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  • Episode 9: Nonverbal Communication


    Episode 9 This week, I’m delighted to be joined by Andrew Mulligan who is an expert in body language (or more correctly, Non Verbal Communication/NVC). Andrew studied Career coaching in DIT and is Managing Director of Irish Career Resolutions Ltd who specialise in provide confidential, personalised career coaching service.

  • Episode 8: The Law and Recruitment


    Episode 8 In this episode, I am very pleased to interview Claire Michelle Smyth LL.M, lecturer in Dublin City University, Griffith College and Boston University about why Ireland is a great place to work because of the many legal protections in Ireland for workers, with particular focus on the recruitment process. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Episode 7: Interview Types


    In this episode, I outline three different interview types (technical, presentation and competency based) and give you some pointers on them:

  • Episode 6: Recruitment Agencies


    In this episode, I’m delighted to interview an industry expert, Tony Fernandez Commercial Manager of Gempool, about recruitment Agencies - what they do (and don't do) for you, how to distinguish the best from the rest, and why employers use them. Tony has 10 years industry experience and has worked for a number of Irish industry-leading agencies, so I am delighted he could make the time to speak to me.

  • Episode 5: Interview with Renaud Bordelet of Ericsson Mediaroom


    Episode 5 This week, I'm delighted to interview Renaud Bordelet, Director of Engineering in Ericsson's Mediaroom European Engineering Team about the 20 positions that his team has recently announced: You can see more about these positions at the following link: or they are individually listed below Senior Program Manager Program Manager Software Development Engineer Senior Software Development Engineer Software Development Engineer in Test Senior Software Development Engineer in Test Software Engineering Manager in Test

  • Episode 4: Preparing for Interview


    Episode 4 This week, I’d like to talk to you about preparing for interview. So great – your cover and cv have gotten you time with the employer. Now it’s time to capitalise.

  • Episode 3: Cover Letters


    This week, I’d like to talk to you about cover letters and notes. So from the previous episode, you have a strong CV, and now you want to get it under the nose of the right person.

  • Episode 2: How to leverage Social Media in your search


    Episode 2 In this episode I discuss how to leverage Social Media in your search. As LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking tool, this episode is very LinkedIn-centric, but the principals are the same regardless of the tool you use (build a strong online presence, then reach out to others in a professional way to bring attention to yourself).I hope you find it useful:

  • Episode 1: CVs


    Episode 1 This episode is about how to market yourself with your CV. What to put in, and leave out and who to make it effective.

  • Introduction


    Introduction Hello everyone and welcome to the jobs podcast. I hope to have this podcast available on iTunes, learnoutloud  and on Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Barry Vickers. I am a recruiter 20 years’ experience as hiring manager, agency and in-house recruitment, and I’m currently working for Ericsson LM Ireland. […]