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  • Season 1 Episode 5 Mentors and Their Impact

    22/12/2014 Duración: 16min

    Have you had an influential person in your life - one that stood by you, believed in you, built into you, maybe even helped shape your spiritual development and affirm you? I have. In Season 1 Episode 5 - Mentors and Their Impact, I speak about mentors who have impacted me for Christ and I am fortunate to have such men in my life. I speak to the committed role of a mentor, not a chance relationship with someone we look up to or who possesses a business skill or talent we want. Rather, it is an intentional relationship with someone whose values, spiritual maturity, and life skills we not only admire but they agree to this Christ-centered role in our lives and hold us accountable even when it may not be wanted or convenient. Be sure to listen and be encourage to foster or seek these meaningful relationships in your life.

  • The Word Effect – Impact of God’s Word

    10/12/2014 Duración: 16min

    We all have something that influences us or brings us to a cross-roads of sorts. Sometimes it's an uplifting experience. Something we read, heard or saw happen. Sometimes it's a relationship. Sometimes it's a loss. Sometimes it's temporary. Sometimes it's lasting... I have experienced what I'm coining The Word Effect - Impact of God's Word. How has God's Word impacted you? I pursued the Word as an answer about how to know God. Then knowledge of it began to influence my life and decisions (though I often still made wrong choices). Then, it's invaluable life principles built on the foundation of Jesus began to stir a desire to respond to what He had done on the cross and in my life. Now I want to act in a manner consistent with what I believe. This episode fills in some of the details regarding the effect God's Word had, and still has, on me. This podcast is being posted a week early, I know. This way we can squeeze in one more before the celebrated birthday of our Lord. Please offer your comments, subscribe a

  • Experience the Reality of God in His Word – My Experience

    04/12/2014 Duración: 17min

    As I returned to my faith, one of the key ingredients was a practical reality of God that I discovered in His word. I learned by reading in the bible about the many characters we all know. They weren't just irrelevant people founded in myth. They were real. They were flawed. But, they interacted with God and God interacted with them. I also, found deep conviction and transforming power as the Holy Spirit began His work. The reality of God set in when I saw transformation occurring in my life; those close to me could see the transformation... transformation that was beyond my own muster and ability. I invite you to participate by offering comments in response to the podcast on the post. Discuss how you have experienced the reality of God in your life. Also, be sure to subscribe to the site for updates. You can do so in the upper right hand corner of the homepage. Here are the links to resources I mentioned in the podcast: 1) How to Study the Bible for Yourself 2) Navigator's Topical Memory System 3) Focu

  • God is Real! Here’s My Testimony

    20/11/2014 Duración: 12min

    God is Real! Here's my testimony about how He moved in my life. This post is much more detailed than episode 1. "I went from being a churched Christian, to a skilled backslider, to a world loving man rejecting God, to a restored believer who enjoyed the risk free comforts of church, to having a full-fledged passion to unashamedly proclaim Jesus Christ crucified, dead and risen. After all, if as in the words of Paul, this message ”… is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believe then who am I to not proclaim it in both my life and words?" What a bumpy road that was! Was yours? I really discovered the reality of God in His Word. That is the topic of our next podcast. Stay tuned! I welcome your comments and stay tuned as our next podcast will discuss one of the themes that is raised in my testimony - the reality of God in our lives and the bible. [powerpress]

  • A Stake In The Ground – For Me

    12/11/2014 Duración: 07min

    We all have a life story. Don't we? Mine brought me to a decision point after a long, hard fall. Here, I share my baptism testimony. It summarizes the journey of my return to faith. Since I loved the pleasures of the world, that was a rocky road! Was yours? My baptism 2 years ago was not a turning point. Rather, it was a stake in the ground, a declaration that I would not turn back. This podcast is the testimony written and shared for that event. Like most baptism testimonies, it is short and a lot has happened since then. A more detailed post will be shared in the next episode. I encourage and welcome your participation. Please make comments related to the post. Be authentic when you share. Subscribe to our feeds and most especially our newsletter. This site is about ordinary people God called to extraordinary things. If you or someone you know has responded to God's call by change of occupational direction, funds their ministry or mission from their livelihood, or by significant personal sacrifice, please

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