LP [Watch the video of this here: Dan Spiffy Neuman on organ] Mrs. Buckhanon - "Home Going" - NO LP Mrs. Estella Perdue - "Conditions of the Whole" - NO LP Zionette Gospel Singers - "Jesus Knows" - NO LP Tyler Nightingales - "He's Been Good To Me" - NO LP Boyd Rivers - "Precious Lord" - Living Country Blues

  • Episode from Apr 23, 2020

    Episode from Apr 23, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Lenore Singers - "What The Lord Has Done For Me" Southerners - "In The Need Of Prayer" Spiritual Harmonizers - "I Found The Way" Star Lite Singers - "Leaning On Her Knees" Crowns of Harmony - "I'm Going To A City" Pure Heart Travelers - "Jesus Carry Me On" Revelation Gospel Singers - "Come This Far By Faith" Flying Eagle Gospel Singers - "Shoes" C.B.S. Trumpeteers - "We Shouldn't Forget" Atlanta Christian Choir - "Soon I'll Be Done" Bright Stars - "All of My Help" Holy Disciples - "Cry Tears of Joy" Salem Travelers - "Paying My Dues" True Tone Gospel Singers - "I Want to Be at the Meeting" Violinares

  • Episode from Apr 16, 2020

    Episode from Apr 16, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Dixie Nightingales - "Nail Print" Trumpeteers - "Trouble About My Soul" Christian All-Stars - "Straight Street" [Deacon Eli Reed contributes:] Fantastic Hummingbirds of Shreveport, LA. - "This May Be My Last Time" - I Must Tell Jesus Exciting Jordan Crusaders of West Point, Miss. - "A Prayer" - Trust In Jesus Gospel Travelers - "No Coward Soldier" Lathanettes - "Just a Little Talk with Jesus" - Letting the Master Have His Way [Thanks to Robert T., who runs this superb essential gospel website:] Marvin Ross and the Ross Brothers - "If We Confess Our Sins" [Thanks to Bishop David E. in Memphis.] Echoes of Zion - "I've Had A Chance" Echoes of Zion Choir, Zion Hill Pentecostal Church - "Oh, Lord I'm Saved" [House of Prayer broadcast. Zion Hill Pentecostal Baptist Church, 629-31 E. 169th St, Bronx NYC] Melody Kings - "If I'm Too High Lord (Bring Me Down)" [thanks again to Elder Bishop David E., Memph

  • Episode from Apr 9, 2020

    Episode from Apr 9, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Choir No. 1 - "Do You Know My Jesus" Gospel Writers - "Good Evening Everyone" Revelations - "Take Care of Us" [Requested by Brother Elliot Harmon] Silver Quintette - "I Know It Was Grace" [Requested by Brother Antonio] Voices of Light - "Backsliders" [Requested by Sister Meredith] Annie and Margie Welch and the Spiritual Twilights - "Tell Heaven" Rev Amos Waller - "Holy Ghost Rock" [Requested by Listener Silent Kid] Sensational Nightingales - "Sweet Foreverland" [Requested by Listener Brother Asheville Jon] Marble City Singers - "I Know You Better Than That" Southern Faith Singers - "Every Day and Every Hour" - God's Promise Swanee Trumpeteers - "I've Been Born Again" Trumpetaires of Mobile, Alabama - "That's Alright" Rev Willie Morganfield - "I Can't Keep It To Myself" Golden Stars - "Move Up A Little Higher" Chosen Sons of God of Birmingham - "When I Get To Glory"

  • Episode from Apr 2, 2020

    Episode from Apr 2, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Joe and Thomas - "You Can't Hurry God" Mighty Blytheville Airs - "This Little Light of Mine" Fairfield Four - "Don't You Let Nobody Turn You Around" [By request from Listener AlanToronto] Soul Stirrers - "Nearer To Thee" [Requested by Listener Cabbage.] Rev. Raymond Williams - "What's Your Brand?" [Requested by Knucklehead Jinx] Silver Quintette - "Father Don't Leave Me" [Requested by Listener Antonio] Original True Light Baptist Church Winnsboro, LA - "Easter Rock" [Requested by LiXiviated Life:] Perry Tillis - "I Found a Solid Rock in Jesus" - Music from the Wiregrass Dixie Hummingbirds - "Love Me Like A Rock" [Requested by Listener / DJ Uncle Michael] Jimmy L. Smiley - "I'm Going To See King Jesus" [Thanks to Dr. Dave E.] Gospel Chords - "Wake Me Shake Me" Maryland All-Stars - "Rest At Last" Sensational Florida Robins - "Let Your Holy Power Fall On Me" Michigan Nightingales - "Reach A Little Higher" Sensational Nightingales - "I Want To Go Where My Jesus Is" Gospel

  • Episode from Mar 26, 2020

    Episode from Mar 26, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Kings of Harmony of Alabama - "Shine On Me" Burnadettes - "Don't Give Up" Swan Silvertones - "If You Think Your God Is Dead, Try Mine" [By request from Listener and DJ Brian Phillips in ATL] Elder J E Burch - "Baptism By Water, Baptism By The Holy Spirit" [Requested by Jeremiah Rials down in Loose-anna.] Carolyn Moore - "I've Come A Long Way" [Requested by Listener Eric Feldman. Check out Eric's excellent documentary on the Greek hot dog tradition in Birmingham, Alabama:] Julius Cheeks - "Died One Time Won't Die No More" [Requested by Listener Josh Ess.] Beacon Hill First Baptist Church Choir - "Hold to God's Unchanging Hand" - Kearney Barton: Architect Of The Northwest Sound Jordan Singers - "I've Been Searching" Rev. H.L. Parker - "Jesus" Congregation of the Saviour Lord Jesus Holiness Pentecostal Church, Samson, Alabam - "There's A Fire Shut Up In My Bones" [Recorded by Steve Grauberger in 1995 in Samson, Alabama]

  • Episode from Mar 19, 2020

    Episode from Mar 19, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Christianaires - "My Mind Is Still On Thee" Revelators - "He Is My Rock" Imperial Wonders of Brooklyn, NY - "It's In My Heart" - Best of the Imperial Wonders Carolina Kings - "In My Father's House" - Hold To His Hand Bivens Specials - "New Jerusalem" [Thanks to Deacon Bret Bartlo] Rev. Cleophus Robinson - "Where My Jesus Is" Soul Stirrers - "I'm Still Living on Mother's Prayer" Sensational Nightingales - "He Prayed Too Late" Gay Sisters - "I'm Going To Walk Out In His Name" - The Gay Family: God Will Take Care of You Revelations Wonders of Chicago - "I Know A Man" Famous Swindell Singers, Lauringburg, NC. - "If I Don't Have A Friend" Harmonizing Five - "When I Enter The Gates" Harrison Gospel Singers - "Jesus Will Fix It For You" - Search Me Mississippi Nightingales - "Coming Up Lord" - A Message To Jesus Fabulous Golden Tones - "Born Again" - Right On Time Biblical Gospel Singers - "Goodbye, World"

  • Episode from Mar 12, 2020

    Episode from Mar 12, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Gospel Skylifters - "To Be Born Again" [Prize # 2 CD set, Smoke Label Gospel Collection produced just for this show. $20 Pledge gets you in the running.] Harlem Gospel Travelers - "Oh Yes He Will" [Prize #3 Harlem Gospel Travelers LP on Colemine. Young folks singing the gospl!] Famous Blue Jay Singers of Birmingham - "Request to Be Baptized" [Prize #3 Amazing coffee table size book on the history of Jefferson County Alabama quartet tradition. $20.00 Pledge to be a eligible.]

  • Week one of the 2020 WFMU marathon with co-host Becky B. from Mar 5, 2020

    Week one of the 2020 WFMU marathon with co-host Becky B. from Mar 5, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Fantastic Shadows - "Time For Peace Is Now" - Time For Peace Is Now [PRIZE! $20 or greater pledge will be eligible for end of show drawing.] Mighty Stars Of Harmony - "Fill Out Your Application" [From this years premium: THE MIGHTY MIGHTYS! 22 Gospel Tracks By Artists With Names Beginning With MIGHTY. Complete with track listing!!] Mighty Sons - "Stand By Me" - From this years premium: THE MIGHTY MIGHTYS! 22 Gospel Tracks By Artists With Names Beginning With MIGHTY. Complete with track listing!! Southern Six - "Leave Your Burden There" - Complete Southern Six [PRIZE #2. Private 2 CD collection available nowhere else.] Messiahs of Glory - "No Other Love" - No Other Love: Midwest Gospel, 1965-1978 Staples Jr. Singers - "We Got A Race To Run" - The Time for Peace Is Now: Gospel Music About Us Mighty Gospel Tornadoes - "I Need Prayer" - From this years premium: THE MIGHTY MIGHTYS! 22 Gospel Tracks By Artists With Names Beginning With MIGHTY. Complete with track listing!! S

  • Episode from Feb 27, 2020

    Episode from Feb 27, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Mellotone Gospel Singers - "Marching to Zion" Mighty Sons - "Stand By Me" Cross Jordan Singers - "Troubled No More" Kingdom Bound Singers - "I Stepped Out In Time" Sons of David - "Nearing My Heavenly Home" Southern City Quintette - "Singing For Jesus" Dawsonaires - "Sign of the Judgement" Spiritualaires of Hurtsboro, AL - "I'll Sing On For Jesus" William Singers - "Part Time Love" Voices of Melody - "So Good" Consolers - "Children Keep On Marching" Spiritual Stars - "I'm Not Uneasy" Shelby County Travelers - "He's Still Alive" England Brothers - "He's A Good Man" Robert Chatman - "Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen" Southern Quintex - "Don't You Want To Go"

  • Episode from Feb 20, 2020

    Episode from Feb 20, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Norfleet Brothers - "None But The Righteous" Soul Stirrers - "End of My Journey" Southern Wonders - "Shady Green Pastures" Radio Four - "Believe Every Word He Says" Gabrielaires - "You Don't Know Where Death Is" Dixie Aires - "Jesus Will Fix It" Crume Brothers - "Resting Easy" Sensational Cleftones - "So Many Years I Have Lived In Sin" Mellotones - "Everything's Gonna Be All Right" Suggs Brothers Quartet - "When I Get Home" Daytonians - "I Got Everything I Need" Anne Walker and the Twilight Gospel Singers - "Give Me Courage" Florida-Robins - "What Is This I Got" Sensational Harmonizers - "God Is Real" Sensational Prodigal Sons - "This May Be The Last Time" Deep South Singers - "I'll Let Nothing Separate Us From God's Love" Rev James Paden and the Mighty Knights - "I'll Do That Too" Swinging Corinthians - "Sweet Home"

  • Episode from Feb 13, 2020

    Episode from Feb 13, 2020


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Pilgrim Harmonaires - "Any Way You Bless Me Lord" Heavenly Tones Quartet - "Come to Jesus" Four Larks of Pine Bluff, Arkansas - "Hold On" Seniors of Harmony - "Send Your Blessings Down" Joiner's Five Trumpets - "Just Tell My Jesus" Southern Travelers - "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" James Crawley - "Time Don't Wait" Zion Spiritual Singers - "When The Gates Swing Open" - When The Gates Swing Open Southland Singers - "Save Me Jesus" - Introducing the Southland Singers Sensational Five Singing Sons - "Borrowed Cloths" - Charge It to Me Spiritual Tornadoes - "Satisfied" - It's A Blessing Victory Travelers - "Send It On Down" - Victory Travelers Leo Richburg and the Gospel Four Quartet - "Wonder Can You Hear" Salem Travelers - "I Just Can't Make It By Myself" Reverend Charlie Jackson - "I Gave Up All I Had"

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