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Come and Brew It Radio is an audio podcast series brought to you by Stubby's Texas Brewing Inc. featuring a regular rotation of TBI staff, industry friends, and expert guests meant to bring you great brewing information. This podcast along with our Come and Brew It video series are intended to make you better brewers! Be sure to check us out at for more information and our other series of educational resource videos, along with a great selection of products. - See more at:


  • Episode 131 -- Patron Beer Review and Beers from Afar (Czech Pils and Pale Lager)

    06/02/2019 Duración: 03h12min

    In this episode, we will be discussing a few Patreon listener submissions and trying the samples of Czech pils that Stubby brought back from his last trip to Germany. Being a Patron has it’s benefits and tonight we’ll be speaking with Patrons Aaron Rogers and Joey Carter about their beers. Plus, we have a few odds and ends for your enjoyment. So, pour some pivo and prepare yourselves because it’s time to release the kraken!

  • Episode 130 -- Style Hour: Sweet Stouts feat. Panther Island Brewing

    22/01/2019 Duración: 02h31min

    In this episode, we cover BJCP style category 16A Sweet Stout, that dark, rich, sweet, and slightly roasty version of a stout of varying ABV levels that’s perfect for an autumn or winter evening. It’s listed under category 16 Dark British Beer, but where it may not be modified as often overseas, it’s frequently found with additions here in the states. Why? Because it’s a great base style to work with a large variety of flavors. Plus, we have Ryan McWhorter of Panther Island Brewing Co in studio with us to help us talk about this versatile style and one of their more popular brews is Sweet Fang, a seasonal chocolate peanut butter milk stout.

  • Episode 129 -- Brut IPA and the Potential of Split Batches

    31/12/2018 Duración: 02h10min

    In this episode, we discuss the emerging Brut IPA sub-style with an example of the Social Kitchen recipe Greg brewed and one that Rahr and Sons brewed for their 14th anniversary party. Then we get into the discussion of splitting batches for experimenting to get the most from a recipe while trying a version from Nigel. We had a few technical issues with the equipment at the beginning of the show that lead to losing the first five or so minutes of Brandon's audio and more or less the first 30 minutes of live video on YouTube. But, we do have that audio and video in the related Facebook video for the episode.

  • Episode 128 -- Beers from Afar: Dark British Ales

    04/12/2018 Duración: 02h26min

    In this episode, we continue our coverage of the beers Nigel brought back from his recent visit to England and hear about some of the places he went and how the beer scene is there. Tonight’s beers have a strong focus on the darker British ales, like porters and stouts, but there are a few others in there too, including some that were bottled as he was there. Plus, since he’s the traveling type, he stopped in to visit the new digs of our friends down at Guadalupe Brewing Co in New Braunfels, TX and brought back a few samples of their recent batches that we want to dig into. So, pour yourself a cask ale and put on your best S&M gear to kick back because we’re gonna get British!

  • Episode 127 - Kveik and More with Lance Shaner from Omega Yeast Labs

    24/11/2018 Duración: 02h20min

    In this episode, we have a discussion with Lance Shaner, co-founder and owner with Mark Schwarz, of Omega Yeast Labs. They’ve been having a huge impact on the homebrew scene not only due to their high viability, high cell count liquid yeast packs, but because they are offering such a variety of flavors with their strains. Tonight, we have a set of experiments we did with their Voss, Hothead, and Hornindal Kveik offerings that we will be discussing, as well as simply having Lance enlighten us about the company and their offerings, particularly the background and possibilities of the Norwegian Kveiks.

  • Episode 126 -- Of German Hop Harvests and Beers from Afar

    07/11/2018 Duración: 02h46min

    In this episode, we dive into a discussion of Stubby’s recent trip to Germany and Nigel’s recent trip to England--all while we sample a few of the beers they brought back! Stubby had a great time visiting Ireks, but he also was there for a hop harvest and more. Nigel hit up a variety of breweries, got some interviews, and searched for a bunch of beers. Here, we try a set of Bitters he brought back and see what kind of trouble he got into. So, put on your fancy lederhosen and grab a plate of bangers and mash because it’s show time!

  • Episode 125 -- Style Hour: Schwarzbier

    22/10/2018 Duración: 02h07min

    In this episode, we discuss BJCP style category 8B Schwarzbier and discuss a few examples we can get locally. It’s a quaffable dark style with a light enough body and flavor character that it’s easy to drink year around, but always great as we move into the cooler months of the year. We will also hear a little about Stubby’s recent trip to Germany and do some side by side comparisons of German brewed beer bought in Germany with the same beer bought here to see what differences we might notice.

  • Episode 124 -- Style Hour: Weizenbock

    09/10/2018 Duración: 02h34min

    In this episode, as summer starts to come to an end, we’re going to cover a favorite style for the Fall--BJCP cat. 10C Weizenbock! It’s a strong wheat beer that matures quickly and if you brew it now, it’ll be in perfect shape for cooler evenings in October and November. Plus, we get into some discussion of homebrew in pop culture, water treatments, and more!

  • Episode 123 -- Those Fast Lagers and Hop-o-Rama #5

    26/09/2018 Duración: 01h59min

    In this episode, we talk about fast turnaround primary fermentation for lager beers or what is commonly called Fast Lagering. It’s sort of a misnomer because lagering means cold storage, which does take time to properly do its thing. But it takes far less time when you work the primary fermentation of a lager yeast strain to get the best results in the fastest time possible, so you get better, more drinkable lagers in weeks instead of months. Plus, we another Hop-o-Rama that covers a few of the more popular high alpha varieties that work as bittering hops as well as finishing hops. 

  • Episode 122 -- Summer Brewing and Quick Soured Summer Ale Styles

    08/09/2018 Duración: 02h06min

    In this episode, we aim at discussing some of the things to think about when brewing in the summer heat to make for a better, more productive brewday, like timing, chilling, and of course, what styles might be best for the situation and season. Which will include a listener requested discussion about the possibilities for styles that can be quickly soured--like Berliner Weisse, Gose, and Sour Golden Ales--for a refreshing summer treat.

  • Episode 121 -- Homebrewcon 2018 Recap and British Golden Ales #2

    24/08/2018 Duración: 02h31min

    In this episode, we recap some of our experiences at the 2018 Homebrewcon in Portland, OR and we have the results of our second British Golden Ale recipe experiment in studio to discuss the recipe changes we made and whether they resulted in a better version of the style and a more crushable beer.

  • Episode 120 -- Fruit and Other Interesting Additions w/ The Collective Brewing Project and Josh Noel’s Barrel Aged Stout and Selling Out

    12/08/2018 Duración: 02h59min

    In this episode, we have our friends from The Collective Brewing Project back in studio with us to discuss what they’ve been up to recently and to help discuss making additions to your beer to change that flavor profile. It’s most often fruit and wood, but we hope to branch out into a few other interesting areas and lately The Collective has been catching some nationwide notoriety for some of their experiments. Then, later in the show we have a phone-in discussion with Josh Noel, beer writer for the Chicago Tribune and author of the recently released Barrel Aged Stout and Selling Out: Goose Island, Anheuser-Busch, and How Craft Beer Became Big Business.

  • Episode 119 -- NEIPA Brew Challenge with Turning Point Beer

    30/07/2018 Duración: 02h28min

    In this episode, we finally have our follow up to the NEIPA brew challenge we started a while back with Turning Point Beer. If you haven’t seen the discussion video on our Come and Brew It Facebook page, we had some of our local award winning homebrewers Mike Treadway, Sean Vreeland, and Jeremy Sanders chat with Alex and the guys from Turning Point about how they might “clone” one of their beers and get a feel for the hazy styles in general. Well, tonight we have the resultant beers in studio and to compare them and let the guys from Turning Point weigh in on them. Did our local guys manage to clone their Double Dry Hopped Extra Pulp or did they just come up with a tasty NEIPA?

  • Episode 118 -- Record Keeping and Flavor Flights feat. New Main Brewing

    23/07/2018 Duración: 02h19min

    In this episode, we had David Clark from New Main Brewing in studio with us to discuss the benefits and methods of record keeping to become a better brewer, along with the possibilities you can discover when you use flavor flights to see where you can take your beers. New Main is a recent addition to the DFW brew scene in the Pantego area. David has been blogging about beer for a long time and is also a member of the Casually Lit podcast.

  • Episode 117 -- The Grainfather Revisited and Craft Beer Inspired Music

    26/06/2018 Duración: 01h50min

    In this episode, we revisit our discussion on what might be our favorite piece of brewing equipment, The Grainfather! And to do it, we have several of our Grainfather brewers on the podcast to share their experiences. There’s been a whole lot of brewing going on with both the old version and the new Connect, so hopefully you learn something useful! Plus, we have local artist J/O/E in studio to delve into the craft beer music scene. 

  • Episode 116 -- Beer Infusions and Beer Cooking feat. HopFusion and LUCK

    22/06/2018 Duración: 02h01min

    In this episode, we have Macy Moore from HopFusion and Ned Steele from LUCK in studio to help us discuss infusing your beer with a variety of flavors as you serve it and to get back into the discussion of cooking with beer.

  • Episode 115 -- Yeast-o-Rama #2, Malt-o-Rama #3, and More!

    09/06/2018 Duración: 02h08min

    In this episode, we’re going to revisit two of our continuing segments with Yeast-o-Rama and Malt-o-Rama and also talk about a few competition beers and their judging results. In Yeast-o-Rama, we talk about three of the yeasts we have experience with for NEIPAs--because that’s about all anyone is talking about--and then we talk about a couple of dry lager yeasts. Then, in Malt-o-Rama we’ll be going over some of the variety for Rye malt.

  • Episode 114 - Post Bluebonnet 2018 Compendium of Fun (Judging, Beer Storage, Aging, and More)

    15/05/2018 Duración: 02h46min

    In this episode, we recap some of our experience at the 2018 Bluebonnet Brew Off--including content related to our Omega yeast saison experiment--and we get into the topic that always comes up around BBBO, judging concerns. Plus, we do it with the help of Rahr and Sons' Barrelmaster, Austin Heisch! And we finish off with discussion of some out of state beers.

  • Episode 113 -- British Golden Ale Experiment #1

    07/05/2018 Duración: 01h53min

    In this episode, we revisit the British Golden Ale style with the results of an experiment Nigel and Greg did with developing a recipe based on all the beers we tried in our style specific show. Plus, we have a few beers to try from the Tennessee area and we see what we might be able to do with a new in-shop competition to develop new kits with the many spices we have available. So, sit back, pour a pint, and enjoy the show!

  • Episode 112 - Style Hour: The Pilsners

    26/04/2018 Duración: 02h40min

    In this episode, we go over the 3 versions of one of our favorite styles: The Pilsner. The 2015 BJCP guidelines have reorganized the previous descriptions, but there are generally 3 variations including German, Czech, and American. Yet, the core of each is that easy to drink, crisp, refreshing light lager character, backed up with a nice hoppiness. We try a few and discuss the differences and considerations for brewing them.

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