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After 7 years of being obsessed with freedom, bestselling author, TEDx speaker and Chief Adventurer of the multiple six-figure business 'The Suitcase Entrepreneur', Natalie Sisson realised even though she had finally earned a ton of freedom, she didn't truly understand what it meant. So in 2017 she is embarking on a Quest for Freedom, designed to help her, and you, discover what freedom really means. She's taking a business sabbatical, and putting all her years experience of coaching others to build freedom businesses, into the hands of her small but talented team, her systems and sales funnels, to see if they will stand the test of time, so that Natalie can fire herself from her business in April. Join Natalie on her year of becoming a student of life. Each season she'll experiment with a new facet of freedom including personal, physical, relationship and financial freedom, with herself as the guinea pig. Full details at


  • Eps 45: How to show up for yourself in 90 days

    01/04/2024 Duración: 22min

     It's a new quarter baby and the calendar has flipped into the month of April, so a new 90 day period to tune into what I truly desire and fully show up for myself.After all, it's my birthday month, and there's something about this time of year that ignites a fire within me.I use this time around my birthday, but you can do it anytime, to shed what no longer serves me, and to truly understand what I need to thrive.Not just for myself, but for my family, my loved ones, and my cherished community of clients.In today's episode, I want to dive deep into the concept of showing up for yourself over the next 90 days.How can you embrace radical self-responsibility and finally do those things you've been avoiding?Where might you be falling short in your commitments and what's preventing you from reaching your full potential?Where have you made promises to yourself, only to go back on them when life gets tough for you? Where are you neglecting your daily wellness rituals, your exercise routines, your self-car

  • Eps 44: How to make the most of a change of season in your life and business

    25/03/2024 Duración: 25min

    It's that time of year when we find ourselves amidst the change of seasons, and in my opinion this is the perfect time to take advantage of the profound impact these shifts can have on our lives.Today, I want to explore how we can optimize both our personal and professional lives by embracing the rhythm of the seasons.Often, we navigate through life without truly understanding how these natural cycles influence us—physically, mentally and emotionally.Yet what if you knew exactly what to do in Spring to see real growth in your business or in your personal development? And what should you really be doing in winter to make sure you use the introspective energy to best effect?In this LifePilot podcast episode I'll show you to align yourself with the seasons and how to use their unique energies to truly make the most out of them for your business and in your personal life.You’ll learn:How seasonal shifts affect your physical and mental well-being.How to tailor your activities and goals to match the energy of

  • Eps 43: How to have intimate conversations and deeper relationships with Topaz Adizes

    18/03/2024 Duración: 44min

    I'm thrilled to have the incredible Topaz Adizes join us as we dive into the spaces in between, exploring intimacy, vulnerability, and the profound impact of deep conversation and connection with those we cherish.It's truly a joy to reconnect with Topaz, after all these years.Reflecting on our initial encounter, I vividly recall the magic he brought in a yurt in Mangaroa Valley as part of the Edmund Hilary Fellowshipe, where we witnessed our friends share their relationship journey on screen through The Skin Deep's {THE AND}.It was a mesmerizing experience, witnessing their raw honesty and vulnerability unfold before us, thanks to the power of thought-provoking questions. And that's what Topaz has fostered through 1000s of conversations around the world and now his new book 12 Questions for Love.Let's dive into the genesis of {THE AND} and the intentionality behind creating a life filled with meaningful connections.You’ll learn:The transformative power of human connection, especially in intimate relationships

  • Eps 42: How to create first class upgrades in your life

    11/03/2024 Duración: 20min

    Have you ever found yourself yearning for a taste of first class upgrades without breaking the bank?Do you desire to infuse every aspect of your life with a sense of joy, fulfilment, and abundance?If these questions resonate with you, then settle in and join me on the journey as I share my recent experience with incremental upgrades and the pursuit of a first-class lifestyle on a budget.I'm excited to share a story close to my heart – the story of a recent master bedroom makeover that felt like a journey from economy class to first class, both literally and metaphorically.As the co-founder of LifePilot alongside my husband, I've dedicated myself to exploring ways to prioritize what truly matters in life and to turn dreams into reality, one intentional step at a time.And let me tell you, the concept of incremental upgrades has been a game-changer in this pursuit.Together, we'll explore the ripple effects of these incremental upgrades – how a simple change in our surroundings can spark profound shifts in our mi

  • Eps 41: Integrating Business, Identity, and Parenthood

    04/03/2024 Duración: 23min

    This is to all the parents out there who are also entrepreneurs, integrating the intricate balance of their business ventures, identity, and parenthood.Today, I want to share my insights on how I've managed to navigate the complex interplay between parenthood and entrepreneurship while running not just one, but two businesses.I'll dig into the strategies I've employed to maintain harmony and balance in my life, ensuring that all these beautiful aspects—parenthood, entrepreneurship, and personal fulfillment—are aligned most of the time.But it's not just about my journey. I'll also be addressing a poignant question posed by one of my coaching clients, who grappled with similar challenges. Her story and our discussions shed light on the universal struggles faced by many parent entrepreneurs.Together, we'll explore practical tips and insights on how to integrate your business, your identity, and your role as a parent into one big, beautiful, and fulfilling life.So if you're a parent entrepreneur seeking guidance

  • Eps 40: How to identify your core values and live them

    27/02/2024 Duración: 20min

    Welcome, my friend, to a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.In this episode, we're embarking on a journey to discover the power of core values and living them to navigate life with intention and purpose.If you've ever felt lost or off-track in life, unsure of where you're headed or what your purpose truly is, then this is for you.I'll be delving into the importance of understanding, defining, and living by your core values—those deeply held beliefs and principles that serve as your guiding maps toward your ideal destination.And here's the exciting part!I'm taking you behind the scenes of part of a session in my live group coaching program, Momentum, where we're helping individuals 10x their lives over 10 weeks.I focus on identifying core values—a three-part process that offers profound insights into self-discovery and alignment.So, whether you're new to the concept or seeking deeper understanding, join me as we uncover the transformative potential of core values and learn how they can navigate us throu

  • Eps 39: Why you are meant for more with Jo Bendle

    15/02/2024 Duración: 41min

    Did you know you are meant for more?! Yes you are gorgeous. I'm honored to have Jo Bendle to tell you why, and as my guest for this first interview episode of the LifePilot podcast!Our journey together spans over a decade, filled with growth, transformation, and the pursuit of our dreams.Jo Bendle, a beacon of inspiration in the online space, describes herself as "just a girl going after her dreams, figuring it out as she goes, and sharing what she learns along the way."From the early days of stepping into the online world to building a thriving business, Jo's journey has been one of constant evolution and self-discovery.Throughout the years, Jo's path has been marked by significant life decisions, from blowing up her life in the UK to becoming an honorary suitcase entrepreneur to settling into her dream lifestyle in Spain.Along the way, she's honed her skills as a productivity coach, evolved into a business coach, and developed a methodology called "Meant for More" to help others realize their potential and

  • Eps 38: Use this lifestyle hack to get work done for free

    07/02/2024 Duración: 20min

    Everyday we are plagued by what I call 'Life Admin'. The realities of living your everyday life like cleaning, sorting, decluttering, organising and endless decisions. How much is all of that costing you both energy, time and monetary wise?I'd suggest a LOT.So today I want to share strategies for managing your life admin on a budget, or better put I'm giving you a lifestyle hack to get more work done that you don't want to do, for free.This episode focuses on how you can enlist more help, whether free or paid, to shape the life you desire and gain freedom by outsourcing life admin tasks. In particular I share how we stategically utilize WWOOFers, individuals who work in exchange for accommodation and meals, to manage tasks we can't prioritize or lack time for.Between us, Josh and I manage three businesses together while also raising our energetic son, Leonardo, and living on a 10 acre lifestyle block. Maintaining our lifestyle property is a continuous endeavour, with endless chores like gardening, tree prunin

  • Eps 37: How to conduct a Life Audit and discover what matters

    01/02/2024 Duración: 16min

    Are you feeling like your life is off kilter? Are you putting a ton of attention into some areas of your life and ignoring others? If so it is time you conduct a Life Audit so you can achieve a balanced existence.Before you tell me balance isn't possible, it's actually essential for your mental well being because this is underpinned by finding levels of meaning within your daily tasks and activities.If a lot of your life is out of balance, then you're not going to be satisfied, you're not going to be fulfilled, and you're not even going to have your basic psychological needs met.In short, you're not going to be happy.While I'm not an advocate for saying that you can have a 10 out of 10 balanced life across all areas, you can be way more consciousness about what is holding you back, which areas of your life are going great, and which ones you want to put more effort and time into and prioritize to feel like you are living your best life!So, how do we actually figure out where we're out of balance? How do

  • Eps 36: How to achieve your goals with the BE, DO, HAVE model

    25/01/2024 Duración: 24min

    If you have a love/ hate relationship with goal setting then let me introduce you to the powerful 'Be, Do, Have' model and how it can help you achieve your goals like no other method.In this episode I explore the concept of 'being' and how it relates to taking action ('doing') and ultimately attaining what you desire ('having').You will learn:Why the Be, Do, Have model is essential for achieving what you want in lifeThe reason why this model changes everything when it comes to goal settingThe benefits of the Be, Do, Have model and who it applies to bestReal life examples of when I've used this model to great success Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Eps 35: The magic formula of energy in vs energy out

    19/01/2024 Duración: 17min

    I am a firm believer in the magic formula of energy in equals energy out.It’s simple. And it works.And I’m seeing it firsthand for myself again.After a little break from focusing on it, I just love the power of what can happen.In this episode you will learn:The concept of energy you invest in various aspects of your life directly influences the outcomes you receive.How focusing on positive thoughts and intentions can attract similar positive experiences.Why positive beliefs coupled with wholehearted effort lead to successful outcomesThe importance of adapting to change, giving oneself grace, and recognizing shifts in identity.The power of consistency as a tool for shifting mindset and attracting positive energy.Head here for full shownotesWant a method for turning your dreams into reality. Checkout LifePilot Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Four ways to make your habits stick

    11/01/2024 Duración: 22min

    It's a New Year and you might have all the motivation in the world and resolutions you want to fulfil, but the key to you making real change in your life this year is about creating habits that stick.I find the power of habits fascinating. They can create profound change in your life once you understand how they work and how to make them stick.Of course you want to create habits that positively impact your life as you can equally get into bad habits that are hard to break.So this episode is going to uncover how to avoid that and instead become the person you truly want to be and untap your potential.In this podcast, you will learn:1. The concept of habits and their potential to transform your life.2. The importance of motivation in making habits stick.3. Tips for restructuring your environment to support your habits.4. The significance of celebrating your wins and building a sense of belief.5. Planning ahead for obstacles and maintaining your habits even during interruptions.6. How to evaluate and adjust your

  • Eps 33: How to use the Stop. Start. Continue method for a great 2024

    04/01/2024 Duración: 41min

    What are you going to stop doing? What are you going to start doing and what are you going to continue doing in 2024?This is a great reflection tool often used in the agile industry and for creating high performing teams, but equally as powerful when used for self reflection. The "stop, start, continue" feedback model can be used to guide your self-evaluation by asking yourself what you should stop doing that may hinder your progress, what you should start doing to help you achieve your goals, and what you should continue doing that is working well.In this episode I share how to use it across all six areas of your life, what I'm stopping, starting and continuing in 2024. Plus I kick off with how this podcast is only going to get better this year thanks to feedback from you!If you want to start living your best life this year, understanding how to set powerful goals and intentions, creating better habits that serve you, and stepping into who you truly want to be to design your ideal life and live it,

  • Eps 32: What's your WORD for 2024?

    30/12/2023 Duración: 17min

    It's my favourite time of the year, no not holidays, but the time you choose your word of the year. The one that you want to encompass your entire year, your guiding north star.This is a simple yet powerful exercise to do to stay true to your values and your intentions in the year ahead.In this episode I share mine, how to go about finding yours and then how to use it for best effect.Head across to for full shownotes, links to some excellent books and a powerful Mel Robbins workbook plus full summary written notes of this podcast. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Eps 31: 18 Powerful questions to ask yourself to find the gold in 2023

    12/12/2023 Duración: 20min

    I am so excited to talk about the power of questions to ask yourself to find the gold in 2023.When you take time to reflect on what the year was really like for you, across all the important areas of life, you can get some stunning takeaways, lessons learned and perspective on everything.So in this episode I share 18 questions that will lead you on a gold hunt and to find some real gems in the year that was.In this episode, you'll learn:The power of reflection and the importance of looking back on the past year18 powerful prompts and questions that will guide you through your reflective processWhy reflecting on both positive and challenging experiences helps you shape a better futureFull episode and shownotes over at a copy of the one-page business plan for free at ways that I can help you get momentum right now.The first off is obviously LifePilot, our beautiful tool and methodology, which, as I said, I maybe should have renamed Momentum. Check it out at

  • Eps 30: 9 Business Moments I'm celebrating from 2023

    01/12/2023 Duración: 17min

    It is that time of the year when I am excited to share with you what went well in 2023, what I'm immensely proud of, what I'm celebrating, and what could have gone better.I think this is really important to look back on because that is where you will find the hidden gems, the gold that you can take the best of into 2024 and say sayonara to and leave the rest, the crap, and all that stuff behind in 2023.So long as you learn the lesson.So without further ado, I'm going to share with you nine things that I'm really proud of this year and three things that I want to improve.In this episode, you’ll:Discover the hidden gems about my personal and professional wins in the year 2023Uncover how I personally take the silver linings and learnings from any challengesWhy it's important to reflect on what went well and what didn't so you can make real change in the New YearFull episode and shownotes over at a copy of the one-page business plan for free at to join me on a

  • Eps 29: My 2024 Business Plan Revealed

    23/11/2023 Duración: 19min

    Do you think that you can fit your dream business plan into just one page and actually make it work for you?Well, I'm going to challenge you that you absolutely can if you use my one-page profitable business plan template.Get ready to unlock the secrets of efficient business planning and embrace the clarity, focus, and joy that come with a one-page strategy.Plus I reveal my 2024 business plan, goals and strategies so you can come along for the ride. In this episode, you’ll:The advantages of condensing your entire business strategy onto a single page which provides daily clarity and focus.Five essential questions that serve as the foundation for effective business planningExplore how to project your income, expenses and more importantly profit for your goalsUnderstand how to apply the one-page business plan template to your own entrepreneurial journeyLearn what goals and strategies I intend to implement in my business for 2024Full episode and shownotes over at a copy of the one-

  • Eps 28: 12 Mindset Books to Motivate and Inspire You

    16/11/2023 Duración: 15min

    I love a good book and I hope you do too.Do you know what I love more than a good book?Several good books. And even more than that, books specifically target your mindset and motivation.I've curated a list of my absolute favorites, and I can't wait to share the wisdom, motivation, and pure joy these authors brought into my life. In this episode, you’ll learn:Understand how books serve as powerful catalysts for reshaping your mindset.Gain insights into how these books personally influenced my mindset and motivation.Key takeaways from these 11 transformative booksFull episode and shownotes over at ways that I can help you get momentum right now.The first off is obviously LifePilot, our beautiful tool and methodology, which, as I said, I maybe should have renamed Momentum. Check it out at Join my brand new group coaching program called Momentum starting January 15th. Give me 10 weeks to 10X your life and finish your year strong. You'll get the full details the

  • Eps 27: Steal my biz audit process to find the gold in yours

    09/11/2023 Duración: 23min

    Have you ever done a biz audit to truly figure out exactly where you've had your most success?What's working well for you, and what you could probably get rid of completely so it wouldn't affect a thing?In the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship, it's easy to get caught up in the daily grind of running a business.We often find ourselves chasing the next big idea, the latest trend, or striving for the next milestone.However, amidst the hustle and bustle, we sometimes forget to look back, reflect, and mine the treasures that lie within our own entrepreneurial journey.In this episode, you'll learn:Conduct your own business audit and discover the hidden gems within your experiencesHow to celebrate your successes, identify what's working well, and let go of what doesn'tTo take your business to the next level through opportunities such as new products, services, or strategiesFull episode and shownotes over at ways that I can help you get momentum right now.The first off is obviously

  • Eps 26: Behind the scenes of my monthly goal setting ritual

    02/11/2023 Duración: 25min

    If you're someone who has never worked with a monthly goal setting process, or feels any goal setting process is restrictive and not in flow with who you are, then this podcast is for you.It's also for you if you've always wondered how the heck do you figure out what you should be focusing on each month and what's important to you.If you have no idea around that or you've just found goal setting a tricky thing to do, I've got your back with our 3 step goal setting process!In this episode you'll learn:The key to understanding where you're at in life vs where you want to beWhy consistency and reflection are key to any goal setting processHow to use our 3 step goal setting process to become focused on what mattersThe exact goals I set in October and how they turned outWhat goals I set for the month of November and how they tie into my big pictureFull episode and shownotes over at ways that I can help you get momentum right now.The first off is obviously LifePilot, our beautiful tool

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