Uncle Elephant

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When Mother and Father Elephant are lost at sea, their elephant son is left all alone. But not for long. Old Uncle Elephant, who has more wrinkles than the beach has sand, makes a new home for his young nephew. In his garden, he shows his nephew how to welcome the dawn with a good, loud trumpet. And when his nephew is reminded of his parents and starts to cry, Uncle Elephant knows how to make him laugh again. He even writes a song just for him to sing:

  • "I have a song. It's an elephant song. I will sing it and neverforget
  • that, of all music played,
  • there is no better made
  • than an uncle and nephew duet.

Tenderly and with humor, Caldecott Medalist Arnold Lobel tells a story of an uncle and nephew's love for each other and proves himself once again a master of stories for the beginning reader.