This Podcast brings to you our weekly sermons at Kenton. At Kenton, our mission is to be a church that reflects Jesus, makes disciples, and welcomes people home.


  • Out of Temptation, Into Gods Grace

    "Out of Temptation, Into God's Grace"

  • Saying Goodbye

    "Saying Goodbye"


    There are peaks and valleys, ups and downs. Through everything, God is with us

  • Healing-Rest in Jesus

    "Healing-Rest in Jesus"


    Pray with the Lord at church, through crisis and all times. The Lord wants a relationship with us. He gives us strength.

  • By What Authority?

    "By What Authority?"


    Give up your control to God. He will guide and lead you in the direction you need to be. Don't expect peace and quiet...

  • An Invitation to Follow

    "An Invitation to Follow"


    Will you hear God's invitation to repent and follow Him?

  • What Good Can Come From...

    "What Good Can Come From..."


    Epiphany, the time of light. Come and see Jesus!

  • Remember Your Baptism

    "Remember Your Baptism"


    Remembering your baptism- the gift of light!

  • Let Your Servant Go in Peace

    Let Your Servant Go in Peace


    SimeonSees Jesus Pastor Karl's Good-Bye

  • The Bibles Teenage Mom

    The Bible's Teenage Mom


    Thinking outside the box right attitude Faithful Love God

  • Christmas Cantata

    Christmas Cantata


    Christmas Cantata! Enjoy!

  • The Harbinger of Christ

    The Harbinger of Christ


    John ther Baptizer Be a harbinger of Christ

  • Guess Whos Coming to Dinner

    Guess Who's Coming to Dinner


    Jesus's parable of the wise and foolish maidens The bridegroom is coming Know who you are expecting

  • Making Progress

    Making Progress


    We have to pas thru the waters to get to the other side. Church, our best years are still to come

  • Buying Your Way into Heaven

    "Buying Your Way into Heaven"


    While celebrating the 500th anniversary of Reformation of the protestant church, we look to our own reformation at Kenton UMC and and look forward to the changes in our future.

  • Spiritual Maturity: Do we ever get enough cheese?

    Spiritual Maturity: Do we ever get enough cheese?


    God & Moses talking together. God and the Israelites Frrosted Flakes Moses on the mount for 40sdays& 40 nights Jesus healing Paralytic Lowered thru the roof Go & maker disciples Hands and feet of God

  • J. O. Y.

    J. O. Y.

  • Old Contemporary Music

    Old Contemporary Music


    Old Contemporary Music Want to be a Clone Grave Robber Lazarus

  • Gideons Speaker -8am

    Gideons Speaker -8am


    Start of the Gideons Gideons in Washington Gideons at Delaware State University God's Word changes lives

  • New Breath for Old Bones

    "New Breath for Old Bones"


    During this season of change, the Lord will provide. Let God breathe new life into you!

  • How Things Have Changed

    "How Things Have Changed"


    Change is a given. Love without pretending. Be genuine. Be enthusiastic! Be happy in your hope. Consider everyone as an equal. Let Jesus handle it. How will you embrace change?

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