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Angie Corbett-Kuiper is described as a pioneer in the field of transforming the way in which we view death. She incorporates science, medicine, metaphysics, and spirituality to talk about a subject that until now has been taboo. She shares from a place of significant loss that death is a part of life and not separate from it. It's here where peace and gratitude can be found. Present moment awareness and the stillness from within will create the proof needed that our loved ones have never left and that our bodies are merely shells of our soul.


  • April Showers Brings May Flowers...Original Air Date 04-17-2019


    Angie will be back Live in May. She hopes you will enjoy her show which originally aired on April 17, 2019. April Showers Brings May Flowers (Photo by Raymond-hui-683990-unsplash.jpg) Angie shares how the month of April can just plain suck if allowed and how she chooses to navigate these significant dates when they creep up and hopes to offer a few pearls if you are experiencing the loss of a loved one. This show promises to be a very raw and real episode as she takes you with her on an intimate roller coaster ride as she is finding ways to navigate death and, more importantly, what death can teach us about living and loving after loss. April 1, 2015, the news was made public that Angie's 20-year-old son, Nicholas, took his life at the Sandia Mountains base in Albuquerque, NM. April 11, 2015, the "Celebration of Life" service in honor of Nick. April 16, 2016, Angie's wedding day to her fianc e of 5 years to Dr. Johannes Jacob Kuiper. April 18, 2106, Johanne's 50th Birthday April 25, 2016, Ang

  • Visiting the Astral Planes...A Glimpse Beyond


    Join Angie as she shares the magic of visiting the astral planes during our sleep, dreams, and meditations. To visit...Not to stay. The hidden and forgotten right hemisphere of our cerebral cortex...Where everything is possible including visiting our loved ones on the other side. What are astral bodies and astral planes? Why astral connections are so important. Angie will share her personal journey in to the magical world of the astral planes. When we choose to journey on the astral planes we find an incredible way to communicate with our loved ones on the other side of the thin veil that seperates life and death. Visiting to astral planes while we sleep allows us true glimpses of heaven. This show is dedicated and in honor of Luna Star Van Atta...Friend, Author, Spiritual Advisor, Creator of the Astral Temple Method. Luna died of COVID related pneumonia and transitioned into her next life on January 17, 2021. DISCLAIMER: Because we attract all energies pure and not so pure, just as we experience on thi

  • DREAMS...Where our loved ones speak.


    "In the stillness of our dreams, our loved ones speak." -Angie Corbett-Kuiper Join Angie during this special episode of Beyond Proof as she delves into the mystical and magical world of our dreams and how in our dreams our loved ones visit us from beyond and how we can recognize them when they do.During this show, Angie will share with her Listeners: *Our dreams are one of the many ways in which our loved ones speak to us.*The importance of keeping a dream journal.*Can we trust our experiences when we dream and are our dreams real? *Let it be...The real meaning behind the song created by Paul McCartney

  • Follow the breadcrumbs...They lead you to your loved ones...


    How often do we judge the life rafts that present in our lives, especially when we are experiencing the death of our loved one? How often do we choose not to follow where our hearts lead us?Death forces us to sit still. Death forces us to feel. Death forces us to be uncomfortable, and most choose to self medicate with a magic pill, liquid, or potion. Those who wish for a magic pill or magic answer will be disappointed because there is none. It all starts with following the breadcrumbs of hope.The Breadcrumbs - those little crumbs of hope leading the way to more hope and joy than sorrow and pain. Breadcrumbs have the potential to lead us to where our loved ones are, offering a knowing and understanding through their signs, symbols, and messages from beyond. And instead of following where our hearts are leading us, we choose, instead, to judge the very things that can move us forward in more joy than pain and sorrow in the hopes that others will like us, we will fit in, and to be included.Following the breadcru

  • Joy...Tuning into your "creative" inner self with Jacob Nordby


    Join my guest, Jacob Nordby, and me as we journey into our inner self's creativefeeling mind and body - where all awakening and success reside. Jacob shares that "our bodies hold so much wisdom and we're so taught to not pay attention to it." Listen in as Jacob discusses how important it is to tune into your body's wisdom, and your body's wisdom is the key to knowing... You are enough! Your inner self holds all of life's answers. Your inner self holds direction bringing you into healing and highest joy. Begin to tune into and trust your inner self. Everything you desire is already inside of you. Jacob offers a definition of what genuine and authentic success might look like...It is not what we've been programmed to believe. Jacob Nordby is the author of Blessed Are the Weird...A Manifesto for Creatives, The Divine Arsonist...A tale of awakening, and soon to be released The Creative Cure...How finding and freeing your inner artist can heal your life.

  • Trust Yourself...Trust Your Experiences...When Your Loved One Speaks


    To transform your loss into empowerment, it is essential to trust yourself. When you trust yourself you will be able to trust your experiences. Are you experiencing signs, symbols, and strong associations from your loved onethat no one else would be able to validate except for the two of you, but you're not sure if you are just wishful thinking? Have you had dreams so real, you wake up filled with a sense ofpeace and calm, only to later doubt, question, and wonder if it was real or imagined? Are you afraid to share your experiences with others for fear of their judgment and rejection of you? Do you wonder if what you are experiencingis just a coincidence and how to know the difference? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this show just might be for you! Join Angie for this very thought-provoking episode where she shares from her own sometimes comical experiences and those who follow her that when we begin to trust ourselves, we can begin to trust our experiences...Even when they present fr

  • Reincarnation CAN Be Proven.


    Join Angie and her guest, Stephen Sakellarios, for Part II of a two-part series as their discussion continues regarding reincarnation. During this program, Stephen shares his own ten-year extensive research proving reincarnation, including one of the longest researchedcases where he, himself set out to prove that he is the reincarnated Mathew Franklin Whittier, a 19th-century journalist, writer, under-cover abolitionist operative, social reformist, and mystic. As the Author, Stephen Sakellarios. Join Angie and her guest, Stephen Sakellarios, as they discuss Stephen's thorough and extensive case studied regarding a reincarnation with research proving a standard of a reasonable degree of certainty that the author, Stephen Sakellarios, is the reincarnation of Mathew Franklin Whittier (1812-1883). Having studied hundreds of reincarnation cases, some of which had very strong elements of proof, Stephen decided to see whether he could prove one of his own past lives. The research took him several years. Angie and

  • Part I: In Another Life...Proving Reincarnation


    Join Angie and her guest, Stephen Sakallarios, for Part I of a two-part series as they delve into everything you ever wanted to know about reincarnation.Considered an expert in his field of research, Stephen has studied reincarnation for over 46 years. During Part I, Angie and Stephen will discuss reincarnation in general. In Part II, we will discuss Stephen's own experience and research into proving his own past life. We hope you listen in as Angie's guest, Stephen, who is a speaker, has written books and has had his workbroadcast as a PBS documentary entitled "In Another Life: Reincarnation in America." Stephen's mission is to continue to provide the most accurate information on reincarnation. A fewof the topics Angie and Stephen will be discussing during this episode are: Defining reincarnation Dispelling the myths and urban legends about reincarnation Can reincarnation be proven, or will it always remain a matter of belief, speculation, and opinion? Does everyone reincarnate, and what happens from one

  • Encore: Near Death Experience Research: Evidence to support that our spirits survive physical death.


    Join me and my guests, Dr. Raymond Moody, and Lisa Smartt. Dr. Moody coined the term Near Death Experience and The New York Times calls him, "The Father of the Near-Death Experience (NDE)". Dr. Moody is THE leading expert in researching NDE. Dr. Moody is the best-selling author ofLife afterlifewith over 13 million copies sold, andGlimpses of Eternity.Dr. Moody discusses his search for the ageless question of whether death is an annihilation of consciousness or the passage of the soulor mind into another dimension of reality. After 75 years he is CONVINCED...of what? Find out! Lisa Smartt, author ofWords at the thresholdand founder ofThe Final Words Projectshares her investigation into the language of those who are preparing to transition into their next life where there are no earthly words to describe. her father, a skeptical and rational man described seeing angels, spoke in poetic and metaphoric language. Through years of research and interviews of thousands of people, worldwide, there is proof that the

  • Guides from Beyond...Who are they and how do I find mine?


    During this episode, Angie and her guest, Hari Bunn, discuss Spirit Guides. What are they? Does everyone have them? How do we access them? How can they help us navigate our lives while we are here onthis earth plane? Hari will share from his personal experience of how his Spirit Guides presented and how they help him navigatehis life while on earth. He will also share how we might find our own spirit guides and recognizethem when they do present. Hari is also a Medium/Clairvoyant. Someone who can "see" or "visualize" images of those who have crossed the veil to the other side, offering a sense of peace to the loved ones left behind. Listen in as Hari shares with us why and how he became a Medium and how it has changed his life. By keeping an open mind, we all have the same ability and capability to find our spirit guides, connect with the other side and live a more joyful life as we create something different for ourselves as we navigate loss.

  • Be your own damn Medium...


    Join Angie and her guest Candice Thomas, Teacher of the Mediums for..."Be your own damn Medium!" The goal of this show is to discuss why there is no reason to ever look outside of yourself if you wish to connect with your loved one for what is inherently on the inside. We must use our intuition. During this episode, Angie and Candice will discuss how it is necessary to recognize and utilize your five senses to identify and use your sixth sense...Intuition. Everyone has the opportunity and potential to connect with their loved ones. Everyone has the tools and resources necessary and available to them to utilize what we've all been born with every single one of us, and not just some. Angie and Candice will discuss how most who have lost a loved one will, at some point, seek out a guru, a phenomenal spiritual leader, or a Medium,and yet their lives stay the same. They remain stuck, and they still find they can't connect with their loved ones. Listen in as Candice shares, "There will never be a reconciliati

  • Start connecting with your loved one...Today!


    Most believe that to connect with our loved ones it is necessary to find or hire a Medium, when in fact we all have the ability to communicate with our loved ones who have crossed to the other side as long as we believe we can. Are you ready? Today, join Angie as she shares the tools and resources that have been so instrumental in her own life to connect with her loved ones. Listen in as she shares the signs, symbols, and proof that her loved ones are still right here. She offers suggestions to you so that you can continue the relationship with your loved one.During this episode, Angie hopes to share the profound healing that can be realized when we realize we are ALL spiritual beings having a human experience and how our loved ones can help us from a place of knowing as we navigate our earth school. It is possible to recognize them now, even though we can not physically see them...In life, most of us need to see to believe. When we experience significant loss, we must first believe, then we will see. Angi

  • What death can teach us about life...Going through the process of death...All of it.


    During this show, Angie shares, through the tears and pain of loss, how it is possible to see the signs from beyond that we are never alone. Angie shares that at the time of death, our loved ones, share, we are still loved and never forgotten. Our perception of death needs to change. The death we Google is very different than the death we have to experience. When we desire a more positive navigation What has death taught Angie about life? She knows absolutely nothing, and will never again pretend she does. Her takeaway is that the first step to healing is keeping an open mind about everything that presents in our life. A blank canvas At the core of our being, we are pure and divine light (energy), and pure consciousness where there is no beginning and no end. We love from our soul...Not from our eyes. Do not judge where your blessings will come! They will come when and where you least expect it.

  • Connecting with a loved one…Reconnecting with self with Angie Corbett-Kuiper!


    Believing without seeing...recognizing the signs. To feel is to heal. Dispelling self-limiting beliefs about death and dying. To love....The ultimate goal! Watch live on Facebook.

  • Heaven, Hell & You


    Join us for a profound discussion on Heaven, Hell, and you.

  • Afterlife, The Whole TruthBook I: Powerful Evidence You Will Never Die


    Join Angie and her guest, Stephen Hawley Martin, Author of "Afterlife, The Whole Truth" as they discuss Stephen's research as well as his excitement to be on the cutting edge about the truth of the nature of our existence. Listen in as Stephen shares excerpts from interviews he conducted with authors all on a quest for truth. These truth-seekers include medical doctors, parapsychologists, metaphysicians, quantum physicists, near-death survivors, theologians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and all manner of research into the true nature of reality. Angie and Stephen will discuss the evidence to prove in reincarnation and In the more than 200,000 years or so since the first homo sapiens walked planet earth, most of us have probably lived dozens of times, perhaps hundreds, and some of us maybe even thousands. In that time we each have been evolving, sometimes rapidly, and in some lifetimes, perhaps not so much. And we have no doubt played many roles, from loser to winner and from warrior to wise elder. "Think

  • From Solitary Confinement to Enlightenment...One Man's Journey


    Please join Angie and her guest, Devon Loomis as they delve into Devon's life as a drug dealer selling drugs on the streets, ending up in solitary confinement to having the most amazing Near Death Experience (NDE) which changed his life, passion, and purpose. Listen in as Devon shares how he became truly fearless to the process of death as it became a normal aspect of everyday life. Fortunately, this later helped him to process his near-death experience and explore out-of-body episodes that would randomly present themselves. Devon shares from the depths of his being that after a conscious shift while in the solitary confinement cell of a correctional facility, he turned towards a path of spirituality and awakening. This led him to explore the deeper levels of life, including past life regressions, inducing out-of-body experiences and psychic or intuitive training. Devon, now known as The Relationship Coach, uses what he has learned and applies it to helping people find and navigate the highest romantic re

  • Intuition 101


    Join Angie and her guest, Candice Thomas as they delve into intuition. What is it? How do we use it? Is it reserved for certain people?

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