Revolutionary Romance



Revolutionary Romance brings together people from different sexual orientations: Gay, queer, lesbian straight, and transgender, to candidly talk about dating, relationships, spirituality, and love. Covering many issues including sex, soulmates, partnership, intimacy, and much more with many messages for the GLBT and alternative communities.


  • Bisexuality: A Cultural Taboo

    31/08/2012 Duración: 01h51min

    ARE THERE ANCIENT SACRED ROOTS TO BISEXUALITY?? COULD YOUR INCREASING YOUR SEXUAL AWARENESS HELP YOU ATTRACT YOUR TWIN FLAME?? Tune in now to get the answers to these and much more as Revolutionary Romance sheds light on sexuality like never before. Learn about your own sexuality as we share a new and updated version of the Kinsley Scale! Find out more info about Tahil by going to

  • The Tender Stages of Transition

    31/07/2012 Duración: 01h38min

    ARE YOU HAVING A MAJOR LIFE CHANGE?? MAYBE A BREAKUP?? Never Fear! Join me and Relationship Coach Tahil Gesyuk and discover the "6 Steps of Tender Transitioning" and empower yourself through any change in your life.

  • Transparency & Toxic Secrets

    28/06/2012 Duración: 01h57min

    ARE YOUR TOXIC SECRETS SABOTAGING YOUR RELATIONSHIPS?? COULD TRANSPARENCY BE THE KEY TO UNLOCKING THESE SECRETS?? In this powerful show, relationship coach Tahil Gesyuk offers paradigm shifting perspectives on secrets and the power of transparency holds for all the connections in your life. Secrets=Brakes. Transparency=Gas.

  • The Nirvana of Self Love

    08/05/2012 Duración: 01h52min

    IS ENLIGHTENMENT REALLY JUST EXTREME SELF-LOVE?? IS IT POSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE THIS STATE THROUGH SELF-NURTURE?? Join us for a powerfully healing show, where we discuss this fascinating topic which relates to every area of our lives! Simple, yet mind blowing-ly profound!

  • The Wounds of Circumcision

    12/04/2012 Duración: 02h01min

    DO MEN BECOME LESS EMOTIONAL FROM BEING CIRCUMCISED? COULD IT CREATE DEEP, LASTING TRAUMA IN THE INDIVIDUAL?? Listen now for the shocking answers as Revolutionary Romance welcomes Brendon Merotta, director of a circumcision documentary. In this powerful show, Trauma, no matter what the cause is highlighted as well as a life-changing discussion on the wounds of circumcision.

  • Coming Out of the Sexual Closet

    03/04/2012 Duración: 02h03min

    DO YOU HAVE SECRET SEXUAL DESIRES?? ARE YOU AFRAID OF BEING JUDGED BY OTHERS FOR BEING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF?? Join us to discover the significance of how accepting your sexuality effects your entire life! Very Important!

  • The Intimacy Dance

    06/03/2012 Duración: 02h42s

    IS THERE A DANCE TO INTIMACY?? THROUGH ALL STAGES OF MEETING/DATING SOMEONE IS THERE A FLOW?? Join our inaugural show as Relationship Guru, Tahil Gesuk tells us all about how we can get information about someone we first meet as well as how to deeper connections in any relationship.