Romeo and Juliet (version 2) by SHAKESPEARE, William



Romeo and Juliet is Shakespeares famous tragedy of two star-crossed lovers from rival houses. Romeo and Juliet meet at a party and fall instantly in love, realizing too late that their families, the Montagues and the Capulets, are mortal enemies. Braving parental opposition, the teenage lovers marry in secret, with the aid of the well-intentioned Friar Lawrence. Yet, as Shakespeare has often observed, the course of true love does not run smoothly, and Romeo and Juliet must risk death to be together. (summary by Elizabeth Klett) Cast: Escalus: David Muncaster Paris: mb Montague: Chris Hughes Capulet: Andy Minter Old Man and Friar Lawrence: Alan Davis Drake Romeo: Simon Taylor Mercutio: Andrew Lebrun Benvolio: David Nicol Tybalt: Joshua B. Christensen Friar John: Sean McKinley Balthasar: Scott D. Farquar Sampson: Esther Gregory: David OConnell Peter and Second Watchman: Gesine Abraham and First Watchman: Caliban Apothecary: Lucy Perry First Musician and Second Citizen: Laurie Anne Walden Second Musician: om123 Third Musician: Aaron Walden Chorus: ancilla Page: C. J. Nowak Lady Montague: Christie Nowak Lady Capulet: Cori Samuel Juliet: Elizabeth Klett Nurse: Kristin Hughes First Servant: Abigail Bartels Second Servant: Lizzie Driver Third Watchman: bryfee First Citizen: Rhys Lawson Narrator: David Lawrence Audio Edited by: Elizabeth Klett