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Welcome to the home of the Spycey Buzz, where sex and significance meet! Listen in for informative interviews with sexperts in the field, scintillating and steamy stories, relevant info and resources in the local community and beyond!


  • Adventures in Burlesque


    From the history of Burlesque to what’s happening in the culture around it today, Laura Herbert, Director of the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas and her “nice Jewish sister” join us for an enlightening conversation.

  • Anonymous Sex: Delights and Pitfalls


    Sure it can be exciting and sounds great in theory, but can it be safe and empowering in practice? Learn how to use your body as a tool to get what you want in all aspects, without suffering the associated risks.

  • Bisexuality: More than Mere Confusion


    Join a panel of bisexual intellects for a stimulating discussion on how we get pigeonholed and made to choose in a world where the bisexual is seen as less than a choice than gay or straight.

  • Shame: Oh the Horror!


    Society teaches us to feel guilt about our natural instincts. This can lead to pain, denial, and potential violence. When played out in healthy ways, living out your sexual desires can be the best thing for you!

  • Body Hair: Bald or Bushy


    Bald, hairy, shaved, soft, prickly, it takes all kinds! And luckily people like all kinds! What are we taught we’re supposed to like as opposed to what we do? Trends, facts, juicy opinions; soft and hairy, or freshly shaved.

  • Stripper Stories: Tales From the Pole


    Empowerment or degradation? We talk with past and present exotic dancers about what they love and hate about this profession. How we are seen in society and how we are working to bring about a new understanding.

  • Fetish 101: Getting Freaky!


    Where do fetishes come from, why do they arise, and what does kinky mean anyway? Three learned guests join us to give their thoughts on this deep and dark subject. Get your kink on!