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  • Episode 46: In Rainbows We Trust


    This is a bittersweet show for the zeebs, as it marks the final show that the two will record before Camm embarks for Portland. Tony brings up all of the various television shows and music that Camm has turned him onto over the years, which is only fitting.In Five Dub, instead of singling out an individual program, Camm chooses to discuss a few current shows that have caught his eye.For MOLI, the category is songs that mention rainbows. Camm bends the rules a bit with a Radiohead offering, "(song name here)", heard here... Meanwhile, Tony picks Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors", heard here...'s no MOTH his week, thanks to a time crunch. As always, please vote for MOLI on our Facebook page, and you can also email us at talkzebrapodcast!To listen, click here. To download, right click and "Save As..."Please support our show by clicking the links to our Sponsors.

  • Episode 45 : My Cousin Marvelle/I Don't Even Know This Nigga's Name/Sam


    There's a heat wave going on in SoCal, and the guys discuss how it's affecting Camm. Other topics at the top include how great B2 is, and some TV talkTony has this week's Five Dub, and he takes you to the big screen with the blockbuster "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", which is raking in the cash... zeeb is too enthused about the category of reggae in this week's MOLI segment, but perhaps the listeners will feel differently. Tony is up first with a #1 hit from 1994, Ini Kamoze's "Here Comes The Hotstepper", heard here... Camm isn't going quite as far into the past, choosing Sean Paul's 2002 hit "Gimme The Light", heard here... for our men, you know we couldn't forget that. There's a story behind Camm's pick of Chris Evans, and Captain America himself can be seen here... Tony goes with the #1 pick of the 2

  • Episode 44 : Confirmed and Verified


    Camm's tale of seeing a spider in his shower brings up Tony's fear of crawly creatures, and somehow a story featuring B2 fits into all of this.Camm is up with this week's Five Dub, as he extolls the virtues of the NBC hit "Parenthood"... zeebs are happy with the song choices for the MOLI battle, in the category of songs from a reality show contestant, and both songs are R&B offerings. Camm is up first with Fantasia's "Sunshine", heard here... Then it's Tony, who selects Day 26's"So Good", heard here... guys are also in agreement on their Men Of The Hour selections, in the sense that both men are athletes. Tony goes with Damian Lillard, a young star in the NBA who happens to play for Portland, seen here...

  • Episode 43 : Not Conducive To Electronics


    The top of the show features Camm bemoaning the bad luck that the zeebs seem to have with technology, while Tony gushes over "True Detective", which Camm previously profiled in a Five Dub segment.Speaking of Five Dub, Tony is up this week with "How I Met Your Mother", which just recently ended a 9-year run... zeebs have a difficult task in MOLI, because the category is songs that sound rapey. Tony feels that Robin Thicke and Pharrell's "Blurred Lines" fits the bill, heard here... Camm goes old school with Keith Sweat's "Make You Sweat", heard here...'s Keith Sweat MOLI selection reminded Tony of how sexy he thought Mr. Sweat was in the early 1990's, so that's his pick in MOTH, and he's seen in his 1990's heyday here... Then Camm goes with comedian TJ Miller seen here ...

  • Episode 42: I Do Not Remember His Name But, Thank You, Buddy!


    It happened! Camm has hooked up with an Asian dude, and, as you would expect, Tony presses him for the details. You won't want to miss that.In Five Dub, Camm profiles the A&E hit series "Bates Motel", a prequel to the "Pyscho" film franchise... reveals the winners from last week's poll, and then we get into this week's category of songs by an actor or actress. Camm is up first with Brandy's "What You Need", heard here... Tony goes with a man known for his acting, Joaquin Phoenix, who sings the Johnny Cash classic "Ring Of Fire", heard here... for Man Of the Hour, Tony was watching a "Lost" episode last week and was wondering what the child actor who played Walt looks like now. Tony liked what he saw out of Malcolm David Kelley, seen here... Camm stays on theme with his choice of Mike Vogel,

  • Episode 41: That's So Canny


    Tony has moved in with B2, and records today from their place in Anaheim, while Camm stays in Long Beach. The guys discuss recording apart again, as well as how the move has gone so far.In MOLI, the category is 90's rap. Tony is up first with one of his favorites, Ice Cube's "It Was A Good Day", heard here... Camm also goes with a legend in the rap game, with Eminem's "My Name Is", heard here... isn't known as a sci-fi guy, so he surprises Camm with his Five Dub submission, the Sci-Fi Channel series "Battlestar Galactica"...'s MOTH selection is an actor really making a name for himself--literally--in recent months, Benedict Cumberbatch, seen here... Tony googled "sexiest rappers", and as such came up with a selection of Mikey Rocks, seen

  • Episode 40 : West Coast Rape


    The zeebs are back, and Camm is pissed at some of the goings on with the bus ride he takes to and from work. We'll let you listen to hear of all the details.In Five Dub, the zeebs take a slight detour and discuss some of the films that were up for Best Picture at the Oscars. Then Camm profiles the critically acclaimed HBO mini-series "True Detective"... the MOLI battle centers on a category with attitude, Divas. Camm is up first and goes with Beyonce, with the ever-appropriate song "Diva", heard here... Tony goes with Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody", heard here..., we give you our Men Of The Hour. Tony is up first with up-and-coming actor Chadwick Boseman, seen here... Then Camm goes with NFL QB Matt Schaub, seen here...

  • Episode 39: Leap Of Faith


    After some quick reaction to last week's rant from Tony, one of our zeebs makes a life-changing announcement! Yes, it really is big, so you won't want to miss it.Tony has this week's Five Dub submission, choosing a can't-take-your-eyes-off-it film, "Primal Fear"... MOLI category this week is West Coast rap. Tony is up first with "I Wish", a feel-good 1995 hit from Skee-Lo, heard here... Meanwhile, Camm goes with the contemporary stylings of Kendrick Lamar, with his gritty song "The Art Of Peer Pressure", heard here... zeebs go to the sports world for their MOTH choices. Camm picks his first-ever athlete crush, former baseball star Dave Justice, seen here...$%28KGrHqR,!ioE1NTGk8mKBNfsZuu!mw~~_35.JPG Tony goes with rugby-turned-football hopeful Carlin Isles, seen here... http://www

  • Episode 38: Sexually Illicitly


    This is a show full of surprises, all throughout Take our word for it: you won't want to miss a second!We have a first in the Five Dub segment, as guest Kevin Moyers stops by to urge the listeners to check out the Netflix series "Lilyhammer"... get contentious during MOLI, as Camm pushes Tony to the limit, and Tony can't take it anymore. The category is songs with a number in the title, and Camm's pick is "Six Foot Seven Foot" by Lil Wayne, heard here... Tony goes in an entirely different direction with Paul Simon's "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover", heard here... surprise occurs in MOTH, when Tony chooses former U.S. short track speed skater Apolo Ohno, and Camm loves the choice; Apolo can be seen here... Meanwhile, Camm goes with legendary actor Rock Hudson, seen here...

  • Episode 37: Whip Out My D


    Camm speaks of a story in the news that deals with aggressive dog breeds and children, and the zeebs have reaction to that...even as their own dog, Bixby, is right at their feet.Tony is up in Five Dub, and while saluting the acting talents of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, he urges you to check out the 2007 famly crime drama flick "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead"... MOLI, the zeebs are tasked with choosing a song by a musical act whose concert they have attended. Tony goes with a Billy Joel classic rock hit from 1973 called "Captain Jack", heard here... Meanwhile, Camm goes to the other end of the music spectrum, with Westside Connection (fronted by Ice Cube), and their song "Bow Down", heard here..., the guys are going foreign for their MOTH selections. Camm goes with British-born Tom Mison, who plays Ichabod Crane in "Sleepy Hollow", seen here... http://i1

  • Episode 36: The Stone


    Topics that the zeebs touch on this week include: Tony's new grill, Tony's new phone, racial experiences the guys have had, and Philip Seymour Hoffman's death.In Five Dub, Camm profiles a program that Tony is happy to see, Judge Judy... In MOLI, we present a battle of white singer who sound black. As fate would have it, the zeebs have the same person on the brain. Camm goes with Michael McDonald's "I Keep Forgetting", heard here... Not to be outdone, Tony goes a bit more old school with The Doobie Brothers' "What A Fool Believes"--with Michael McDonald as the frontman--heard here... Men Of The Hour share similarities and differences. Tony's pick is football player Kerry Rhodes, who was "outed" by his former personal assistant, even though Kerry denies the charge. He can be seen here... Meanwhile, Camm goes w

  • Episode 35: Are They Talking About Vaginas?


    The guys are on a schedule, but they manage to discuss Camm's recent trip to Seattle and Portland, as well as, thankfully, surgery going well for Tony's mom. Oh, and Tony tells of how B2 is worse than even black people when it comes to a certain subject!Due to time constraints, there's no Five Dub, but Camm will be back with that next week.The MOLI battle is songs with a color in the title. Back for their second appearance, Tony goes with his favorite band, Fleet Foxes, as they sing "White Winter Hymnal" heard here...,d.cGU Meanwhile, Camm picks a song by Frank Ocean and Andre 3000 (also making his second appearance) called "Pink Matter", heard here...

  • Episode 34: Bone That Geek


    Camm talks of a great sushi experience at the top of the show, while Tony will tell you why he's had to give up his favorite vices.For Five Dub, Tony profiles an underrated science fiction comedy film, Galaxy Quest... MOLI battle is centered around contemporary crooners. Camm goes with a lesser-known song from R&B crooner Robin Thicke, "Teach You A Lesson", heard here... Meanwhile, Tony chooses the legendary Tony Bennett, in a duet with Amy Winehouse, as they sing "Body And Soul", heard here... (This was Winehouse's final recording before her death.)Both zeebs pick men known for their sexy lips in MOTH. Tony's up first with Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks, seen here... Camm goes with former "Freaks And Geeks" child actor John Francis Daley, now

  • Episode 33: Rice Queen


    Our first show of 2014 kicks off with some talk of possible change to the show as we move forward...but don't worry, Camm isn't firing Tony! Speaking of your favorite Italian zeeb, Tony has another update on his romance with B2, and there's big news!In Five Dub, Camm profiles the Showtime hit series "House Of Lies"... MOLI battle this week hinges on songs featuring an animal noise. Making her second MOLI appearance, Tony selects Missy Elliott's "Work It", heard here... Camm is going old school, choosing Minnie Riperton's "Lovin' You", heard here... first MOTH choices of 2014 should come as no surprise. Camm often stays with weekly themes--and likes Jewish men--so his choice is "House Of Lies" star Ben Schwartz, seen here... And now that MTony has turned back i

  • Episode 32: Many, Many Men


    This is our final show of the year, and Camm thanks the listeners for their support, while Tony gives an update on his burgeoning romance with B2.Tony is up with this week's Five Dub and he chooses a movie loved by gay and straight people alike, The Birdcage... MOLI battle is a choice of one-hit wonders. Camm is up first and picks Sir Mix A Lot's 1996 hit "Baby Got Back", heard here... Tony picks a 1982 song that has held up well, Modern English's "I Melt With You", heard here... MOTH this week, we do something a little different. We go over all of the men who have been chosen as Man Of The Hour, and then Camm and Tony reveal their Men Of The Year for 2013. Will there be controversy? Find out! As always, please vote for MOLI on our Facebook page, or simply email us at Man of the Year.To listen, click here. To download, right click and "Save

  • Episode 31: A Cornucopia Of Crackers


    The zeebs are back, and Tony immediately shocks Camm by finding a scene in which Will Smith showed some incredible acting chops. There's some discussion about bad and good celebrity plastic surgery, and there's some talk about Camm's much-maligned penis.In Five Dub, Camm is up with the animated series South Park, which has been on the air longer than you would think... MOLI battle features musical acts with an animal in their name. Tony goes first and selects a huge hit from 1994, "Regulate", by Warren G and featuring Nate Dogg, heard here... Then Camm surprises everyone with "Goodbye, Earl", a song by the Dixie Chicks, of all people, heard here... MOTH discussion centers around hunky Australian men for Camm, but his official choice is Chris Hemsworth, seen here... Tony stays on theme by

  • Episode 30: Try To Keep Up!


    Which musical acts need an infusion of life? Which ones need to be taken down a notch? And which ones just need to be removed from the face of the Earth entirely? The zeebs talk about these questions--including why Camm is so drunk--at the top of the show.Tony has this week's Five Dub submission, and it's one of his favorite comedy films of all time, "My Cousin Vinny"... battle in MOLI this week centers around classic R&B songs, and we have two truly classic hits for your listening pleasure. Camm goes with Heatwave's "Always And Forever", heard here... Tony picks The Stylistics' "Betcha By Golly, Wow", heard here... zeebs give you MOTH choices that are very news-worthy. Tony talks about the death of Nelson Mandela, and this leads him to pick a South African, rugby superstar Cecil Afrika, seen here... Mea

  • Episode 29: XXXVII


    The zeebs open the show with how they spent their Thanksgiving weekend, and Tony has more to offer about a new guy he's been seeing.In Five Dub, Camm once again breaks new ground with our first late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live... MOLI, the category this week is songs from a diabetic musician. (Thanks, Mike Frizzell!) Tony is crazy about a song by Elliot Yamin called "Wait For You", heard here... Meanwhile, Camm keeps it old-school with Rick James' "Give It To Me Baby", heard here...'s MOTH choice is funnyman Andy Samberg, seen here... Tony keeps it in the comedy realm with Kevin Hart, seen here... know the drill. Vote for MOLI on our Facebook page, or email us at talkzebrapodcast

  • Episode 28: Man's Best Friend


    This week's episode has some zeeb-related news to deliver right away, and let's just say that a new level has been reached in the relationship of Camm and Tony! You know you want to find out what that is.In Five Dub, Tony profiles his favorite film of all-time, JFK... brings you a battle of rock acts from the UK. Camm is first up and goes with his favorite band ever, Radiohead, with their song "2 + 2 = 5", heard here... Tony picks the band Muse, singing "Uprising", heard here... no one's surprise, Camm is not happy with Tony's choice in MOTH, and vice versa. For Tony, the pick is multi-ethnic music star Bruno Mars, seen here... For Camm, it's 007 himself, Daniel Craig, seen here... vote for MOLI on our Facebook page, or you

  • Episode 27: Be A Lady (Luck)


    The early episodes of Talk Zebra were chock full of stories from the early years of Camm and Tony's relationship. This week, your favorite zeebs tell another story of something that happened during their very early courtship.Camm is up in Five Dub and he beseeches you to check out the FOX TV hit "New Girl" ..."s battle this week is a duel over songs by a deceased crooner. Both zeebs decided that there was only one man worthy of their choice, the legendary Frank Sinatra. Tony is up first and chooses the rousing big band standard "Luck Be A Lady", heard here ... Camm goes with the song "Drinking Again", a song so many can relate to, heard here ... keeps up with the MOLI theme in MOTH, because his choice this week is another legendary crooner, and fellow Rat Pack member, Dean Martin, seen here ... Ton

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