Life From The Top Of The Mind



This series of video podcasts is based upon a system for success developed by psychologist, Dr. Bill Crawford, (Ph.D.). The basic premise of this philosophy is that the reason we are less than effective is that the problems in our life trigger the release of certain stress-related chemicals that engage the lower 20% of our brain which is incapable of creative thinking. This results in feelings of stress, frustration, and the desire to either lash out or escape. What makes Dr. Crawford's "Top of the Mind" system unique and powerful is that it shows us how to change the chemical make-up of our body and shift to the upper 80% of our brain where we can access the clarity, confidence, and creativity necessary to bring our best to all aspects of life.


  • Using Brainscience to Enhance Communication


    “While we are not responsible for other people’s reactions, we do play a role in how their brain interprets what we do and say, and this will determine our influence.” ~ Bill Crawford (

  • The Importance of Confidence in Conflict


    "Confidence is the ability to understand another's perspective without needing to accept or reject it in order to move from conflict to consensus." ~ Bill Crawford (

  • The Power of Resilience


    "When the storms of life hit, the resilient adjust their sails." ~ Bill Crawford (

  • The Power of Focus or Attention


    "If we don't pay attention to our focus, or what we are paying attention to… we will never know if the payment is worth the cost." ~ Bill Crawford (

  • Finally Understanding "Why"


    “Until we understand why we react to certain situations with stress, anger, or frustration, we will not have the clarity necessary to deal with life from a place of confidence, creativity, or compassion.” ~ Bill Crawford (

  • How To Make Core Values Valuable


    “Core Values are only truly valuable when taken off of the wall and turned into behaviors that are embraced by all.” ~ Bill Crawford (

  • How to Avoid Arguments


    “You cannot have an argument with a fully conscious person.” ~ Eckhart Tolle (

  • How to Keep Others from Pushing Our Buttons!


    “If buttons are to be pushed, let’s ensure we are doing the pushing, and the buttons represent what we want in ourselves and others.” ~ Bill Crawford (

  • New Ways to Deal with Negative Emotions


    "Until we switch to asking solution-focused questions, we will be stuck in the problem-focused part of the brain." ~ Bill Crawford (

  • Beyond Just "Coping" With Change


    "Coping with change is much like just 'managing' stress...while better than the alternative, it will only allow you to survive versus thrive." ~ Bill Crawford (

  • How to be Heard, Understood, & Trusted


    "To be heard and understood by anyone we need to first be perceived as someone that they trust.” ~ Bill Crawford (

  • Understanding The Behavior of Others


    “Our frame of mind is determined by our frame of reference… best to create both of these by choice versus by chance.” ~ Bill Crawford (

  • Living by Choice or by Chance


    "A life of choice is a life of conscious action, while a life of chance is a life of unconscious reaction. Unless we choose one, we will experience the other.” ~ Bill Crawford (

  • When Helping Doesn't Help!


    ”Helpful advice, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. It must be seen as healing before it can be experienced as helpful.” ~ Bill Crawford (

  • The Case For & Against Optimism


    "Optimism is simply the belief that the future will be better than the past, and that I have confidence in my ability to influence the process." ~ Bill Crawford (

  • Finding Light in the Darkness


    "When day comes, we ask ourselves, where can we find light in this never-ending shade? …there is always light, if only we're brave enough to see it… If only we're brave enough to be it" ~ Amanda Gorman (

  • Leadership, Power, & Responsibility


    ""With great power comes great responsibility." ~ Spiderman (

  • Claiming (Or Reclaiming) Our POWER


    "Feeling powerless is a signal that we have given our power to people or situations that don't deserve the gift." ~ Bill Crawford (

  • The Neuroscience of Gratitude and Optimism


    "The key to dealing with adversity and worry is first to become clear about the power of gratitude and optimism." ~ Bill Crawford (

  • Teaching Kids to Self-Regulate


    “Until we teach our kids to self-regulate, we will be stuck trying to reason with their unreasonable brain, which will only leave everyone stuck in the cycle of conflict.” Bill Crawford (

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