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 Reasons to put our faith in Jesus as Rescuer and descriptions of unbelief.


  • Boundless Joy | Philippians 1:18b-26


    What makes Paul joyful?  It certainly was circumstances and future expectations.  Paul's boundless joy is tethered to the eternal promise of God, the same promises believers have in Christ Jesus.  

  • A Pagan Priest in the Presence of God | Exodus 18:10-22


    This devotional will focus on the fact that God welcomes all kinds of people into his presence as he converts them by his grace.  Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, offers a splendid exam as God causes this pagan priest to make a beautiful profession of faith, followed by Jethro eating with the elders of Israel in the presence of God.  Who can’t God save?

  • Why Pray? | Matthew 6:5-13


    This devotional commences a series exploring the Lord's Prayer. This morning we will seek to unpack the answer to the question: Why Pray? We will examine some of the challenges of prayer, as well as some of the reasons to pray. We will highlight the 'who' or prayer, as we pray to Our Father, in the Son, through the Holy Spirit: the one who loves us and is for us.

  • The Meeting on the Mountain | Exodus 24:9-11


    Dr. Joshua Van Ee continues the Spring 2021 Morning Devotions Series titled, "Meals with the Lord."

  • The Foundational Qualification for Ministry | John 21:15-17


    As the risen Christ forgives Peter and restores him to his Apostolic office and ministry, He reminds Peter and us what the foundational qualification for Christian ministry is.

  • Give Thanks | Isaiah 12:1-6


    We are reminded by the Word always to give thanks.  No matter the circumstance, the Lord's grace and presence give us sufficient reasons for thanks.  

  • A Portrait in Thanksgiving | Luke 17:11-19


    This devotional highlights Jesus' willingness and power to heal and to save. Furthermore, it reveals the heart of thanksgiving and praise which flows from a life touched by God's grace and mercy.

  • But God Meant It for Good | Genesis 50:15-21


    Among the sterling characters of the Old Testament few surpass Joseph for integrity and faith—which shine all the more given the suffering he was called to endure. From one perspective, his life could be summed up as, "how everything went wrong." But Joseph would insist that "everything went right." Is Joseph a special case and have a special faith?  Or does he testify to a promise that applies to the people of Christ as well?

  • Psalm 130


    Psalm 130 is a microcosm of the ordinary Christian life of guilt, grace, and gratitude.

  • A Proper Approach to Suffering | 1 Peter 5:6-14


    Peter exhorts Christians to trust in God’s sovereign plan and remain vigilant while we await our blessed hope.

  • Paul’s Prayer for Christ’s Church | Ephesians 3:14-22


    This meditation reflects upon the Apostle Paul's prayer for the church in Ephesus, which he planted, knows, and loves. By extension this prayer is for Christ's church and people in this present age as we await the Lord's return. Paul's prayer is bold and audacious. It is confident and comforting, knowing that the Lord is able and willing to do more than we can even ask and think.

  • Restoring Zion


    We will be looking at God’s promise to restore the fortunes of Zion and the various ways in which he has done and will do that.  

  • Reformation Day | Romans 3:21-28


    In his 1521 translation of the Greek New Testament into German Luther used the word allein (alone) in his translation of Romans 3:28, which says, “For we reckon that a man is justified through faith apart from the works of the law.” Luther was right. He captured Paul's intent, which was to teach salvation sola fide, by faith alone.  

  • Babel and Pentecost


    Genesis 11:1-9

  • Mary’s Song of Praise | Luke 1:26-38 and 46-56


    In this devotional we reflect upon Mary's prayer of praise to the Lord for his favor towards her and his mercy toward all of his children. Mary marvels at the word, works, and presence of the Lord, as do all who share the same faith and Lord as Mary.

  • The Priest Becomes the Sacrifice


    The Old Covenant was a visible thing --  the priests, the altar, the animals and the blood.  The New Covenant is, in many ways, an invisible reality.  

  • Hannah’s Prayer


    In the passage Hannah rejoices in the Lord for answering her personal prayer for a son and sees in him the salvation of all of Israel. 

  • Samson’s Great Reversal


    Judges 16:15-31 

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