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  • Dissecting Saturn’s Legacy: A Twenty-Year Automotive Tale – AHP3

    20/02/2024 Duración: 27min

    The episode begins with co-hosts Mike Dell and Mike Wilkerson, from the auto history podcast, discussing the Saturn Car Company—a defunct American automobile manufacturer. Their conversation unfolds with enthusiasm about the history and unique aspects of Saturn, emphasizing its inception as a company intended to emulate foreign car manufacturers' success within the United States while being distinct from General Motors (GM), its parent company. Mike Dell expresses his fascination with Saturn's approach to making cars with plastic body panels, noting how this material choice helps prevent rust and dents, especially in areas prone to harsh winters. He praises the brand for their cars still looking brand new years after production due to the plastic being colored through. Mike Wilkerson reminisces about Saturn's emergence during his high school years in 1985 and his subsequent encounters with Saturn's vehicles. He highlights a particular Saturn movie, "Gung Ho," and its relevance to Saturn's innovative ideas.

  • Exploring the Original 1903 (First) Model A – Ford’s Historical Gem


    The Auto History Podcast - The First Model A: Despite what many say, the  very first Model A was not the one from 1928 that everybody's familiar with. The reality is that there was one BEFORE THAT - in 1903, that was the very first mass produced vehicle by the Ford Motor Company. It was a car, but it was definitely a different kind of car. If you start to think "horseless carriage" you'll be right on track to take in this episode of The Auto History Podcast as we Explore the Original 1903 (First) Model A - Ford's Historical Gem.   Timestamps from This Episode of The Auto History Podcast: 00:00 Roofed carriage with a two-cylinder motor. 05:35 1903 cars for the rich, resembling Ford. Tech: flat two-cylinder, 1668 cc engine. 08:50 Charger in glacial granite has changing color. 10:10 Unusual car features: right-hand drive, planetary gears. 14:20 Gearing concept for variable speed using pulleys. 18:41 Early roads were simple and interestingly historical. 21:02 Discussion on older and more modern model cars.

  • The Auto History Podcast: Our 101 – Why This Program Exists

    07/01/2024 Duración: 10min

    The Auto History Podcast - Why This Podcast Exists: The history of cars is long. The amount of detail available to those interested in all-things vehicular is always growing but wow. Where can someone start to get a grip inside of something outside-the-box when it comes to automotive history? It's time to listen to The Auto History Podcast. In this inaugural audio-first episode of the Auto History Podcast, your hosts Mike Dell and Mike Wilkerson, introduce themselves as veteran podcasters with a shared passion for automotive history. Both Mike's share details about their podcasting journeys, with Mike Dell starting in April 2005 and Mike Wilkerson following shortly thereafter in June 2005. This initial episode gives you a taste of their interests and details the upcoming discussions exploring the amazing datapoints in automotive history. Topics that will be included feature not only classic cars like the Ford Model A, but will also delve into the malaise era of American cars in the 70s and 80s. Mike Dell

  • Auto History Podcast Coming January 2024 – trailer

    15/12/2023 Duración: 01min

    Welcome to the 'Auto History Podcast,' the journey through the fascinating world of automobiles, Trucks and maybe an Airplane once in a while. ! Every episode, join us as we dive into the stories behind the most iconic cars, the greatest innovators, and the pivotal moments that shaped the automotive landscape. From the Model T to the Tesla, and everything in between, we'll explore how cars have not just been a mode of transportation, but a catalyst for change, a reflection of culture, and a symbol of freedom and innovation. Hear firsthand accounts from your host, industry experts, historians, and car enthusiasts who share their insights and personal stories. Whether you're a car aficionado or just curious about how automobiles have driven our world forward, there's something in store for you. So buckle up, and get ready for a ride down memory lane on the Auto History Podcast! Subscribe or follow now on your favorite podcast platform and join us for our first episode launching in January 2024. Don't miss