Hypnosis Self Help Featuring Hypnotist Dj Frost



Hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner DJ Frost of www.DJFrostStudios.com presents short and concise shows (usually less than 7 minutes) that explain how Hypnosis effectively helps with the following (and so much more):Overcome Jealousy,Build Confidence,Nail Biting,Fear of Flying,Panic Attacks,Manage Allergies,Fear of Birds,Weight Loss,Trauma Relief,Public Speaking, Anger Management,Fear of Heights,Past Life Regression,Enhance Relationships,Fear of Spiders,Make Peace With Your Past,Relieve Stress,Manage Chronic Pain,Quit Smoking,Procrastination and Financial Worries. Are you ready to gain control of your life and enjoy the freedom you deserve?


  • Hypnotist DJ Frost Presents "Positive Words" "Techno Trance Consciousness"

    31/03/2014 Duración: 04min

    Hypnotist DJ Frost of DJFrostStudios.com presents "Positive Words" "Techno Trance Consciousness".  DJ has created some of the most incredible techno trance hypnosis positive mind programming remix music imaginable.  This "Positive Words" remix can be played when you're exercising, driving or simply taking a walk to help you focus, imagine and become inspired about your life while in a conscious state of self hypnosis.  There's too much negative messages around you, isn't it time to let the positive through to you now?

  • Self Confidence “Techno Trance Consciousness”

    04/03/2014 Duración: 04min

    Hypnotist DJ Frost of DJFrostStudios.com has created the most unique and effective mind focus creation in his studio to improve self confidence.  His combination of Techno Trance music with the subconcious program from his soothing voice easily brings you more confidence as you play this driving or working out at the gym.  Enjoy!

  • How To Overcome Fear of Flying Part 1

    09/09/2012 Duración: 16min

    Hypnosis-Self-Help.com presents International Pilot, Certified Hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner DJ Frost who's an expert at helping people overcome flying anxiety. He's a veteran pilot who's Captain qualified on the Boeing 737, 757, 767, Airbus 320 and the McDonnell Douglas MD-11. You may have seen him giving commentary on TV: FOX News, ABC, CBS, CTV (to name a few).You’ll learn the following…. The 3 things you absolutely must know before boarding an aircraft … to eliminate your fears and fly calmly The secret technique that many of my clients pay thousands of dollars to learn to end your fear forever 2 little-known strategies that can help you overcome your fear of flying in seconds Specific exercises that will help you establish inner strength before you even travel to the airport End your fears whether it’s from claustrophobia or flying Never take sleeping pills before a flight again Experience lasting relief from your fear of flying … no matter how severe or how long you’ve been suffering Be

  • How to Gain Confidence so You Can Enjoy Life

    14/03/2012 Duración: 05min

    Hypnosis-Self-Help.com and Hypnotist DJ Frost present "How to Gain Confidence so You Can Enjoy Life".   DJ talks about the costs low self confidence have towards someone's social and business life along with critical self judgement.  He also explains how to build self confidence along with leading you through a very valuable self hypnosis exercise that is sure to build confidence right away.

  • Part 6 of Richard Bandler Exclusive Interview

    21/09/2011 Duración: 05min

    Hypnosis-Self-Help.com and special guest host Hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner Sherri Frost present "An Exclusive Interview with Richard Bandler".  In Part 6 Dr. Richard Bandler continues his conversation with Sherri on the subject of his new book "The Secrets of Being Happy" and how people who find happiness don't know how to utilize it actively in their life.  He also relays how people who have never known happiness in their lives don't know what to do with all the time they use to use in being a worrier or depressed.   His latest book is "The Secrets of Being Happy" and can be found at RichardBandler.com.