Reasons to put our faith in Jesus as Rescuer and descriptions of unbelief.


  • The Lord and His Messiah

    The Lord and His Messiah


    Psalm 2 is an obvious Messianic Psalm and is referenced several times in the New Testament. We will look briefly at the Psalm and then in three interesting places where the New Testament shows its fulfillment.

  • Love is Earnest

    Love is Earnest


    When Paul says "Love does not envy" he is addressing the earnestness of our desire. A strong or intense desire is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, Scripture tells us to "earnestly desire" higher spiritual gifts among other things (1Cor 12.31). But if we desire or love something in the wrong way and to the wrong degree, then we have entered into the realm of envy. The darkness of envy will not rest until it has snuffed out its rival, even if that rival is the "light of the world." 

  • Public Worship IS Christian Discipleship

    Public Worship IS Christian Discipleship

  • I Love the Lord, Because He has Heard My Voice

    I Love the Lord, Because He has Heard My Voice


    The Lord cares for us in the midst of the suffering we face in this life as Christians. So let us revel in his love and gratefully love him in return.

  • What Is Love?

    What Is Love?


    This series of chapel talks (based on 1Corinthians 13) is intended to answer the question, “What Is Love?” Few questions could be more important or more practical. Our “greatest” duty is to love God with all of our heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves. So, if we miss this, we have missed the most obvious thing of all. This first lesson looks at the two sides of love—in what it is determined to endure and what it is willing to give. Love is Passive and Active (1Cor 13.4)

  • Behold, My Servant

    Behold, My Servant


    How can God justify the ungodly like you and me?  Because of the Servant who remained faithful as He suffered and substituted for us.

  • Praying to Know

    Praying to Know


    It can be difficult to know how to pray for ourselves and others, but the Apostle Paul reminds us of three things we can pray that we all will increasingly know.

  • Gracious Word

    Gracious Word


     In these verses we ascend the summit of John’s prologue. In it we hear echoes of God’s appearing on the mountain to Moses, who condescends once again, only now embodied in the Word. He comes in the fullness of his steadfast love and faithfulness for those who look to him out of the emptiness they feel within. And those that do will not be disappointed. 

  • The God Who Carries

    The God Who Carries


    The Lord bears up his frail saints in the righteousness of Christ to bring to His glorious Zion.

  • Isaiah 52:1-12

    Isaiah 52:1-12


    Morning devotion from Isaiah 52:1-12

  • 2 Corinthians 1:1-11

    2 Corinthians 1:1-11


    Morning devotion from 2 Corinthians 1:1-11

  • Will the Real Servant Please Stand Up?

    Will the Real Servant Please Stand Up?


    Knowing the "Servant" of Isaiah 49 not only provides comfort during the difficulties of our "exile" experiences, but also compassion and courage to help those who need the Servant's redemption and reconciliation.

  • Regenerating Word

    Regenerating Word


    Everyone wants to belong—to become part of a circle of friends or a group where they will be accepted, valued and loved. But often the price of admittance is costly and one’s ongoing status is fragile. So what does the Word offer to those who feel like they do not belong or think they will not become anyone of value? 

  • The Lord’s Love to the Loveless

    The Lord’s Love to the Loveless


    God will provide redemption and peace to his people through the Servant of the Lord

  • Let the Little Dogs Come

    Let the Little Dogs Come


    Morning devotion from Matthew 15:1-28

  • Paul’s Paradigm for Building up the Church in 1 Corinthians 3:5 - 4:5

    Paul’s Paradigm for Building up the Church in 1 Corinthians 3:5 - 4:5


    A lecture from WSC's new Associate Professor of New Testament, Dr. Bradley J. Bitner

  • Rejected Word

    Rejected Word


    It is one thing to hear that the Word is eternality itself and is the fountain of life and is the light of the World. It is another thing altogether to acknowledge it—which is what most people are unwilling to do. 

  • Luke 14

    Luke 14


    Morning devotion from Luke 14

  • Isaiah 45

    Isaiah 45


    The Lord's oath-bound deliverance of Israel and the world is surely coming.

  • Our God vs. the Idols

    Our God vs. the Idols


    Fear drives us to find security in the idols we make instead of the God who has made us, chosen us and redeemed us.  Isaiah 44 justifies trust in the God of Israel and displays the foolishness of trusting idols. 

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