Dungeons & Dreams



The story of Joseph can teach us much about our own life. With all of the twists and turns of life, it is best remembered that we too are on a journey and what now is will not always be. Good or bad.


  • The Cure for the Bad News Blues


    Jacob and the boys, at the height of the famine, get the news that Joseph is moving them all to Egypt. Suddenly they find themselves with an abundance provided by God. And they were thankful. There is good news that can chase away the bad news blues for y

  • Forgiven


    Forgiven If my brothers had sold me into slavery and I now had them groveling at my feet, it would be pretty tempting to get even. With a simple nod of the head, Joseph could have had them all executed and no one would have batted an eye. But he realized

  • The Famine


    All of us hit hard times and trials in life. It is just a fact of life on this earth. We can't escape it. Oftentimes we wonder where God's deliverance is in the middle of our trial . We seem spiritually destitute and dry and feel as if we are going under.

  • The Palace


    Next stop, the Palace. That's the last place Joseph expected to be after being in the dungeon for so long. Instead of gloating and settling scores, Joseph used his power to help prepare Egypt for a prolonged famine. While you may not live in the palace, y

  • The Dungeon


    Joseph stood firm and did the right thing and it got him nowhere. Ever wondered if it was worth doing the right thing? Ever had things go from bad to worse as a result of trying to choose to do the right thing? What do you do when you seemed to be locked

  • The Dreamer


    The Dreamer He started out a favored child but when he talked openly about his dreams, his brothers hated him. They hated him so much, that soon Joseph found himself sold into slavery in Potiphar's house with more responsibility, and temptations, than j