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  • Podnutz Pro #345: STS – Kyle Kenyon


    Guest: Kyle Kenyon, your Pro Tech Guy joins me for the another episode in the Summer Tech Series. Be sure to check out the links below for parts to build your own Raspberry Pi. Angelina Jordan – Bohemian Rhapsody – America’s Got Talent: https://youtu.be/qF0JV28vgLw ======= Other Web Links in today’s show Florida Man throws baby […]

  • Podnutz Pro #344: STS – Ben Filippelli


    Guest:Ben Filippelli with Level 5 Management joins me for the first episode in the Summer Tech Series. Ben shares the history of his company and some of the successes that have allowed his business to grow. We discuss co-managed IT, Zero Trust and Hardware as a Service. Caylee Hammack – Family Tree: https://youtu.be/iMpm0AmoKXQ ======= Other […]

  • Podnutz Pro #343: My VoIP Journey with Pulsar 360


    Guests: Paul Mendiola, Robert Harrison and Juan Pena from Pulsar360 I started out hating VoIP, but I’m trying to embrace it. From Freedom Voice to Intermedia and now Pulsar 360, I’m trying to find the right VoIP partner for me. Things are looking good early on in my onboarding. U-Pick Partner Program with 40% Recurring […]

  • Podnutz Pro #342: Ransomware Best Practices for 2021?


    Guest: Peter Ayedun and Brandon Martens from TruGrid (https://www.trugrid.com) In response to the DarkSide Ransomware attack, and others, The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have issued an alert urging people to follow several mitigations to strengthen security. The alert can be found here: Alert (AA21-131A) Darkside Ransomware: […]

  • Podnutz Pro #341: Datto Networking, WiFi 6 and More…


    Guest: Ryan Grindrod – Datto Product Specialist Wi-Fi 6 is the fastest protocol of wireless tech, increasing the top theoretical speed over Wi-Fi 5 by almost 250%. Wi-Fi 5 had a maximum throughput of 3.5 Gbps. The Wi-Fi 6 throughput sits at a much more impressive 9.6 Gbps… ======= Web Links in today’s show WiFi-6: […]

  • Podnutz Pro #340: Office 365, Ugh


    Guests: Lisa Hendrickson, Call that Girl ======= Web Links in today’s show Call That Girl: https://callthatgirl.biz/ – Business Support for Microsoft 365, Exchange and Google Workspace Agent 99: https://agent99.email/ – Office and Outlook Investigations, Forensics and More. Menopause Blues: https://youtu.be/Izl1ikOvlNo ======= Show Information Web Page: www.podnutzpro.com Host: Marvin Bee (marvin@podnutz.com) ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/podnutz-pro/id404500656?mt=2# RSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/podnutzpro ======= […]

  • Podnutz Pro #339: Live with Matt Forman and Ron Cervantes


    Guests: Matt Forman (The Local Circuit) and Ron Cervantes (C Solutions Inc.) Junior doesn’t know where his DHCP server is. Synology is my new backup option. TechData is now shipping truck rims instead of battery backups? ======= Web Links in today’s show Synology NAS Disk Station DS720+ https://amzn.to/2QHZWtd Synology NAS Disk Station DS920+ https://amzn.to/3gOpy2i WD […]

  • Podnutz Pro #338: Protect Your Money, with Rayanne Buchianico


    Guest: Rayanne Buchianico. Rayanne helps explain some of the tax changes you should know before filing this year. Rayanne owns and operates ABC Solutions, LLC in Clearwater, Florida. ======= Web Links in today’s show ABC Solutions, LLC: https://abcsolutionsfl.com/ Tracking & Remitting Use Tax: https://abcsolutionsfl.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Tracking-and-Remitting-Use-Tax.pdf Calloway – I Wanna Be Rich (Official Music Video): https://youtu.be/Ztk9t_m1FpY ======= […]

  • Podnutz Pro #337: Eric Pinto, SOCSoter


    Guest: Eric Pinto, Senior Director of Channel and Product Strategy with SOCSoter. SOCSoter is a complete MSP Cybersecurity platform for MSPs. ======= Web Links in today’s show SOCSoter: https://www.socsoter.com/ Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC): https://www.acq.osd.mil/cmmc/index.html ======= Show Information Web Page: www.podnutzpro.com Host: Marvin Bee (marvin@podnutz.com) ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/podnutz-pro/id404500656?mt=2# RSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/podnutzpro ======= Affiliates, Sponsors and more Support […]

  • Podnutz Pro #336: Live with Rob Hill (TCG)


    Guest: Rob Hill, Senior Vice President with TCG Telecom Consulting Group. TCG is a National Master Agency based out of Fort Lauderdale Florida offering over 200 different carrier options for you to sell. TCG offers hands-on support and excellent residual commission, which is paid for as long as the customer stays on service. ======= Web […]

  • Podnutz Pro #335: Doug Hazelman, CoreView


    CoreView is a powerful SaaS Management Platform that streamlines, centralizes and automates time consuming tasks in Microsoft 365. Doug is Senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist. Check out their partner program here. ======= Web Links in today’s show Florida Man captures gators “wrestling” in his back yard. Oh, Florida! How America’s Weirdest State Influences the […]

  • Podnutz Pro #334: Open House Party 3-31-21


    Just hanging out with my friends: Jason Miller (Unbound Digital), Keith Rosa (PC Medics of Richmond), Matt Rainey (Arsement & Hayes), Adam Carpenter (IT Professionals of Iowa), and Mike Wise (Clockwork Networks). ======= Web Links in today’s show Quick Push-On Coax Cable Female Signal Adapter ======= Show Information Web Page: www.podnutzpro.com Host: Marvin Bee (marvin@podnutz.com) […]

  • Podnutz Pro #333: No Marketing Marv Presents… Paul Green


    Guest: Paul Green, MSP Marketing Based in the UK, Paul works with 450+ MSPs all over the world, helping them improve their marketing and generate more leads with his Marketing Edge Program. ======= Web Links in today’s show Updating Servers Doesn’t Grow Your Business – By Paul Green They Ask, You Answer – By Marcus […]

  • Podnutz Pro #332: No Marketing Marv Presents… Dave Scott


    Guest: Dave Scott, Scott Digital Marketing Be Clear, Not Clever. Dave and I discuss the mistake that a lot of companies make by not having a plan. Instead of trying to copy what others are doing, create your own Mission Statement, Tagline and Elevator Pitch. Have a “hub and spoke” process, where all of your […]

  • Podnutz Pro #331: No Marketing Marv Presents… Matt Rodela


    Guest: Matt Rodela, Tech Marketing Engine There’s a good bit of information to know about content marketing and SEO. Matt provides some outstanding tips to be better with your online presence. “Putting yourself out there” is good for business. Learn how to use your Facebook Pixel, the Facebook Business Suite, Google My Business, and much […]

  • Podnutz Pro #330: Kris Armstrong, NetAlly


    Kris Armstrong is a Senior Systems Engineer with NetAlly. Kris and I review the full fleet of NetAlly Testing Tools from the LinkSprinter to the EtherScope nXG. We also do a deep dive into the new AirMapper Site Survey. Now you can produce active wireless surveys and project management for your clients. ======= Web Links […]

  • Podnutz Pro #329: Another Florida Man, John Dubinsky


    Guest: John Dubinsky How good is Dubinsky at marketing? He parlayed a transition from Michigan to Florida! Don’t believe me? Check out my sniper shot of John in front of his new Florida crib. ======= Web Links in today’s show Florida Man accused of “sex with Olaf” ordered to have psych eval MSP’s Transgender ‘Joke […]

  • Podnutz Pro #328: No Marketing Marv Presents… Jennifer Fields


    Guest: Jennifer Fields, Asktek Marketing Group Ever heard the phrase “lumpy” when it comes to marketing? It refers to using a 3d object in an mailing that makes it stand out from a flat letter or postcard. We also talk about the use of multiple marketing tools, both traditional and digital, in your marketing campaign. […]

  • Podnutz Pro #327: Know Your Network- VLANs and More


    Guest: Mike Pennacchi, Network Protocol Specialists, LLC Do you know and understand VLANs? Guest Mike Pennacchi helps me begin a new series on the show. We’ll discuss what a VLAN is, when to use it and why. And… we’ll talk about the great NetAlly tools we us to verify and troubleshoot them. Freedom! ’90, Pitch […]

  • Podnutz Pro #326: Essential Home Office Tech


    Guest: Chris Moroz (Your IT). Chris and I discuss tech items that have become essential since working from home over the last year. Chris has also started using Carbon Systems to custom built computers. Darius Rucker – Beers and Sunshine (Offical Music Video) ======= Web Links in today’s show Carbon Systems – Custom built servers […]

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