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Every other week, Chris, Collin, Cindy, and Philip talk about all kinds of tabletop gaming: Board games, card games and even RPGs. They review one game in particular and talk about what they like/dislike about the game, and also take questions circulating around the gaming community and give their own answers to the questions.


  • "These are the voyages of....a ship.....and some cats...." - Tangled in the Slipstring #1


    Chris, Collin, Cindy, & Philip, along with Calvin Wong, present the first of their actual play RPG series “Tangled in the Slipstring”, where they play as cats in a custom futuristic setting.

  • The Episode That Almost Didn't Happen - Boards & Swords #163


    This one was a chore to get out, as Chris & Philip were having constant internet issues while they were recording. No reviews this week, just some recaps on the little bits of gaming that they’ve done, plus the usual news bits. Plus, they’ve added a new Listener Feedback section, so send in your questions!

  • VR Shopping Sprees with Omari Akil from Board Game Brothas - Boards & Swords #162


    Number 1 best seller ideas generated in this episode, as Chris & Philip have Omari Akil from Board Game Brothas here to talk about their newest Kickstarter: Hoop Godz! Plus, Chris is embarrassed to talk about what game he’s been playing the most, plenty of news jokes/groans, and the return of the classic Rank is Right!

  • Cthulhu Death May Die, FunkoVerse expansions, Age of Empires Cheat Codes - Boards & Swords #161


    Its spooky time, so we've got a game we are "dying" to tell you about...aka Cthulhu Death May Die from CMON. Plus some FunkoVerse expansion, news stories and more!

  • World 1-1 of Geek Craft with Ken Grazier - Boards & Swords #160


    Philip and Chris were already getting lonely talking to themselves, so in this episode, Ken Grazier from Geek Craft joins us to talk about the usual board games, but also things like Super Mario 35 and how bad Chris’ jokes are.

  • Cartographers Revisited, Among Us, Can we do this by ourselves? - Boards & Swords #159


    The Team Swords takeover of the podcast is complete: now can we actually still be entertaining? We revisit Cartographers from Thunderworks Games, so there definitely is some board game talk. Also, Chris revisited his youth. And there might be an imposter….

  • Bermuda Pirates & Tribes: Dawn of Humanity - Boards & Swords #158


    Collin and Cindy are heading out west to live our their western fantasies, so in addition to letting them get in one more review (Tribes: Dawn of Humanity from Kosmos), Philip and Chris talk about their plans moving forward and Chris talks about Bermuda Pirates from Foxmind Games.

  • Tattoo Stories, Nevada City, Lots of Western Legends Talk - Boards & Swords #157


    Not only is Western Legends on Kickstarter again, but its on Collin & Cindy's table again. So much Western goodness that Chris might pass out from boredom! Also, we've got reviews of Tattoo Stories from Games by Bicycle and Nevada City from Rio Grande Games. And of course, plenty of bad news jokes to go around.

  • Gen Con Online, Valley of the Vikings, Root Expansions - Boards & Swords #156


    Gen Con happened....sorta. Online! The group shares a bit about what they did or didn't do during the event and talk about their thoughts on the convention. Also, reviews of Valley of the Vikings by HABA and some of the new Root expansion from Leder Games!

  • The Deadlies, Exit, Pathfinder: Lost Omens Gods & Magic - Boards & Swords #155


    We have some news again, although Chris didn't feel like writing jokes for the Spiel des Jahres winners. What did he joke about? You'll have to listen and find out.

  • Team3, Star Wars Legion Clone Wars, Who Are These People Again? - Boards & Swords #154


    Getting back to recording a “normal” episode, Cindy & Collin talk about Team3 from Brain Games, while Chris talks about the Star Wars Legion Clone Wars set from Fantasy Flight Games & the Viticulture app from DigiDiced and Stonemaier Games.

  • Chris Talks to Bebo from Be Bold Games - Boards & Swords #153


    Chris talks with Bebo from Be Bold Games ( about board gaming, pokemon, kickstarters, and weird crane games from Japan!

  • Costa Ruana, Ragusa, Gaming In a 2 Person Household - Boards & Swords #152


    Collin and Cindy test out a “couples cast” style of episode where they talk about Costa Ruana, Ragusa, and what gaming is like in their household.

  • Charterstone, No Cons This Year, Play-Testing My Patience - Boards & Swords #151


    Can we skip to next year yet? Isn’t there an “start next turn” button or something? Well in the meantime, we’ve got a game that 75% of us have played: Charterstone from Stonemaier Games. Plus, new 40K stuff, Spiel nominations, and really old games in the news!News Pour one out for 2020 committee "Spiel"s the beans kickstarter took awhile to deliver Workshop needs more money us your comments and questions at  You can find the show on twitter @Boardsand

  • Gloomhaven, Cities: Skylines, Ark(ham) of the Covenant Hotel - Boards & Swords #150


    On the list of “Chris finally played….” we can now add Gloomhaven from Cephalofair Games! See what he thinks, see what Collin and Cindy got off their shelf of shame. Plus, Cities: Skylines from Kosmos, and Philip played something!News Clank! More! Stuff! Rangers: Moar Power Moar Rangers Horrible Roll & Whiteboard's got another Ticket to Ride apparently game is rated Rrrrrrr us your comments and ques

  • Wingspan, Miyabi, Kickstarters Are Still Steaming Onwards - Boards & Swords #149


    It’s been over a year, but Chris finally got around to trying out the board game Wingspan from Stonemaier Games. Meanwhile, Collin and Cindy have been carefully making gardens in Miyabi from HABA. Plus, more news bits, some insight into some RPGs that have happened, and more!

  • Indie Games, A Perspective with Matthew Hocker - Boards & Swords #148


    We love board games, but we've never tried to make one. With all the serious situations going on in the world, we bring on Matthew Hocker, designer of Composition, to talk about his perspective on games.

  • Our Top 10 Board Games (2020 Version) - Boards & Swords #147


    We are trying this remote thing, so sorry for any issues. But its our favorite board games of all time!

  • Snowman Dice, My Little Scythe, Ion - Boards & Swords #146


    Philip isn't here, but the rest of us have our Ion some board games! Featuring Ion from Genius Games, My Little Scythe from Stonemaier Games, and Snowman Dice is from Brain Games. News Retrayal Rat Rouse Ron Rhe Rill Raggy! Plaid Hat Gives Asmodee the pink slip Wizards announces an Odyssey New Bill would cost Amazon some bills Millennium long Kickstarter for Chronicles of Crime

  • The Purge: For 12 Hours All Board Game Crime Is Legal - Boards & Swords #145


    Rut roh! All the shelves have gotten full! Now what do you do? We talk about whether or not we purge board games from our collection and what we do with them if we do.NewsMTG Arena getting smaller in 2020's RPGs crit fail their saving throw updates their customer service by deleting it the liiiiiiineeeee, Kickstarter isn't always on tiiiiime.... Get Villainous....Villainous.... us your comments and questions at  You can find the show on twitter @Boardsandswords, or on facebook at

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