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GM Brev, GM Teny, Zenduggie and now Darthewokfett talk all things Star Wars Miniatures. We talk pieces, rules, squad building and tactics. Its fun and funny so join us!


  • Minis Mayham 82 - R&R Part 1


    This episode, Tim (Chargers) and Brev dive into Renegades and Rogues!

  • Minis Mayham 81 - Why the Vong Rule


    Here it is, the final episode of the Epic Duo pieces!!! Come one come all and listen how the Vong are the way to go! We also prep folks up for FFG's X-Wing and LLC. Should be an exciting show all the way around.

  • Minis Mayham 80 - The Thranta


    As the Countdown toward the end continues, Brev and Chris examine the next grouping of Epic cards, relate the fun of Star Wars Fan Days and talk general minis fun!

  • Minis Mayham 79 - EPIC REVIEWS!


    This week the boys from the Cantina have a little bit of fun, as usual. Brev and Chris talk about the first four cards and stats from the epic pieces and have a nice Star Wars blu-ray review. Loads of fun for the whole family ensues. If your whole family is over 17 and Star Wars fans. If not...well...

  • Minis Mayham 78 - There Will Be No Treaty


    This week finds our hosts, GM Brev and Darthewokfett, returning to re-take the palace of Theed on the tranquil world of Naboo! We discuss the 10 piece set of minis designed to re-enact the famous battle at the end of The Phantom Menace and get WAY off topic quite a few times. Also, we have a special guest star appear...a certain BAD ASS JEDI MUTHA graces us with his presence. All here on your Minis Mayham!

  • Minis Mayham 77 - Beast Wars!


    Watch out, the beasts are loose! GM Brev and Darthewokfett are back for a savage episode all about...well, savages!

  • Minis Mayham 76 - Let the Wookiee Win


    This week's episode finds us in the land of those hairy walking carpets, the Wookiees! Come join Brev and special guest, Darthewokfett as they journey down the road of ruin and explore the wonderful world of Wookiees!

  • Minis Mayham 75 - Avoiding Defeat


    And you guys thought I forgot about ya'll! Let's just say "fatherhood takes a lot out of you", but I'm back with another episode, and this time, I have a weapon of mass destruction. Oh yeah...a SOUND BOARD!!! Enjoy the episode and I hope I don't blow your ears out.

  • Minis Mayham 74 - A Flight with Bill


    This episode brings back Brev Solo, Han's cousin that isn't a total sociopath (notice the use of the world "total"), and an episode all about the speculation of the Star Wars gaming line, the joys of GameFly, and a nice chat with our buddy Bill, or billv15, as you may know him. Enjoy!

  • Minis Mayham 73 - Hit the Lights!


    Despite our usual audio issues (we've moved on from not being able to hear Brev onto the sound mixing Brev's voice over the guest's voice. Lovely...) we have a really good episode for you, Cantina Rats tonight. Our special guest is Keith Heaton and this is a rock star! If you haven't been to his webpage: check it out and then hurry back here to listen to Episode 73 "Hit the Lights" and hear me grill this nice guy!

  • Minis Mayham 72 - Kick Start My Heart


    It has been too long. Too long since the Mapmaker himself, Chris West has graced out beautiful Cantina of Love, but this week's episode, boys and girls…he's BACK! That's right Mr. West returns with a lovely discussion on mapmaking, working for "the big boys", success with Kickstarter and sweating bullets. We answer a few listener questions and get down and dirty. Also, we talk a little about the Alternate Universe campaign from Order 66 and a little Pathfinder. So step on up, Cantina Rats for Episode 72 of your Minis Mayham!

  • Minis Mayham 71 - Louis Friend


    This Week's Episode might be the one of the best we've had in a long time. Doug and Brev are in rare form and really dive down deep into our discussion(s). It's filled with intrigue, insight, and intellect (for a change!). Download now and enjoy all of the fun!

  • Minis Mayham 70 - The Champagne Room


    Step right up! Step right up! You are in for a treat! We at Minis Mayham have lined up for you ten of the loveliest ladies in Star Wars Miniatures for your perusal. That's right, for the cost of, your SOUL, we'll entertain you for an hour or so of your life. Enjoy!

  • Minis Mayham 69 - Some Girls


    Here it is, Episode 69, dude! For this week's monumental episode of Minis Mayham we find GM Brev and Zenduggie discussing their excitement over Chris West's new maps, a new customer maker on our very own boards, the happenings at GenCon, Doug's new puppy, Brev's screenplay, and (what else…?) OH YEAH! Minis! We focus on the ladies of STAR WARS MINIATURES and what we think of them…which is mostly very complimentary. Mostly… Anyway, enjoy the episode. We loved making it!

  • Minis Mayham 68 - Skype Gets Ion Gunned!


    The long awaited and never duplicated, Minis Mayham returns with an all new episode! We find GM Brev and Zenduggie are all about Cabaret, X-Men, Jawas, and a poop-ton of edits because Skype is STUPID! Please enjoy, everyone! It's all for ya'll!

  • Minis Mayham 67 - It's a Trap!


    This week's installment finds a very sick GM Brev and a less sick Zenduggie discussing some documentaries they both saw recently. Forewarning; the documentary Brev saw rips The Phantom Menace a new one. You lovers out there have been warned. Oh yeah, we also stop into the Cantina to raid the depths of Mon Calamari for some fresh sushi, Mon Calamari-style! Enjoy!

  • Minis Mayham 66 - Return of the Tim


    Rounding out of discussion on DESTINY OF THE FORCE is none other than Charges himself, Tim from SWMiniverse! (I'll let you be the judge of who is better, Mark or Tim. ;) Pieces 51 - 60 are coming at ya!

  • Minis Mayham 65 - The Mark Strikes Back


    In this episode of Minis Mayham it's the RETURN OF THE MARK! That's right boys and girls our old pal from SWMiniverse is back for the attack. We're discussing the DESTINGY OF THE FORCE again with pieces 41 - 50.

  • Minis Mayham 64 - A British Hope


    All right, you gits! For this episode of Minis Mayham we're traveling across the pod and visiting our buddy Obi-Mon Kenobi! Adam and GM Brev will be discussing DESTINY OF THE FORCE pieces 31 - 40.

  • Minis Mayham 63 - Revenge of the _37


    Cantina Rats, welcome back! Episode 63 we're Joe Beckering you back to the majesty of Minis Mayham with another episode focusing on DESTINY OF THE FORCE by focusing on pieces 21 - 30!

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