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A "radio-style" podcast on "All-Things-Chiropractic" with Dr. Thomas Lamar, your podcast chiropractor.


  • Episode 171 — FINALE SHOW — Closing the Safety Pin “ter to TOR” — Graduation, Celebration, and Connection — featuring Esteb, Dubel, Kelly, Flannery, Jones, Waters, BJ, EPOC Underground, and Gold


    While some may remember it as the episode that holds the World's Record for the LONGEST Chiropractic Podcast EVER Recorded (7 hours, 41 minutes, and 52 seconds), for others the Finale Episode of Spinal Column Radio memorializes a TRANSFORMATION — a transformation they have witnessed in themselves when it comes to chiropracTIC. Because of the content shared on SCR, they — like the host, Dr. Thomas Lamar — have experienced a "shift." For in their regular listening, they have witnessed in themselves a CHANGE — a change in how they now THINK, TEACH, and PREACH chiropractic. The "safety pin" between their ears has clicked into position and a "CONNECTION" has been made. They now GET the Big Idea. They now GET chiropracTIC and see themselves as chiropracTORs. They have undergone "The ter to TOR Evolution." Have YOU? Join Dr. Thomas Lamar (and Logan) for a final episode that not only recognizes this "shift" with Graduation and Celebration, but CONNECTS it all together with the SAFETY PIN. First Dr. Lamar and Liste

  • Spine Bites 028 — Final Time — BJ Palmer Comedy Bits on Spinal Column Radio (part 3)


    “Bite-sized nuggets of chiropractic goodness!” A final compilation of BJ Palmer on Spinal Column Radio – niche comedy at its finest – Download the audio version of this Spine Bite by right clicking (control-click for Mac) More BJ Palmer available on BJ TV at SpinalColumnRadio.com/BJTV

  • Episode 170 — ChiropracTIC History Saga Episode; Mission Possible ChiroFEST 2013; and Sottile and Gorman Interviewed Together


    It's the Spinal Column Radio "Saga Episode." Join Dr. Lamar and Logan for their last "regular" show as they "clear the countertop" to make way for the upcoming Finale Show. On this episode they step you back into chiropracTIC's past with a boatload of exciting chiropractic history, and then step you forward into its future with ChiroFEST 2013's Mission Possible. Plus they sit down for with ChiropracTIC's Principled Funnyman and Funnywoman, Dean Sottile and Sharon Gorman, for an unforgettable duo-interview that will have you laughing and taking notes at the same time. History topics covered: DD Palmer's Portland Chiropractic College with Nathan Cashion reporting on location; "A Journey for the TIC Like None Other" — The Searby Saga (the story of Mack and Dorothy Searby's quest to study at the PSC); Gary Street and BJ's Chiropractic Scrapbook; DD's other son (BJ's older brother) Frank Palmer's grave site rediscovered; BJ's Parrot; Fred Barge's Rats in a Dump; DD's Mammoth Tusk; DD visits Seattle; BJ Palmer Ma

  • Episode 169 — BJ Palmer Epigrams


    BJ Palmer, the Developer of ChiropracTIC, is known for many things — one of which is the seemingly countless inspirational and THOT-provoking epigrams he scribed on the walls of the Palmer School of Chiropractic. In addition to impacting and encouraging all who read them, these quotes, in many ways described him... and worked to define him. Join Dr. Thomas Lamar for this very special episode of Spinal Column Radio in which he, along with Drs. Simon Senzon, Robert Borer, and Myron Brown — and of course, the ChiroPicker, Todd Waters — step back in time to discuss this fascinating characteristic associated with BJ of Davenport.

  • Episode 168 — Dr. Joseph Strauss, Dr. Eric Plasker, and Station WHO


    Dr. Thomas Lamar is talking about Old Time Radio again! Join him as he steps back in time to tune in chiropractic-radio-past to talk about the "other" radio station BJ Palmer is known for: Station WHO. Plus he empties the Fall 2012 New Beginnings Interview Vault to share two great interviews. In the number one slot: Dr. Eric Plasker, author of the international best-selling 100 Year Lifestyle returns to share the keys to revolutionizing our patient education. Then, in the number two slot: Blue Books auTHOR, educaTOR, and long time chiropracTOR, Dr. Joe Strauss sits down to talk about drawing lines — demarcating between not only chiropractic and medicine, but chiropractic philosophy and Christianity. At the half way point, Dr. Lamar gives an overview of his "Mission Possible" ChiroFEST 2013 experience and shares an interviewette he did with the well-known GMO Health-Risk Expert, Jeffery Smith. Plus, take a virtual "tour of the mind" through BJ's first radio station: WOC; marvel at the POP; learn all about

  • Episode 167 — Dr. Dan Yachter, Dr. Miles Bodzin, and the Seattle College of Chiropractic — from the Tree House


    Join Dr. Thomas Lamar and Audio Engineer Logan as they podcast from the tree tops in this special Spinal Column Radio Tree House Episode! First they enlist the cohost help of neighboring-town-chiropracTOR, and SCR Listener, Dr. Nathan Wall — who as a fresh grad out of of Palmer Davenport is making his mark and DEFINING BETTER in Silverdale, Washington with a pediatric practice that is in a word: EPIC. Get to know Nathan and how he started his practice with a guitar and a surfboard... in a Perfect Storm. Then from their perch, the trio push the TIC to the masses with Life Changing and entertaining content. Break out your yellow pads, because on this episode it all starts with the Principle with Elevation ChiropracTOR, Dr. Dan Yachter. And then Break Free From The Shackles Of Insurance with Cash Practice Systems ChiropracTOR, Dr. Miles Bodzin. Plus, a history lesson about a forgotten chiropractic college, a "shout out" to the base of the Matterhorn, we travel South of the Border to say Hola to Bill Esteb,

  • Episode 166 — Dr. James Chestnut, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and D.D. Palmer’s Sweet Home


    Join Dr. Thomas Lamar for a "Bee"-Rated Episode with A-Rated Content as he podcasts hive-side! Headlining this sweet as honey episode are TWO amazing powerhouses for chiropracTIC: The Eat Well, Move Well, and Think Well chiropracTOR, Dr. James Chestnut; and the Epigenetic Dr. Bruce Lipton! Plus travel back in time as Lamar chats with Dr. Myron Brown and ChiroPicker, Todd Waters, about the one and only "Sweet Home" — the bee and raspberry farm of the man who would one day discover the great profession of chiropractic, DD Palmer. Plus Dr. Lamar grabs Special Agent Paul Reed to talk "Mission Possible" for the upcoming 2013 ChiroFest. And if all that were not enough, there's banter with Bee Keeper Dan, a Spinal Column Reblog, AND the Big TOR on Campus featuring Dr. Katina Manning. (James Chestnut interview recorded at the 2012 California Jam in Costa Mesa, California. Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton recorded in Auckland, New Zealand, May 2012).

  • Episode 165 — New Zealand College of Chiropractic President Dr. Phil McMaster and a Panel Interview with 3 Chiropractic College Board of Regents/Trustees Members From 3 Different Schools


    As an episode with an "Educational Flair," Dr. Thomas Lamar brings to the Spinal Column Radio microphones a panel interview with a group of chiropracTORS that have the unique task of governing chiropractic educational institutions: the Board of Regents/Trustees. Join Lamar as he sits down to learn more with 3 different board members from 3 different chiropractic colleges: Dr. Ron Oberstein from Life Chiropractic College West, Dr. Peter Kevorkian from Sherman College of Chiropractic, and Dr. Jay Handt. Then, our New Zealand SCR Global Correspondent, Brian Lanoue, catches up with the newly appointed president of New Zealand College of Chiropractic, Dr. Phil McMaster. Plus, chiro student Nathan Cashion joins us to tell us about his new podcast, Exploring Chiropractic, that looks to help the prechiropractic student "explore chiropractic" through conversational interviews with students attending the various chiropractic colleges that dot our planet. And we get a lesson from profesSOR, Dr. Matthew McCoy, on sub

  • Episode 164 — Girls, Gals, and Guru’s Dr. Carol Ann Malizia and Pure Chiropractic’s Dr. Heather Van Skyhock, plus “You Never Know How Far Reaching” a 37,000 foot adjustment will be!


    This one's got a little bit of everything.... interviews, shout-outs, chiro-political rants, comedy, inspiration, and of course spizzerinctum. Join Dr. Thomas Lamar as he down at the 2012 California Jam to capture the vision of Triple G (Girls, Gals, and Gurus) chiropracTOR, Dr. Carol Ann Malizia. Then he's off to the opposite coast at Fall 2012 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend to connect with a woman who found her way back home to Pure Chiropractic with a membership practice — Dr. Heather Van Skyhock. Plus our Big TOR on Campus, Brett Jones, files another installment of his BTOC as he visits with the newly inducted California Chiropractic Association President, Dr. Matt Hubbard. AND... BJ's famous quote "You never know how far reaching..." is showcased by Dr. Kevin Donka aboard a jet plane at 37,000 feet. (Carol Ann Maliza, DC interview recorded at the 2012 California Jam in Costa Mesa, California. Heather Van Skyhock,DC interview recorded at the Fall 2012 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend in Long B

  • Episode 163 — Selina, Sarah, and Spizz! — chiropractic interviews with Drs. Selina Sigafoose-Jackson and Sarah Farrant


    It's Selina, Sarah, Spizz, and a Smorgasbord of Stuff! Join Dr. Thomas Lamar as he takes you back to the Fall 2012 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend to be WOWED by Dr. Selina Sigafoose-Jackson who pops the hood on how she delivers her Doctor's Report with Compassion, Certainty, and Clarity -- all while standing firm on the Principle. Then he chats with Vital Mom's Dr. Sarah Farrant who shares an experience which put her and her chiropracTOR husband's conviction of the Principle to the test. Plus Mairead Rothman drops by for a Spizz Report, and Dr. Lamar shares a "Smorgasbord of Stuff" in the post show. (Selina Sigafoose-Jackson, DC interview recorded at the Fall 2012 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend in Long Branch, New Jersey).

  • Episode 162 — “Life Adjusted” — an interview with the director-producer team of a chiropractic movie like no other, Dr. Kacie Flegal and Sean Nipper, and the unassuming chiropractor-star, Dr. Jay Komarek


    Join Dr. Thomas Lamar on the job site as he and Audio-Engineer Logan embark upon the making of an incredible tree house, while at the same time welcoming to the program a cast of one and crew of two that is busy making an equally incredible chiropractic movie. Dr. Kacie Flegal and Sean Nipper join forces as the producer-director team for Life Adjusted the Movie: the Heart and Hands of Dr. Jay Komarek. Dr. Lamar sits down with the trio (Sean, Kacie, and Jay) to find out all about this movie which looks to allow viewers to play silent witness to the Power of the chiropractic adjustment, and Profound potential of the life force we have within -- through the eyes of the most objective and innocent of patients: a horse. Plus, Dr. Lamar shares the official MCQI response on the much talked about ACA video featuring the Chairman of the Board's address to the House of Delegates.

  • Episode 161 — Two Brothers and an Old Guy — the Nogrady Brothers and Chiropractic’s Palmergram


    It's two brothers and an old guy! Join Dr. Thomas Lamar (brother #1) as he takes his show on the road to Dana Point, California to team up with his brother, Brady (brother #2), in an effort to surprise their septuagenarian father (the Old Guy) on his birthday. Tune in and hear the three reminisce as well as deliver solid chiropractic content that features — amazingly — two other brothers and an old guy. First, he welcomes back Cast to be Chiropractors coauthor, Dr. Judd Nogrady (brother #1), and then later, the meek chiropractic servitude of Dr. Adam Nogrady (brother #2) — two brothers that love chiropracTIC. Plus, Dr. Darrell Gibson (the other Old Guy), enables us to step back in history, with the help of his DC son, to retell the story behind something many chiropractors know of... but don't know much about — the Palmergram. It's a piece of chiropractic history that saved the profession! Then in the post show our Big TOR on Campus drops by to share an amazing interview every chiropractic student needs to

  • Episode 160 — Telling THE Story and Telling MY Story as I Talk The TIC to the Students at LACC’s First Ever Philosophy of Chiropractic Course


    BJ Palmer defined chiropractic as a philosophy, science, and art of things natural. Listeners of this show know that I graduated from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1995 (now part of the Southern California University of Health Sciences). When I was attending, the LACC curriculum was very strong in the science aspect and we definitely were given the tools to develop the art... but, unfortunately, as with many chiropractic colleges today, it was sorely deficient in the philosophy. Philosophy was virtually non-existent. Extra effort was required on the part of the student to seek it out. Needless to say, it was not presented at the main watering trough. I'm happy to report, however, that after 102 years the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic has launched its first Philosophy of Chiropractic course. Lead instructor, Dr. Mark Losack, my former classmate, tapped me (and a number of other chiropracTORs) on the shoulder to be a guest presenter for this inaugural class offering. To which I eagerly ac

  • Spine Bites 026 — More BJ Palmer Comedy Bits on Spinal Column Radio (part 2)


    “Bite-sized nuggets of chiropractic goodness!” A compilation BJ Palmer on Spinal Column Radio – niche comedy at its finest – Download the audio version of this Spine Bite by right clicking (control-click for Mac) More BJ Palmer available on BJ TV at SpinalColumnRadio.com/BJTV

  • Episode 159 — Gentempo, Farrell, and Sh*t Chiropractors Say


    In this episode of Spinal Column Radio, Dr. Thomas Lamar welcomes back the intellectual prowess of Dr. Patrick Gentempo to hear all about his "Act III" and more. Also on the program, Dr. Lamar sits down with CA-Turned-Entrepeneur, Heidi Farrell, who for the past decade and a half has maintained a vision for helping chiropracTORs and their CA's unite to create the most powerful TEAMS in the world. Plus, you've seen the viral video, now meet the woman behind it: Kate Bennett joins us to talk about "Sh*t Chiropractors Say." Also the BTOC (Big TOR on Campus) drops in to share a great interview he picked up at Cal Jam 6 with pediatric chiropracTOR, Dr. Tony Ebel. All this and more on SCR 159! (Patrick Gentempo, DC interview recorded at the 2012 California Jam, Costa Mesa, California. Heidi Farrell Interview recorded at the 2012 ChiroFest in Vancouver, Washington. This episode proudly sponsored by BalimoChairs.com).

  • Episode 158 — Remembering Reggie Collection: SCR-Fan-Takeover “Box on the Wall” Show featuring a ChiroPicker find that is Pure Gold


    Chiro-Picker Todd Waters and Bay City, Michigan ChiropracTOR, TJ Neveau, gently push Lamar aside and team up to run the first ever SCR-Fan-Takeover Show. Join them for our final installment in this Remembering Reggie Collection that features an amazing ChiroPicker find of a 16 rpm phonograph record of Reggie Gold delivering a 2-hour patient lay lecture. The two play a number of clips from this rare recording and add some insightful commentary. This ChiroPicker find from the late 60's is Reggie at his classic best and belongs in every chiropracTOR's listening library; AND the Picker wants you to have it in exchange for visiting the SCR Box on the Wall to ensure this chiropracTIC resource of Spinal Column Radio will stay on the Internet Air for generations to come (listen at the 3 hour mark for more info). In addition, Waters and Neveau, cover a wide range of other TIC Topics and even find themselves having to deal with the Developer and Radio Pioneer, himself, Dr. BJ Palmer meddling with their broadcast. The

  • Episode 157 — Remembering Reggie Collection: The 33 Chiropractic Principles in 33 Minutes (and 540 seconds)


    As we embark upon the first anniversary of the passing of chiropractic's legendary communicator Dr. Reggie Gold, Spinal Column Radio would like to stop, to not only pay homage... but to remember. Join Dr. Thomas Lamar for this special episode in which he presents an exclusive interview he conducted with Reggie at the Fall 2011 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend... which up until now, has not been shared with the profession. Join Reggie as he quickly walks a 1995 LACC grad (Dr. Lamar) through each one of the 33 Chiropractic Principles. Then Dr. Lamar welcomes an amazing woman in chiropracTIC and dear friend to Reggie, Kimberly Goreham, to recall and share her memories of Reggie in his last days when she was asked to care for him while Irene was away. Plus, Dr. Lamar shares what some of the other components of the Remembering Reggie Collection are, including an article he wrote that describes how he landed the "gig" of interviewing Reggie for the first time. Then to wrap it all up, Dr. Lamar returns in

  • Episode 156 — The Chiropractic Assistant Super Show: Phyllis Frase and Dana Pitner


    In today's episode Dr. Lamar pays tribute to the Chiropractic Assistant — the oft unsung heroine (but sometimes hero) in every successful chiropractic office. Joining Dr. Lamar on the program, is his Heroine-Chiropractic-Assistant, Maria. Listen in as he and his CA of nearly 12 years play two amazing interviews from two top-notch CA's, Phyllis Frase and Dana Pitner. These are ladies that know how to "walk the talk" as they roll up their sleeves each and every week to jump in the trenches to train other CA's and their DC's to take their game to the next level. Plus, we all know the history of the DC... but what about the CA??? Lamar digs deep to find out about this little-known history lesson by calling up the BJ Palmer Mansion. (Phyllis Frase interview recorded at the 2012 California Jam, Costa Mesa, California. Dana Pitner Interview recorded at the Fall 2012 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend in Long Branch, New Jersey. This episode is proudly sponsored by BalimoChairs.com).

  • Episode 155 — Branding the ChiropracTOR for the Bigger Message of ChiropracTIC: Interviews with Chiropractic United Podcast, pre-ChiropracTIC Student Patrick Dunphy, DC-2B Brett Jones, and more! [Plus Special Report: Inside the DE Scene — Paying Homage to


    "Early to bed. Early to rise. Work like hell and ADVERTISE!" These words from our profession's developer still echo throughout chiropractic. From the beginning, we chiropractors have been avid marketers — we've had to for our very survival. It's always been a sink or swim situation. And it will continue to be this way until our individual advertising and marketing efforts rise above the level of promotion-for-self. The message that we promote must be BIGGER than ourselves; it needs to go beyond that of self-promotion. Never in history have we had the opportunity like we do now to tell our story in a way that allows us to not only touch our community, but the whole world at the same time. The Internet gives us this ability. And so through mediums such as blogs, videos, podcasts, graphics, and social media, we can now begin to brand ourselves as chiropracTORs — not for ourselves — but for chiropracTIC. Because it is through this type of "bigger than self" promotion that we can truly begin affect change in

  • Episode 154 — It’s all about the LOVE Baby! Married Chiro Couples, Love Bomb, and Fall in Love with Chiropractic with Dr. Martha Nessler


    It's all about the LOVE Baby, as Dr. Thomas Lamar delivers a special Spinal Column Radio for Valentines. Everything on today's episode has something to do with LOVE, and if it doesn't, then Lamar spins it so it DOES. Join him and his sweetheart wife, Keri, for an episode of romance as they bring you three fantastic interviews that drip with LOVE. First, from New Beginnings: what is it like to be a chiropractor when your spouse is ALSO a chiropractor?? Lamar finds out when he sits down with a panel of three married chiropractic couples, while a the Fall 2012 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend, for and interview that quickly turns PG-13 (Drs. Kevin Jackson and Selina Sigafoose-Jackson; Drs. Peter Kevorkian and Patti Giuliano; and Drs. Dan and Kim Gambino). Then what would a LOVE Show be without producer/director Dr. Rhea Zimmerman talking about her movie Love Bomb — a chiropractic movie currently in production that explores love, human connection, and what we are capable of as human beings. Finally, they

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