Worldcall 3



Interviews and Information for WorldCALL 3 in Fukuoka, Japan


  • WorldCALL 3 Interview with Peter Ruthven-Stuart

    11/07/2008 Duración: 18min

    This podcast features an interview with Peter Ruthven-Stuart of Future University in Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan. He will be doing a poster session and two paper presentations. Wed. July 6th (16:35-17:20) Machine translation websites: communication tools but an impediment to communicative competence. Wed. July 6th (17:25-18:10) Factors affecting the integration of courseware into a communication course Fri. July 8th (15:20-15:50)(Poster Session) The question creation activity module: making autonomous learning a reality in Moodle.

  • WorldCALL 3: Interview with Prof. Claire Bradin Siskin

    02/05/2008 Duración: 08min

    Interview with Claire Bradin Siskin, WorldCALL 3 workshop presenter. Revoluton for Language Learning site: Revolution Learning Templates: WorldCALL 3 website: Hello and welcome to another WorldCALL 3 podcast. This podcast features an interview with Professor Claire Bradin Siskin, a workshop presenter at this summer’s conference. Music It is early May, and there is still plenty of time to register for WorldCALL 3. This podcast is particularly aimed at those of you planning to attend the pre-conference workshops, and I really recommend that you do since there is a great selection of interesting opportunities to learn. To start to help you reach a decision on which workshops to attend, today we’re going to have our first interview with a workshop presenter, Claire Bradin Siskin , whose workshop is titled, Join the Revolution. The revolution involves a certain piece of software tha

  • WorldCALL 3: Interview with Prof. Vera Menezes

    31/03/2008 Duración: 12min

    Prof. Vera Menezes Interview Transcripts WorldCALL website: Dr. Menezes’s website Podcast website This is the official podcast series for the WorldCALL 3 Conference to be held in Fukuoka Japan from August 5th to 8th in 2008. This podcast features an interview with Professor Vera Menezes, one of the keynote speakers at the conference this summer. [Music] Hello everyone and welcome to the podcast. I’m Marcel Van Amelsvoort, a member of LET in Japan, the group hosting WorldCALL this time and this podcast is part of a series of interviews with conference organizers and presenters. We are now less than five months away from the start of the conference and most things are in place. Information on the keynote speakers and the workshops is available on the WorldCALL website and registration is well underway. Discount Earlybird registration is also still available but will be only until the end of April. In the p

  • Interview with Dr. Trude Heift, Keynote speaker

    10/03/2008 Duración: 10min

    Trude Heift Interview Transcripts Dr. Heift’s website can be found at WorldCALL 3 website: Marcel: The first thing I asked her to do was to introduce herself and talk a little about her work and research areas. Prof. Heift: I was born and raised in Germany and after obtaining a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certification I taught for three years in California before moving to Canada where I completed a Master’s and a Ph.D. degree in linguistics. In 1998, I started a professor position in the linguistics department as SFU [Simon Fraser University], where I currently teach both German language courses as well as theoretical courses in linguistics, including courses on SLA and CALL. My main research interest lies in computer assisted language learning bridging applied and computational linguistics. I am interested in the design as well as the evaluation of intelligent language tutoring systems. These are computer environments for second la