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  • Salt & Light for the Kingdom of Heaven | Matthew 5:1-16


    What is the “kingdom of heaven”? What characterizes its citizens in the age before it comes in its fullness? How do its citizens enlist other ones? Matthew 5:1-16 http://media.urclearning.org/audio/AMK_Matt_5_1_16.mp3

  • Matthew 2:13-23–Divinely Protected to Bring Glory


    To side with baby Jesus was to side with God, to reject Him was to reject God. No matter, as Jesus was divinely protected in order to this time obediently re-live the history of the nation of Israel and its prominent leaders and bring glory to the universe. Hosea 11 Matthew 2:13-23

  • Matthew 2:1-12–Rejecting or Receiving Jesus


    “King” Herod and the unbelieving Jewish rulers show us how and why people reject Christ. The mysterious eastern magi are surprisingly brought to Jesus as examples of His grace to us Gentiles, and of lives devoted to Him. Matthew 2: 1-12

  • Acts 2:36-39 | Baptism- Guilt, Grace, and Gratitude


    On the glorious occasion of the baptism of two children in our church, we considered the basic law-and-gospel meaning of baptism. Acts 2:36-39

  • Matthew 1:16-24 | An Unusual, Miraculous Conception and Birth


    Jesus’ conception and birth was magnificent, unusual, miraculous, and extraordinary. It’s no wonder, since His birth is a destiny-of-the-universe-altering event. Isaiah 7:1-16; 8:1-10; 9:2, 6-7 Matthew 1:16-24

  • Matthew 4:1-11 | Adam and Israel Failed, But Christ Prevailed


    Jesus’ temptation ordeal in the wilderness was His triumphant re-living of both Eve and Adam’s Garden of Eden failure, and the Israelites’ wilderness wandering failure. Jesus’ obedience here was His one summary act of obedience (Romans 5:18) by which He reversed the curse and earned righteousness for His elect. Matthew 4:1-11

  • Matthew 1:1-17 | A Monumental Birth


    Matthew uses the sacred Old Testament genealogical list to introduce the monumental event of Jesus, the Great and Universal King, being born into the world. [please note: I meant to say “squelch our enthusiasm” instead of “quench our enthusiasm” right near the beginning of the sermon]. 2 Samuel 7:11-16 Matthew 1:1-17 http://media.urclearning.org/audio/AMK_Matt_1_1-17.mp3

  • Psalm 41 | You are blessed if you regard The Weak Man


    This closing bookend of Book 1 of the Psalms connects clearly to Psalms 1 and 2. We must align ourselves with Jesus in His weakness, because the Lord restores, sustains, and blesses both Jesus and all who are found in Him. Psalm 41 http://media.urclearning.org/audio/AMK_PS_41.mp3

  • Psalm 29 | Not Baal, but the LORD


    The Canaanites were wrong about who was behind the extraordinary autumn storms coming off the Mediterranean Sea. The God of Israel commands the waters under Him and they work fierce destruction, showing His power, holiness, and judgement. Yet by His same commanding voice He surprisingly speaks grace and peace to His people. http://media.urclearning.org/audio/AMK_P29.mp3

  • Psalm 10 | The Arrogance of the Wicked


    This song warns us against harboring the kind of human pride and its poisonous fruit that result in the Lord’s sometimes delayed, but always severe, judgement. The song also encourages us when we fall victim to the hostility of the godless world. http://media.urclearning.org/audio/AMK_P10.mp3

  • Psalm 28 | Our Shepherd Forever


    Psalm 28 It’s the times when we face our most severe trials that we are tempted to lose confidence in the Lord’s ability or willingness to establish us in a confident, peaceful place. In those times, the Lord gives us this Psalm so that we reflect on His faithfulness to His people, including us, across […]

  • Psalm 4 | He Makes Us Dwell in Safety


    Because Jesus sang this song before us and for us, God Himself by His Spirit puts this song in our hearts and on our lips. We sing it and the Lord answers us by giving us joy and peace in the midst of our suffering. http://media.urclearning.org/audio/AMK_P4.mp3

  • Psalms 1 & 2 | The Blessed Man in Whom We Take Refuge


    Psalms 1 and 2 are together the introduction to the Psalter. Right away we get music that takes us from creation to redemption, from Adam to Christ, from our struggle under the common curse to the promises of the new heavens and the new earth someday. http://media.urclearning.org/audio/P1.mp3

  • Acts 24 | Paul Before Felix


    Paul’s defense before Felix is highlighted by his assertion that his conscience is clear, a remarkable stement given that Paul expects to come out of the grave and be judged by his God someday. Acts 24

  • Ready to Die, Ready to Live


    Paul sounds like His Lord as he resolutely sets out for Jerusalem, expecting death. But he lives on for a while, a symbol of the power of Christ’s resurrection that will be unleashed in Paul’s body and our bodies on the Great Day. Acts 21:3-19

  • This Paul Inspires Us


    Pastors and elders, consider the magnitude of the grace of God at work in Paul’s life, and be inspired to imitate him in your ministry of the Word and rule. And all Christians, be inspired to support the pastors and elders who imitate Paul and to not tolerate pastors and elders who don’t. Acts 20:13-38

  • Death and Life at Troas


    Leaving Ephesus, Paul continues his remarkable apostolic journey, eventually coming to Troas to display Christ’s great resurrection power. Acts 20:1-11

  • Gospel Triumph and Gentile Persecution


    As the apostle-missionaries enjoy success but face persecution in the form of blasphemy, personal attacks, and jealousy of religious and political leaders, their humility and resolve inspires us to be undaunted in our own ministry. We can be confident because we belong to Jesus and because all whom He appoints to eternal life will also […]

  • Acts 12:1-24 | Another Obstacle Overcome


    Another Herod becomes another obstacle to the existence and success of the church. This Herod is shamed by God exercising His power to execute him after miraculously releasing Peter from prison.

  • Acts 9:19-31 | Everything Changed


    The Lord changed Saul’s life. The Lord changed Saul’s message. And through those radical changes, the Lord has also changed us. Acts 9:19-31

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