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A conversational podcast about swinging, sex and everyday life.


  • Swingin Around Ep 72- When to Swing Again?


     Swingin Around Ep 72- When to Swing Again?We are excited for Hump Greatest Hits Vol. 3 (humpfilmfest.com)! Not sponsored, just enjoy it. Now that we are both vaccinated, we delve ino a discussion of anxieties, swinging readiness and how we might dip our toes back into the swinger pool. Are we ready yet, because we sure are horny.Stay sexy!

  • After Party: the excellent books by Mary Roach


    After Party: Great books by Mary RoachWe have some quick takes on Fast and Furious movies, Celeste the 2018 platformer, the new CW show Superman and Lois, Netflix's History of Swear Words and the 1987 TMNT board game. Then we dive into talking about the humrous and scientifically interesting books by Mary Roach. Her books are equal parts intriguing and entertaining.Stay geeky!

  • Swingin Around Ep 71- The 2020 AVN Awards, The Ethical Slut and Polyamory


     Swingin Around Ep. 71 - The 2020 AVN Awards, The Ethical Slut and PolyamoryWe start off with genereal chatter about being horny, porn movies we have watched recently and the 2020 AVN awards. The main topic is a discussion about the book, The Ethical Slut. This book challenged our thoughts about being open and polyamory.Stay Sexy!

  • After Party: The Mandalorian


     After Party: The MandalorianSpoiler Alert: We talk all about the Disney+ show The Mandalorian. Topics include the writing, music, characters and overall format for the first two seasons.Stay Geeky!

  • Swingin Around Ep 70 - Dirty Dancing XXX and Swing Volume 3


     Swingin Around Ep 70 - Dirty Dancing XXX and Swing Volume 3We watched a XXX porn parody of Dirty Dancing and dish on the details. Also, Swing Volume 3 by Matt Hawkins is finally out. We review this volume and discuss where we'd like to see the series go.Stay Sexy!

  • After Party - 2020 Pop Culture Review


    We discuss all the movies, tv shows, games, books, podcasts and music we consumed in 2020. There's too much to detail so we give general impressions of the items that stopd out for the year. Stay Geeky!

  • Swingin Around Ep 69 - Kama Sutra Sexy Times


     Swingin Around Ep 69 - Kama Sutra Sexy TimesWe had an opportunity to watch the Hump short film festival and give our high level impressions about it. To avoid swinger bordem we have been playing around with a new Kama Sutra book. We give the sexy details of some fun and some not so fun positions. Happy Holidays!Stay sexy!

  • After Party - Pinball Machines


     After Party - Pinball MachinesWe absolutlely love playing pinball! We have been lucky enough to obtain a Stern 2020 Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtles table and a Stern 2015 Kiss table. We talk all about our childhood love on pinball, what makes it so endearing and fun and some of the mechanics. We also take some time to provide impressions of these two tables and some other common tables.Stay Geeky!

  • Swingin Around - Ep. 68 Sex Toys!


    Swingin Around - Ep. 68 Sex Toys!We talk about our first sex toy, favorite sex toys, mishaps and fun. Dildos, vibrators, strokers, so much fun. Stay sexy!Find us on patreom at www.patreon.com/swinginaround

  • After Party - Horror Movie Extravaganza!


     After Party- Horror Movie Extravaganza!We love horror movies! We talk about our favorite horror movies, how we got into them, horror movies from our childhood and what is scary to us. We also discuss our favorite slasher films and over rated horror movies.Stay spooky!

  • Swingin' Around Ep 67- Discussion of "Lost Girls" by Alan Moore


     Swingin' Around Ep 67- Discussion of "Lost Girls" by Alan MooreThis episode is dedicated to a thorough discussion of the erotic graphic novel "Lost Girls" by Alan Moore. This graphic novel is very controversial for its depictions, not to mention, nudity on just about every page! Even if you haven't read the comic, the episode is sure to pique your interest as we touch on topics such as porn versus erotica and depictions of sexual scenarios that are generally regarded as "off limits".     Stay Sexy!

  • After Party- Lego


     Our After Party is all about Lego! Due to some special guests, please check out the feed directly from the Talkin Geek feed on iTunes or wherever you get your podcastsTalkin Geek on Apple PodcastsTalkin Geek Direct Feed

  • Swingin Around Ep. 66- Covid sex safety, virtual swinging and more


     Swingin Around Ep. 66- Covid sex safety, virtual swinging and moreThis extra long episode has so much girth ;). We talk about current research about sex and covid. We also have a detailed discussion about HPV and the recent FDA changes for the age range for use. Finally, we tell all about an online sex party we attended, our tablet accident and rewatch of CBS's Swingtown show. Stay sexy!

  • After Party - Netflix's Ozark


    After Party - Netflix's OzarkWe dive deep into the first three seasons of the fantastic show, Ozark on Netflix. It's such a great show, go watch it!

  • Swingin Around Ep. 65 - Our Experiences with Bisexuality in the Lifestyle


    Swingin Around Ep. 65 - Our Experiences with Bisexuality in the LifestyleWe take some time to answer a great listener question about prepping to dive into the lifestyle. Then we discuss our experiences with bisexuality amd the differences between males and females.  There is a lot to unpack about societal norms, the Kinsey scale and how we think the state of bisexuality in the lifestyle may have manifested.Stay sexy!

  • Swingin Around After Party- Stephen King's The Stand


    Swingin Around After Party- Stephen King's The StandWe talk about all things related to The Stand including character analysis, history of the different versions of the book, the complete Marvel comic run and the 1994 TV mini series. We also delve into some of the central themes of the plot. Strap in for a long and and interesting episode. Its a great discussion even if you havent read the book, although, its spoiler filled.Stay Sexy!

  • Swingin Around Ep 64. Fucketlist revisted


    We revisit our original Fucketlist from 2014 and talk through what we have accomplished, new fantasies that we have and anything that has changed. Send us your Fucketlist ideas and tell us now you're staying sexy through the pandemic at swinginaround@gmail.comStay sexy!

  • After Party- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) movie commentary


    After Party- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) movie commentaryWe provide a fun comentary of the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film. This film is nostalgic for us as Turtle fans, so we share our memories and some fun facts along the way. If you enjoy this or our other content, leave us a review on iTunes.Stay Geeky!

  • Swingin Around Ep. 63- What Turns Us On


    Swingin Around Ep. 63- What Turns Us OnWe briefly discuss the current state of swinging in our area and generally as a result of social distancing. Then we dive into talking about different things that turn each of us on- smells, visual stimuli, porn...yes please! We had alot of fun getting into the nuiances of different turn ons.Stay sexy!

  • Swingin' Around After Party: 2020 Best Picture Nominees


    Swingin' Around After Party - 2020 Best Picture NomineesWith all the extra time at home these days, we caught up on some of the best movies from last year. In this episode we talk about all of the 2020 Academy Award Best Picture Nominees (movies from 2019). Each movie this year was unique and brought about some differing opinions in our hosts. Find out our highs and lows, if we think the Academy "got it right" this year and overall impressions.Stay Geeky!

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