Spoogei's Revenge



...and now for something completely different.


  • pre-election blog....


    I did this podcast the day before the Canadian Federal Election. I know I'm a day late, but it's still me talking about things, and other fun stuff.Again, if you have comments, please let me know. Show ideas, etc. Much appreciated.Click here for before Harper had such a huge lead over the Liberals...Click this for the time before the election!

  • Happy Birthday Jasse


    Jasse, at about 8:20 into the podcast, you'll have your birthday song.I talk about buying fresh veggies, elections and other fun things on my drive.Click here to hear me sing a few songs!!!

  • Back from Hiatus


    I'm back, and chatting up in the ol' Vibe.I talk about some social issues, where I've been and my plans for things to come...Check me out. I'm back. I'll podcast!!!Click dis, yo.

  • You don't step in the same river twice...


    but you come to the exact Same webpage here.Yeah, i get back on the horse about changes and that kinda stuff. And there's a message to you Roger... listen. it's in the first 45 seconds or so.Click here for static...It should be fine!

  • changes


    I'm blogging on the way home, and I get lost in a strange tangent.check it out to see.Tangents are us!

  • Overstepping the lines


    So, I talk about something that happened at work and What I thought of it. As well, it's the long Weekend Podcast. I may try to do a podcast over the weekend.Click here for some boundaries.

  • The evolution of language and technology


    I decide to talk about why people are afraid of change. However, when I start talking, I end up discovering things that I think and find the inconsistencies of my thoughts.damn.click here for things....

  • New Bike, bad luck and a driveway seal...


    So, I talk about my new bike, and a story from a friend from work that would be the nightmare for anyone. I just can't imagine what that would feel like.And I made a huge mistake. In the podcast I talk about it, but it's concluded in the Blog.Click here for some quick Rawlio.

  • The April Fool's History


    So, I don't have any April fools jokes or pranks, but I do go into some history of where April Fool's Day comes from.Enjoy the quick story and me getting off topic when Linda calls.You're an April Fish!!!(you've gotta hear the podcast to understand that reference, fool!)